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Self-Understanding in Organizational Behavior Essay

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An organization can be defined as a deliberately composed entity of two or more people that are working on an incessant basis to accomplish a set of mutual objectives. When two or more people come to work together, there is need for some kind of synchrony and understanding between them. This is to bring about a common objective to their working. This is so because different people have different personalities that make them hold different view points from others on issues as they see them and behave in a certain way towards given situations. Therefore, for two or more people to work together without conflict there is need to achieve some common ground that will at the end of the day give them some form of standard to work on.

Organization behavior is a field of study that investigates how individuals and groups behave within an organization and the application of the same knowledge to achieve the objectives of an organization.

Self understanding in organizational behavior enables individuals become aware of themselves whenever they are in the organizational setting and are thus able to package themselves in a way that will enable them settle within the organization without trouble (Deci & Ryan). Self-awareness makes people know what is good for them as well as what is not good for them. In an organizational set up, they are able to work with objectives in mind in such a way that their working will benefit them and the organization.

How I am motivated to do work, and why do I think that is

As an individual, different things motivate me to work and some might be common to other people or at the same time might not be common to other people. One of these is recognition of my efforts and work at the work place. As an individual, I get a lot of impetus to even do better than I have done before when whatever I do is seen and appreciated. In many work places, research show that people leave work more because of lack of appreciation than lack of compensation (Cooperstein). Appreciation in this sense comes in many different ways like; through communication, through being listened to, through a complement for work well done, or simply through a word of hallo. Such gestures though small, are fulfilling and change the outlook of a whole working day.

Other factors that motivate me as an individual to work are the need to earn a living to meet my personal needs as well as my obligations in society. Work will enable me to be enumerated and at the end of the day I can plan on how to meet my budget with the money I have earned. In such a case, I may not be interested to work if I have the money to meet my needs therefore the lack of that money necessitates my need to work so as to meet my responsibilities.

Social factors also contribute towards my motivation at the work place. Incentives such as leaves, bonus payments as well as availability of off days contribute a lot towards my motivation to work. As a human being, I have a life outside my workplace and any available free time I get, I believe I can use it to further improve my life. Therefore, availability of time outside workplace enables me to go out and come back to work a more rejuvenated worker.

The workplace brings together people with different personalities that are aiming to achieve the same goals and objectives that their work requires them to. Therefore, different personalities are bound to have different motivational interests. To ensure a smooth working relationship, there is need to sacrifice as well as come up with a mix of interests that are standard to everyone.

How I will bring about motivation at workplace

As an individual, I will find out what interests my colleagues and bosses and with that in mind I can be able to package my interests along those lines by sacrificing some of my motivational interests that might bring conflict with the majority of other workers or my superiors.

Such a sacrifice is limited to the extent that I do not compromise my core values that define me and what motivates me. By sacrificing, am only meant to create space that will accommodate others and minimize conflict.

One of the most useful steps that can help an individual to better understand their personal relationship with the working environment is by having a mentor. A mentor can be described as a wise person you admire and trust and who you look up to when you wish to do something in the right way (Metros).

By engaging a mentor, I will be able to have someone as a reference and from whose action I will be able to obtain standards of working through observation and without having to ask many questions. Through observation I will be able to follow in the footsteps of the mentor with the confidence that whatever he does is right.

A mentor will always be there to provide answers and solutions to my queries. This assures me an air of confidentiality that will allow me find out issues that might be awkward to ask in a public forum or just anyone in sight.

The use of a mentor will enable me acquire a lot of experience without having to go through the same. This is an advantage as it is as good as walking through an already beaten path which easily gives one direction to the right place.

Therefore self understanding in organizational behavior enables individuals to package themselves in such a way that their personality and behavior does not conflict with others at the workplace.


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