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Positive Living Skills by Terry Orlick Essay

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Updated: Mar 21st, 2020

The Most important points in this book

Terry Orlick is one of the writers who have dedicated their work to share a dream of a better society. He nurtures people, regardless of their age or culture, to be part of the transformation of the world to be a better place to live in. Terry, in his writing, shows readers positive living skills that can help them to achieve high performance and improve the quality of life.

In his book, “Positive Living Skills: Joy and Focus for Everyone”, there are several readings to learn from. However, the most important readings that can be identified include: “Embracing opportunities and choice”, “highlights”, “fully connected focus”, and “relaxatioa n and joyful living” (Orlick, 2011).

Embracing opportunities and choice are one of the most important points in Orlick’s book. The modern society is dominated by negativity amongst people in their feelings and actions. However, Orlick clarifies that people can opt for positive thoughts and actions that bring joy into their lives. According to him, individuals can choose to conceive and, build a more optimistic society.

Highlights are also important reading in this book. In page 61, Orlick explains that highlights are simple constructive experiences, influences, activities, or connections that result in happiness, quality, and sense into a person’s life. He explains these highlights in a simple language that anyone can understand. He invites the reader to reflect on ways to make life better.

Fully connected focus is another important point from the book. The most important lesson for making the world a better place involves embracing connected focus. Completely connected focus, according to the author, is an entire, positive attachment to experience, education prospect, activity, accomplishment, or interaction. He clarifies further that being completely engrossed in experience creates a feeling that makes an individual become the experience itself. Finally, the author teaches about relaxation and joyful living. In this reading, Orlick recognizes several advantages of relaxation to the body either mentally, emotionally, or mentally.

Why the above points are considered important

Embracing opportunity and choice is important reading because it enlightens people about their power to make positive choices. Individuals are free to choose to be happy, attend to others, love, appreciate and contribute positively towards a better living. Therefore, the reading encourages readers to reflect on their own lives and identify the right choices to a fulfilling life.

This empowers readers to begin living a new life filled with positive thoughts. It also inspires an individual to take actions that make him or her become a better person right from that moment. Also, this point provides an insightful mirror to the readers to carefully analyze their private lives. Thus, the reader is made to believe that the power to change is under his or her control.

Highlights are an important point because it teaches an individual to live in harmony with the people around him or her. The reader is also enlightened to appreciate various experiences, interactions, and accomplishments that bring positive change to life. The author explains that through these encounters, there are several lessons to learn from.

Therefore, in this reading, readers learn to identify and apply positive experiences, actions, and interactions that contribute positively towards life. These skills are important because they empower persons of all ages and ethnic backgrounds to improve the quality and happiness of living. A person also learns to appreciate and improve the lifestyle of others. In this way, Orlick helps people to create a better society and a positive life.

Fully connected focus enables the reader to shift his or her focus to things that make life better. The reading on a fully connected focus helps an individual to completely get attached to the experiences and interactions that happen in daily lives.

This part of the book educates young people how to become focused. It talks about certain elements of focus that teaches an individual how to act in certain situations and to understand the feelings of other people as well. Without a proper focus in life, an individual may get absorbed into negative feelings and may not realize his or her potential in the long run. Additionally, Orlick clarifies to the readers that they have the power to focus on more important actions that bring joy into their lives.

Just like other points already discussed, relaxation and joyful living is also an important reading in this book. The author points out several benefits that an individual can derive from relaxing and living happily. It educates people to learn how to handle everyday stress. Through numerous entertaining and involving activities, the reading educates relaxation skills that are important to healthy living.

Therefore, the reading is important because it can transform lives as persons learn to build and uphold a positive attitude on life each day. The language of this reading can make an individual believe that it is meant for children only. However, the writings are advantageous to everybody and give the reader a great learning opportunity. It also teaches simple, real-world techniques that can be used and appreciated.

How this knowledge can be acted on in personal life

The knowledge acquired from the above readings provides an incredible opportunity for the reader to live more positively, purposefully and make a better society. These concepts can be acted on in many ways to bring a positive real change in the world. Anybody, regardless of age, gender, race or culture can apply the knowledge described here to unlock their potential and become better persons. For instance, an individual, having been enlightened about the power of choice, will change his perceptions.

He or she will start thinking and acting positively towards life. Since the knowledge shared here is insightful, encouraging, and geared towards action, an individual will take necessary steps to make a change. He or she will make the right choices, apply the skills of positive living and work towards a better life for everyone in the world. In addition, stress that is encountered in everyday life can be minimized through relaxation techniques taught in the book.

Through proper use of these techniques and focus to a better life, readers will certainly be inspired to live positively. This knowledge is important for everyone who needs to make a better world. It opens the reader’s eyes about the significance of learning and developing the skills required for better living.

Orlick provides exciting activities that any person can try to experience the positive transformations they create. This will help an individual to move progressively to a happy life because after acquiring such knowledge, an individual will desire to improve the quality of his or her life. The reader will choose, act, focus and use the knowledge to change.


Orlick, T. (2011). Positive living skills: Joy and focus for everyone. Renfrew, Ont: General Store Pub. House.

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