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Sensory Perception Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Apr 20th, 2021

The aspects that prove the validity and accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information are our touch, sight, smell and hearing. If an individual touch a hot object, the senses involved in feeling automatically send a message to the brain and one is able to protect their hand or any other part of the body before it is burnt. The smell sense is able to signal whenever there is any danger. If a person smells smoke, it is very likely that one will see fire nearby.

The information offered by the sight senses normally offers knowledge, which is accurate for the entire world that surrounds us. When we feel a hot or cold object our sense organs make us aware of the temperature variations by sending information to the brain. When we hear something, for instance a moving vehicle, it triggers the body to move away.

The world is seen to be interpreted depending on one’s previous experience, background among other factors. The sensory perception is therefore accurate for an individual. On the other hand, an individual coming from a different background may have previous experiences, which are different and this is why this person is not able to view situations in the same manner (Raloff, 2008). The question whether to believe or not to believe the sensory information is considered to be a matter of opinion.

The accurate view on the world must be supported by other factors other than the sensory data. For instance, the individual’s state of mind and emotional condition are responsible for this person’s perception of the world around and its interpretation.

There are several factors that lead to the determination of accuracy of the sensory data. One of them is food, which is a very important aspect, because the brain requires nourishment in order to work properly and allow the senses to be effective (Raloff, 2008). Having a balanced diet consisting of proteins, vitamins and starch makes sure that the brain works in a productive manner. Second factor is drugs that are also involved in sensory accuracy.

Narcotics and pain medications may have serious effects on the brain. If one is under the influence of such medication, he or she may suffer from slowed reaction and dulled sensations. Other drug types can produce more severe effects such as hallucinations. These may lead to long term problems and injuries. Third factor is sleep, lack of which may lead to sensory accuracy. It is an important aspect in life, as almost one third of human life is spent sleeping. If one does not get enough sleep many things may go wrong because the mind does not rest.

Human beings have short term memory and long term memory. On top of that there is a sensory store where the memories of smells, sounds and images are kept. These appear as if they reverberate for some time in the sensory locations (Zald, 2003). The role of sensory memory is to filter the unnecessary information out and select the important information, which is stored in the system.

The sensory memory holds information for very little time, in case if the brain decides that the information is not necessary, it disappears very quickly and will not be remembered in some time. Our memory only keeps the information for a short period of time to allow its interpretation. If the information is not valuable for evaluation, it is discarded (Zald, 2003). The sensory memory is necessary; it filters out the unneeded experience in order to help us focus our attention on more relevant details and memories.

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