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Concept of Racialization in Modern Society Essay

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Updated: Aug 12th, 2019

Racialization is a concept, believed to emanate from radicalism in the way a society lives. Through radicalism, a lifestyle is attained, which brings distinction of a definite race in life, even though it lives in the same environment. This concept is attained where the structuring of shared relations between different groups results from biological characteristics in the attempt to define distinguished social collectivities.

Different biological characteristics have their roots in different races in the way the society is socially constructed. At the same time, these differences are attained when a certain group of people acts radically in an attempt to search for equal identification despite the origin.

In almost all societies, there are racial privileges experienced in terms of social rewards. The radical aspects are attained when the individuals of a race collectively struggle and strive. They do this with the aim of transforming the society to cause logical changes concerning their place in the society in certain levels.

For example, the Africans in the United States were regarded as inferior because they migrated to America as slaves. Therefore, those blacks who were free during this slavery era struggled for changing the attitude toward the blacks. However, this did not yield as the superior racial structure constrained them on freedom.

This struggle was in an attempt to attain social equality, economic, political and ideological. For example, in America, there has been an immense effort of women who attempted to attain their civil rights. In this, tension is weighed down because of different races.

In the United State, there is clear evidence that the society is divided into social systems, being radicalized. For example, racial conception in relation to those referred to as blacks or whites and their position has to do with ideological racism. Taking into considerations different professions undertaken by the blacks, the whites still find difficulties when transacting with blacks such as lawyers and doctors in spite of their qualifications and competence. Racial lines are used when allocating diverse rewards basing on ethnic distinction.

Because of high levels of racial inequalities in the United State, it continues to be a racialized society on its social systems. The economic remunerations attained in such societies are directly proportional to the place in which it is indentified with reference to racial relations. The superior the position of a certain race in a society, the greater the remuneration that is referred as the hierarchical way.

On the other hand, the racial structure in the United State tends to vary. For instance, through slavery, the blacks dominated in the United State while, at other times, the domination was hegemonic. Thus, the practices initially were later changed as covert, which was racially attained by blacks who were considered as being the subordinate group.

American Indians

American Indians are one of the groups which draw a lot of interest in the attempts to fully understand whom they are. Indians who live in the United State are referred to as American Indians while, on the other hand, they are collectively referred to as the indigenous people.

However, there are difficulties when defining exactly who American Indians are, in reference to political or cultural aspects. This difficulty is experienced because all ethnic communities in different India tribes have their own definitions of who they are. At the same time, there has been a conflict which arisen from different cultural as well as political set ups in the United States.

Even though there are difficulties when defining who the American Indians are, there are statutes providing definitions of some terms, such as the tribe. In one of the statutes, Indian tribe is defined as whichever bands, ethnic collections or communities, which are believed to be qualified for the unique programs made available to Indians. These services must be granted by the United States.

In broad, ethnological perspective is used in the definition of what tribe constitutes and at political-legal. For one to claim that he or she belongs to a certain tribe- tribal membership, he must posses some core values related to this tribe. Such values can be spiritual, language, biological relationship and territorial base.

Federal recognition of tribes gives them the advantage of enjoying some benefits such as the sovereign immunity. American Indian has drowned a lot of relationship to race culture, identity and culture of Indians.

This is in relation to the criteria definition, tribally such as cultural, ceremonial and territorial to be considered as an Indian. Taking into considerations various criteria from different tribal nations, race-based description in the attempt to define who is relied an American Indian subjectively articulated in administrative regulations.

In racial linkage, blood quantum of parents became the easiest way to determine racial types of children, as it was not possible to observe the blood types directly. This test was done to determine whether an individual was legible to legislation, which dealt with American Indians.

Culturally, if an individual was well thought-out by the Indian community as one of their own, then this qualified him to be an American Indian. The political dynamics has, on the other hand, effect on the tribal recognition.

Sociological Theory

Through sociological theory, racial disparities have a higher contribution to reference to the health of a certain group. In this theory, there are steps, which are taken to enhance the understanding by the sociologists. It is clear that there is no proper genetic understanding of what race constitute biologically. Different races experience different diseases thus the social structure plays a primacy determinant of this.

Therefore, racism plays a significant role in causing health disparities where social inequality is a key component of racism. Understanding of racial disparities and its relationship to social theory helps in highlighting the approaches to the improvement of health in general and the waving of these inequalities.

Racial differences enhance difference in health conditions and the entire health. For instance, in the United States, the records showed that black people experienced poorer health compared to whites. Thus, the whites outlived in matters of health their black counterparts. In relation to the social theory, the race forms a larger part of the social aspects rather than the biological one.

This is because the environments in which the blacks lived as a form of social classes differed with the whites classes. Different races receive different treatments in the United States. For example, even though there are many immigrants in America, blacks are highly segregated in the entire history. At the same time, this segregation is dependent on the minority of its race.

In other races such as the Asians, the segregation is dependent on income, but the blacks still face the worst in this. In relation to this, they have no admittance to quality care; this has, on the other hand, increased risk in diseases and sometimes increases in death cases.

Social structures where social classes formed to form a crucial determinant for health. In every social structure, there are differences in the social life where individuals living in these classes endure these patterns. These social classes are often set by the socioeconomic status in the racial disparities.

Different races and classes are the greatest contributor to the difference experienced in the socioeconomic condition. Wealth inequalities, which results from racial-ethnic, have grater influence in the social classes. In addition, the accessibility to health care for the whites earns more than any other ethnic group thus, forming a class of their own.

Immigration is a significant factor in consideration of racial disparities and health. Increase of migration increases the mortality rates of different races. Some of the relationship between migration and health disparities has been considered as paradox.

For example, the Hispanic who migrates to the United States does not access the health insurance as expected because of poverty compared to their counterpart native one. Nevertheless, their health status is considered equivalent and occasionally superior to their counterparts-the whites.

In conclusion, sociological theory gives a lime light, meant in addressing the inequities found in health socially. Difference in race contributes largely to the socioeconomic position, which, on the other hand, affects the health of different races.

It is clearly evidenced that, argent action needs to be taken in the United State, as there are many human sufferings, which are a product of racial disparities. In addition, each race needs to strategize on how to develop better outcomes for the racial groups which are disadvantaged.

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