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Shale Inc. Code of Ethics Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Jun 23rd, 2019


Shale Inc. is a company that has dedicated itself to being a reputable organization that is committed to upholding ethical business practices. To maintain the company’s reputable image, employers, employees, contractors, and anyone who is affiliated with Shale must act ethically at any given time.

Adherence to a specified code of ethics enables Shale to carry on with its reputation as a fair, just, community-friendly, and environmental-friendly company.

A well-defined code of ethics makes the company an employer of choice, a leading energy solutions provider, and a viable investment vehicle. All Shale Inc. employees, directors, investors, business partners, and contractors are expected to honor and comply with this code of conduct.

Violation Reporting Policies

This code of ethics is not exhaustive and some matters that are outside its scope might arise. In cases where violation against the code of ethics is witnessed, it is always advisable to exercise good judgment. A violation should first be communicated to the immediate superior. However, it is advisable to ensure that one is comfortable when talking with his/her leader.

Furthermore, employees should be steadfast and honest in their violation reports. If the violation involves a superior officer, an employee can proceed to report the matter to the next leader or go directly to the human resource department. All violations should be reported without fear of retaliation because Shale Inc. has zero tolerance for retaliatory behavior.

Prohibited Items and Practices

Shale employees have to operate under a hazardous environment where the risk of fire is often eminent. Consequently, smoking is prohibited to eliminate unnecessary hazards within the company’s work environment. Smoking can only take place within specified locations around the company’s premises.

The use of alcohol and drugs in the line of work is prohibited whether it occurs during regular work hours or during overtime duties. All company employees are forbidden from taking tools or equipments of any kind from the company’s premises. Any form of stealing is also prohibited and if it is discovered, legal and administrative actions should be expected.

Political Activity, Employee Unions, and Political Lobbying

Shale encourages its employees to engage in healthy politics, civil courses, and charitable activities within their communities. However, employees should distance any of their political or civil activities with the company’s image. Employees who wish to engage in any major political activity such as competitive politics should communicate their intentions to the company’s management.

Employees should refrain from engaging in civil, political, or solicitation activities within the company’s premises. Any discontent within the employees’ ranks should be communicated to the management either directly or through appointed representatives. Shale Inc. prohibits the use of the company’s name in relation to the support of any political faction in a local or national capacity.

Employment Practices

Shale Inc. is a company that treats its employees with outmost respect and ensures that interpersonal relationships between workers are of high standard. The company can hire any qualified individuals regardless of their religious, racial, gender, age, and regional affiliations. Furthermore, it is in the company’s best interests to maintain a highly qualified work force.

The employee hiring process involves all the relevant employee handlers including the supervisors on the ground. The company’s management in conjunction with the human resource department should ensure that all the hired employees match the expertise of the existing ones. The only exception for this rule is for trainees and other apprentices.


The company forbids any form of harassment that may be based on color, origin, sexual orientation, weight, height, citizenship, marital status, or disability. Harassment leads to abuse, which in turn degrades the quality of the company’s work force.

The company also stands against sexual harassment within the workplace. Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcome and unwanted sexual overtones.

It is the duty of the human resource department to ensure that all cases of harassment within the workplace are heard and determined fairly. The company’s overall policy when it comes to harassment within the workplace is that everyone should treat other people the way he/she expects to be treated.


Discrimination within the workplace is prohibited by the country’s constitution. Shale Inc. seeks to go far and beyond this call of duty and ensure that the company shows respect to all its employees. Therefore, Shale does not discriminate employees, clients, or business partners on basis of gender, race, religion, marital status, pregnancy, or sexual orientation.

The company will not put up with any discrimination that stems from the above factors. The company endeavors to foster equal rights for women, minorities, and the aged. Shale will take into consideration the plight of individuals with special needs such as pregnant women and religious adherents.

Safety and Health

Safety is a prime issue in the company’s day-to-day operations. Both the company and its employees are responsible for safe work environments. The company is responsible for ensuring that the work environment is as per the industry’s standards. Furthermore, the company fosters safe practices in the work environment by enforcing habits such as the wearing of helmets and protective clothing at all times.

All the equipment that is used within the company’s premises guarantees the safety of the employees by being at par with the industry standards. Due to the physical nature of the work that is undertaken at Shale, employees should maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain fit.

Annual medical checkups are facilitated by the company and it is the responsibility of the employees to follow up on this provision. Employees are also provided with up to fourteen days of paid sick leave to eliminate the possibility of employees reporting to work when they are sick.

Environmental Commitment

The company takes great care to ensure that the integrity of the environment within its area of operation is not compromised by its activities. The company’s founder and most employees call Wheeling their home. Consequently, it is in the company’s best interest to ensure that no damage is done to the local environment.

The company endeavors to abide to the specified environmental codes of operation. Furthermore, the company seeks to promptly report and act on any damage to the environment that may occur as a result of its operations.

Business Continuity

Shale Inc. aims to continue with its activities as an energy solutions provider. The company remains open to cooperation with other like-minded players in the energy provision industry. Over the course of time, the company seeks to grow in terms of its capital base, its employee size, and scope of operation.

The company is also well equipped to handle disasters of any nature. To prepare for unseen events in future, Shale has collaborated with insurance companies and government agencies.

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