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Re-Evaluation of Nursing Beliefs Essay

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Updated: Jul 8th, 2021

Integrity is the result of the holder’s steadfast convictions that both education and direct experience have formed, resulting in the creation of skilled specialists who can maintain a professional approach in any situation. As a job that relies on compassion, nursing presents a variety of philosophies for practitioners to choose from, which additionally help students orient themselves in an ethically and morally demanding field. Deciding on a nursing philosophy and, therefore, on a practicing approach that is congruent with one’s beliefs may help nurses to carry out their duties competently.

Examples of Nursing Philosophies

Formulating and emulating a nursing philosophy becomes a necessary step in a practicing nurse’s life, making it critical to achieve an understanding of what a principled approach to health care is. Masters (2015) defines nursing philosophy as “providing direction, clarifying values, and forming a foundation for theory development,” which permits identifying it as a primarily orienting factor (p. 6).

Therefore, it is necessary to acknowledge the work of some of the most significant nursing theorists, such as Florence Nightingale and Jean Watson (Alligood, 2014). Nightingale’s environmental model and Watson’s conception of transpersonal caring deal with the effects of the patients’ surroundings and caregivers’ compassion on clients’ wellbeing and attitude to health care (Masters, 2015). Recognizing the critical aspects of nursing practice, which may influence both the nurse and the patient in a positive manner, is an essential prerequisite to adopting well-thought-out principles.

The Impact of Nursing Philosophies on the Professional Behavior of Nurses

Maintaining the necessary professional approach in all aspects of nursing may become easier after deciding on a specific treatment methodology that is attainable, helpful, and adherent to the core ideals of nursing. The connection between discipline and expertise becomes a necessary condition to provide authentic and beneficial health care that will help the patient achieve a state of mental and physical wellbeing (Alligood, 2018). Behavior, as a reflection of nurses’ convictions, requires appropriate theoretical support, which nursing philosophies provide and inspire through fitting examples.

Uses of Nursing Philosophies in Education and Employment of Nurses

It seems necessary to outline the effect of numerous existing conceptual models on nurses’ learning process. While teaching compassion may not be possible, educating students regarding the potential consequences of their actions may have a direct influence on their mindset during employment (Masters, 2015). Demonstrating various appropriate ways in which nursing students may conduct themselves as professionals and outlining the expectations institutions have for their service is necessary to produce qualified and motivated specialists.

Personal Beliefs, Values, and Philosophies

Nurses may find hands-on experience inspiring when actively or sub-consciously choosing a nursing philosophy that reflects their particular view of their job. Ultimately knowing what is best for the patient and the effect of “carative factors” pertinent to healthcare makes Watson’s philosophy of transpersonal caring relevant (Masters, 2015, p. 52). However, my reevaluation of the applicability of Watson’s theory became acute due to the experience of a patient’s refusal to cooperate with establishing a positive or neutral relationship, making a reevaluation of my views pressing. Persevering and continuing to adhere to the idea of the existence of a patient-nurse relationship as important while reassessing its significance within the healthcare process allowed strengthening my caretaking philosophy.


Philosophies of nursing retain an essential position in health care, providing the profession with a stable theoretical base, which makes it possible to develop nursing as both social practice and science. Leaving adequate room for growth and demonstrating situational flexibility permits attaining a level of continuous and life-long improvement as successful specialists. Therefore, recognizing the mutual effect of work experience and individual beliefs on the formation of a practitioner’s philosophy makes it possible to generate adequate conditions for the professional and personal growth of nurses.


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