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Springs Industries Management Principles Essay


Management is essential in the successful operations of all firms. Management entails strategies, which are made to ensure productivity and profitability. Scholars have stepped in to explain the nature of management and its application by organizations.

The essay will focus on outlining nature of management in Springs Industries. The focus will be on responding to some of the crucial decisions, which Springs Industries has taken so far.

The discussion will be based on how decisions made in Springs Industry, concur with management principles. Springs Industries is one of the multinational firms that have treated the issue of management especially.

Scientific management and quantitative approach will be analyzed in the context of Springs Industries. The essence of organization behavior in Springs Industry will be analyzed.

Corporate Structure

Springs Industries is the largest textile industry in South Carolina. With its headquarters based in Fort mill, Springs Industries was founded in 1897. Even though Springs Industries has been a successful multinational company, there have been many challenges.

The success of Springs Industries can be attributed to its effective management over time. The industry has 14 000 employees and has established manufacturing plants in 13 states. Products of Springs Industries enjoy a competitive advantage in Mexico and Canada.

Chief executive officer of Springs Industries is head of all activities, which ensure the involvement of other employees. A participatory approach is encouraged in the leadership model of Springs Industries.


Scientific management ensures that employees are equipped with the best skills necessary in promoting productivity and profitability of the firm. Scientific management is essential in the case of Springs Industries in various ways.

Training opportunities for employees, which are incorporated in scientific management, ensure confidence and efficiency. Empowered employees are more likely to be motivated and productive leading to economic growth in Springs Industries.

With the ever-escalating demand of textile products, technology and innovation are inevitable in Springs Industries. Technology is associated with innovation, efficiency, and quickness.

Availability of relevant machines will ensure that demand is met by supply, thus increased profits in Springs Industries. Motivation will be essential in promoting productivity and profitability of Springs Industries.

Motivation should be done in a way that will consider both extrinsic and intrinsic factors. Extrinsic factors refer to physical gifts, incentives, and material gain. Intrinsic values refer to job satisfaction, which is associated with self-esteem.

Management of Springs Industries recognizes the essence of motivation among employees and promotes it. Rewards are among incentives given to employees of Springs Industries, to ensure that they remain productive.

For example, all employees are provided with an opportunity of being nominated as Corporate Associate of the year. The nomination of the employee is based on performance.

As a result, all employees compete for the nomination by being productive in the firm. It should be noted that nomination is done every year in all plants thus ensuring equitability and fair distribution of incentives.

Principles of quantitative approach are also essential in the success of Springs Industries. The quantitative approach entails informative research based on computer applications, trends, and statistics. Research is essential in ensuring that proper decision is made in the management process.

Innovation is essential in ensuring competitive advantage and is based on the interpretation of information available. Decision making is one of the crucial roles assigned to managers. The failure of most firms is attributed to the wrong strategies and decisions made by managers and leaders.

Availability of relevant information will be essential in effective decision making, as well as the study of market trends. For example, managers would access success or failure of various decisions that have been made in the past.

Further, the availability of information ensures that managers of Springs Industries are informed of a range of recommendations that are likely to be successful. Diversity of information will promote innovation, which is associated with increased chances of success.

Information technology is incorporated into the Quantitative approach. Information technology is essential in the management of Springs Industries, as it ensures communication and cohesion associated with success.

In this regard, there will be increased productivity and security in Springs Industries. Information will only be accessed by the right target at the right time. Installation of certain software will cut on cost used to purchase hardware thus increasing profits.

Organization behavior is essential in management operations of Springs Industries. In this regard, all managers must recognize the essence of organization behavior and contribute towards ensuring that benefits associated with it are maximized.

Organization behavior refers to how different employees act in different situations. Organization behavior directly affects productivity or profitability of Springs Industries, which is a key responsibility of managers and CEOs.

Further, management must be aware of organization behavior, for it to prepare business strategies. Organization behavior fosters cohesion that is essential in the productivity of Springs Industries.

Even though cohesion has been associated with negative practices like absenteeism, combined efforts are moiré likely to broaden margins of profits. Management must ensure that the organization is as cohesive as possible.

When goals are shared by all members of organizations, the chances of realizing them are increased. As a result, cohesion would promote productivity in Springs Industries.

Employees’ learning culture should be well known by all managers and chief executive officer. There are different approaches used by organizations in acquiring, analyzing and interpreting available information.

The management should ensure that individual efforts are converted to teamwork, as a way of promoting cohesion. Management of Springs Industries should ensure that information is available to all employees thereby promoting participation associated with long term goals.

In this regard, employees of Springs Industries would realize why domestic production should be accompanied by foreign markets. Even though firms should bring about benefits to local firms, the goal of profitability should not be undermined (Zimmerman and Ethan 27).

Springs Industries is an open system that freely interacts with the environment around it. Springs Industries success is based on the interaction between raw material and employees who produce products like cloths. There are various ways in which the Springs Industry is open.

For example, a decision made by the chief executive officer is based on reviews and analyses that involve employees, customers, and suppliers. For example, Bowles states that Springs Industries is working towards ensuring that customers’ demands are met.

There are postulations that place and time utilities should be considered of essence. Springs Industries is affected by the external environment like competition. For example, in 1998 Springs Industries faced stiff competition from imports that had cheaper products.

Regarding this, Springs Industries strategized to cut on capital invested in local production as a way of maximizing profitability and matching competition (Royd 32).

An open system is a cycle through which inputs are converted to outputs. Springs Industries utilizes technology to produce products that ensure economic growth. Technology is a form of input that is transformed by employees to produce cloths.

Capital is invested in income generating activities, achieved by decisions made by management to come up with profits.

In an open system, success is based on the interaction between inputs and activities. As a result, organization behavior should ensure that inputs are transformed into outputs in the best way possible.

Values upheld by Springs Industries are of great essence and promote success significantly. Human resource management is one of the values that will be beneficial to successful organizations.

Springs Industries focuses on ensuring that the demands or needs of customers are met in the best way possible. Springs Industries recognize the essence of time and place utilities, which are associated with more benefits.

Most of the values of Springs Industries are based on the promotion of customers’ service. The approach will be beneficial if applied by other firms as well.

It should be noted that, with an increased number of firms, customer service is now a competitive process. In this regard, capital availability is not enough to guarantee success

Customer service is positively related to brand salience and loyalty. Firms need to focus on increasing the number of people who think of their brand in a purchase situation. Brand salience is a long term achievement that sometimes undermines the essence of short term goals.

For example, firms could focus on ensuring quality and not necessarily prices. In this regard, products of high quality are likely to involve higher operating costs than those that are not. Market research should identify the target market and audience, to invest in the best strategy.

Market audience with low purchase power would prefer quantity to quality. Successful firms, therefore, need to learn how to interact with different environment and situations (Gavetti and Rivkin 25).

Springs Industries value long term profitability and success, as opposed to short term ones. Long term values are essential in ensuring that economic growth of firms is sustainable. Despite the urge for huge profit margins, caution should be on ensuring that success is long term.

For example, firms could focus on establishing their brand name which will have long term gains as opposed to profitability which is less likely to with stand competition. An established brand name is positively related to profitability.

Further, community involvement is embraced in values of Springs Industries. Application of this value would ensure that projects owned by firms are supported. Community support would include brand loyalty that will promote economic growth in firms.


Management is essential and should not be disregarded at all costs. The focus should be on ensuring that there is a smooth flow of operations in organizations. Human resource should be managed in a way that facilitates the conversion of inputs to outputs.

It should be noted that transformation should be fast and effective to ensure long term profitability. Organization behavior is crucial to the success of any organization.

Managers of Springs Industries should be aware of organization behavior, to plan successful business strategies. Customer service is a competitive process that should be preferred by successful firms.

It should be noted that firms should be concerned with the welfare of employees and not only profitability. Motivation among employees is essential in ensuring that firms are productive and profitable. Cohesion, participation, and communication are key issues that should be incorporated in to the management process.

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