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Reasons for Losing Weight Analysis Research Paper

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Updated: Sep 2nd, 2021

In today’s changing times, health and health issues, attract greater attention than they used to earlier. With changing and fast lifestyles, the eating habits of individuals are rapidly changing, which puts them at higher risks to health problems arising due to excess weight and obesity. Many researchers have conducted studies to prove that an increase in the intake of nutrients, especially fats along with an inactive lifestyle is one of the prime reasons for the occurrence of excessive weight and obesity, especially in the Western World (Bleich S., Cutler D., Murray C., Adams A., 2007). An overweight body will pose many risks to the body whereas a body that is fit and healthy will enable the person to lead an active and risk-free life. Excessive body weight gives rise to obesity which can be the cause of numerous negative health effects and problems. The problems and health risks which obesity initiates are some of the major reasons why weight loss is of crucial importance.

Excessive weight may result in Obesity

Obesity refers to a state of health when there is an excess amount of energy stored in the fatty tissues of the body which results in several health complications. Obesity causes several health problems in those who are affected by it, giving rise to numerous diseases, some of which prove fatal.

The most commonly caused diseases due to excess weight of body weight include heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis (Haslam & James, 2005). These diseases pose serious risks to persons who have a high Body Mass Index (B.M.I.), which is a method used to figure the fat in the body of a person. A body mass of more than 30 and above poses several risks to the health of the person which may sometimes prove to be life-threatening.

Studies have revealed that the rate of mortality is high in obese persons (Manson, Willett, Stampfer, et al., 1995). This is justified since it has been proved that people who are overweight have an increased tendency to develop diseases that can sometimes even be life-threatening. As such, losing weight can reduce the many risks that excess weight results in and produces several benefits to persons.

Loss in eight Increases physical activity which results in an Improved lifestyle

The most important reason why one should lose weight is to acquire a healthy body that promotes a good healthy mind. The benefits of losing weight are many but the prime benefit of weight loss is increased physical activity which is of crucial importance in improving the overall quality of life. It has been confirmed by researchers that physical fitness and health reduces the risk of diseases (Barlow CE, et al., 1995). There are numerous short-term and long-term benefits of losing weight and acquiring health and fitness.

Some short term benefits of losing weight

Losing weight improves the overall health conditions of the person’s body. The immediate effect of weight loss will be a healthy heart condition and reduced risk of Coronary Artery disease (C.A.D.) (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2002). The positive result of weight loss is immediately evident in the condition of the heart which improves due to reduced levels of cholesterol, enabling the heart to function more efficiently.

The muscles, joints, and bones of the body will also gain agility and good health (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2004). Excessive weight causes the joints, muscles, and bones to undergo severe pressure, which, following weight loss is considerably reduced. Loss of excessive weight promotes good sleep, which directly results in the enhancement of mental agility and sharp thinking. People who lose weight also experience an increase in the capability to cope with mental and physical stress, reducing the chances of anxiety and depression (Pratt M, 2004).

Some long term benefits of losing weight

Losing excessive weight produces several long-term benefits in the body of the individual by reducing the number of potential risks to health and life (Chakravarthy MV, et al., 2002). Weight loss reduces the risk of dying early among individuals. The persons who lose weight have reduced chances of developing Coronary Artery Disease (C.A.D.) which increases the chances of heart attacks among obese and overweight individuals (Pratt M, 2004). Losing weight also diminishes the chances of having problems due to high blood pressure (Simon, 2003). Besides this, the chances of diabetes (type 2), and colon cancer are also considerably reduced with weight loss. Weight loss improves and enhances the flexibility of individuals. With the shedding of unnecessary body fat, the ability of the muscles and joints improves tremendously. Weight loss improves the confidence levels of individuals as they tend to look better and feel better after losing weight.

Thus, the benefits of losing excess body weight are many and individuals must work hard to maintain health and fitness thereby avoiding major illnesses.


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