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Social Effects of Marijuana Essay

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Updated: Sep 28th, 2021

Throughout the historic culture of mankind, there have been frequent abuse of drugs, whether legal or illegal despite known consequences of such drugs. These drugs affect people’s minds and behaviors, hence become dangerous in factors such as that social leading to an increase of aggressiveness, mortality, and criminal behavior. This paper is looking at the effects of marijuana from a social perspective and most considerations will be on the emotional effects.

Research has shown that the use of marijuana affects the smoker’s day-to-day lifestyle in relation to society, the environment, and day-to-day activities. Research by National Institute on Drug Abuse has indicated that smoking marijuana 27 times within 30 days affects directly the smokers learning ability and function in society. This research shows that the use of marijuana results in depression, personality disorders, and anxiety. But, to these addictive drug users, if they stop using the drug after four weeks they will return to consciousness.

Many regular users of marijuana usually lose interest and motivation in realizing achievement in the workplace, sports, school, or other creative activities. Also, they use the money that they have on drugs instead of pursuing other productive activities. “This directly affects the family of the associated smoker if the smoker is the breadwinner. Research has also shown that the use of the drug can be “inherited” as shown by the DNA.” (Peter, 2004, pp. 64)

Those people who use marijuana as a tool of escape usually fail to develop social norm and remains and acts like kids. This is due to their poor ability to deal with different people, form their own opinions or even handle stress. Some people may become dormant after the use of the drug while others may become violent and aggressive. Marijuana also affects the brain after long use it. “Stories began to circulate linking marijuana use with crime and insanity. Claims were made that marijuana caused people to become violently insane and sexually stimulated.” (Diana, 1996, pp. 16).

Young people who have used the drug for a long time may become dull, inattentive, and slow-moving. A word is known as “Burnout” is usually used by smokers. This usually results and lasts for some hours after the smoker smokes the drug. “They said that he was high but others said that he was ‘burnout’”, (Richard, 2000, pp. 45)

Marijuana usually affects the reaction and judgment time of an action. This means that these people can easily get road accidents. Since the marijuana business is illegal then the use of marijuana is illegal. It is usually sold and distributed through a violent criminal network which may affect the relationship of the marijuana user and society. “…every year more than 100,000 people, most of them adolescents, seek treatment for their inability to control their marijuana use. They suffer from Compulsive, uncontrollable marijuana craving, seeking and use”

The use and addiction of marijuana lead to a breakdown of social connections. Excessive use of marijuana will result in social aspects such as jails, courts, rehabilitation, and risk to oneself and others.

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