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Storytelling Concepts Essay

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Storytelling is a means by which one can convey events using words, images or by means of sound. This is done through making the story more appealing to the audience. Storytelling has been an activity practiced by all diverse cultures all over the world. Each culture has its own way of telling its own stories with different objectives.

One, stories are used for educational purposes. Secondly, stories are used for entertainment purposes. Lastly, stories are a means of preserving cultural beliefs of a community, and they help in instilling morality to the society. In telling a story, one has to consider the plot of a story, characters depicted and the storyline narrative point (Hansen 1).

Demonstrate insight and creativity when choosing the book to be told

When choosing a storybook, the storyteller has to consider the vocabularies in the book and the words used should be motivational to the hearers in order to get their interest to listen. The book should stimulate imagination in that it should be richly creative. The stories should be meaningful and be of moral encouragement to the hearers. Another insight in choosing a book is to consider one with series parts since it encourages one to follow a character in its adventurers (Hansen 1).

Provide a short description of the book and the appropriate age of the audience

The description below will revolve around a story called “The Little Prince”. The little prince is a story about the life of a prince who was alone and lived on a tiny planet. He had ownership of two volcanoes and a flower. The little prince had so much pride in him that he had to travel to several planets. On his travels, he came to earth. When he came to earth, he met a fox who taught him the secrets of the most valuable things in life. This book is suited for young children (De Saint 1).

Describe in detail the planning and rehearsal needed to tell the story

Telling a compelling story involves well-planned steps. First, the storyteller has to know the relevance of his/her story to the audience. The story should be easy to relate to and should have broad ideas. The storyteller would draft the story if it were the first time for its presentation. The lesson of the story should be appropriate to the context of the whole story.

A talented storyteller should engage the hearers of the story and be able to engage their senses in that they can visualize the story. The responses from the audience make the storyteller are aware when his/her story is appealing or uninteresting. Lastly, the delivery of a story is of importance since it makes the audiences enthusiastic about it (Hansen 1).

Demonstrate an understanding of effective storytelling strategies

In telling a compelling story, one has to take into consideration certain aspects like, take into consideration the choice of book. Secondly, the storyteller should take his/her time to get to know the story and its context. This will make sure that the story is not discriminative or not offensive to any religion, culture or belief. Thirdly, the storyteller needs to have read the book well ahead before since it gives a better concept on how to tell the story in an effective way.

Another way to tell a story is by use of expressions, a storyteller can use facial expressions to depict how the plot of the story flows and because it makes the hearers feel the story. Lastly, it is an acceptable practice to change voices depending on the character since it gives life to characters (Hansen 1).

Provide a detailed description and analysis of the actual storytelling event, including concerns or lessons learned

The most valuable thing while telling a story is engaging the audiences all through the process. The context of the story should be relevant to the type of audience that who are hearers of the story. In telling a story, we learn that the right choice of the story is valuable to the success of the story. Most importantly, storytellers should give more educative stories since they have a great impact in the lives of the listeners. (Hansen 1).


Storytelling is an event that has been available for decades and remains to be valuable to the society. Different cultures use stories for different reasons since the cultures play a vital role for the storyteller to know the purpose of his/her story. Stories told about a community, significantly affects its morality in the way the people conduct their daily business and how they relate to others (De Saint 1).

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