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Strategic Management of Emirates ID Report

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Updated: Jun 22nd, 2019

Executive summary

The strategy formulation procedure involved planning several analytical studies to give a clear picture of the Emirates ID capacity for future growth. The studies were both scientific and practical to give the best results (Hill 150). The strategy formulation was in accordance to the specifications of the UAE government.

The strategy process incorporated the challenges and concepts experienced from previous strategies. In addition, concepts and ideas from other countries were used to set the benchmark. These ideas played a significant role in forming the objectives of the strategy and highlighting activities that helped the organization obtain its strategic objectives (Clarke 57).

The organization pinpointed on the importance of the results rather than the activities. The new strategy was formed on four key principles: creation of a practical and successful plan to register the whole population, establishment of a data system to electronically link to government agencies, creation of an updated electronic identity system to enhance government projects, and the building up of a good customer care service (John 70).

Mission and objectives

Emirates ID used a scientific method to form its mission and objectives, which clearly outlined its responsibility to the community in addition to its future goals. This organization involved all stakeholders in the formation of its mission and objectives.

The stakeholders ensured that the wording in the mission statement was broad and understandable. The mission of Emirates ID is to play a role in the security of people through improvement of personal identity, keeping proper records of population, and availing modern e-services.

The first objective of Emirates ID is to enroll and keep a clear and detailed population register. The second objective is to form a safe and incorporated system that allows flow of information. The third objective is to ascertain the ID card as the most esteemed card.

The fourth objective of Emirates ID is to guarantee that the services provided are effective, clear, and of the best quality (Zayed 80).

Organizational strategies management

Emirates ID plans to expand and modernize the current executive, fiscal, technical and other company regulations. In addition, they plan to revise the processes that are connected to the success of the new strategy. The strategy focuses on building skilled human resource personnel that would help the organization attain its goals (Clarke 60).

In addition, the strategy will help all employees embrace a culture of inventiveness, originality, and excellence (Hill 160). Emirates ID invited all leaders from all units to the workshops and discussion platforms at each process of the strategy formation.

External and internal audit of the company

Emirates ID acknowledges the importance of values in the development of successful work environment. These values are important in linking the organization and its employees. Good work ethics promote good performance and conduct at the work place.

Emirates ID has formulated programs that lead to goal achievement based on the SWOT analysis. These programs involve internal workshops where all leaders of organizational units meet and discuss projects related to the new strategy. The projects are discussed in the meetings and prioritized according to scientific studies (Zayed 80).

Strategy implementation

At Emirates ID, creating strategies helped in fulfilling its leadership goals and the organizational objectives. Emirates ID knows that converting strategies into actuality requires much effort (John 95). Therefore, Emirates ID attempts to prevent breakdown of the execution process, which results from poor communication and lack of flexibility in execution.

Emirates ID recognizes the purpose of leadership as a key component in strategy implementation. As a result, Emirates ID ascertains consistent follow-ups of execution process and their consistency with the strategy.

In addition, Emirates ID strengthens communication systems and forms a positive work atmosphere, which motivates Emirates ID employees. The organization also attempts to reveal its values through its activities (Zayed 83). This attempt acts as a guide for achieving mission and goals in the future.

Emirates ID makes known its strategy implementation to the public through its website, and discloses the advancement of all projects.

This organization centers on the result and not the actions. Emirates ID has formed a unique system that focuses on strategic and dynamic thinking techniques, which forms a balance between the results and expected variables.

This system combines techniques for both direct and indirect management methods and avoids traditional methods of management. Consequently, they are more receptive to expanding work and strategy execution needs (Clarke 100).

All leaders at Emirates ID are given the role of ensuring that all initiatives and projects in the organization are executed. Strategy implementation involves two processes: process evaluation and results evaluation. These processes guarantee that the objectives of the organization are realized.

The strategy outcomes and performance pointers are submitted before the Board of Trustees through presentations (Sekhar 107). Reviews take place twice a year to assess the process of strategy implementation. These reviews give information for normal strategy updates.

Strategy formulation

An efficient and proper strategy development procedure was used that described the several factors that guaranteed the achievement of all objectives.

Some of these factors included agreement of Emirates ID’s vision with that of the national government, forming Emirates ID’s mission according to its vision, highlighting values and principles that comply to the objectives, creating strategic objectives, planning projects that give the desired objectives, pinpointing performance indicators for projects, and distributing initiatives across all work units (Zayed 90).

This organization applied a PESTLE analysis to highlight all factors that would affect the success of the new strategy. Factors in the political aspect included various bodies competed to apply e-services, connecting ID cards needed the cooperation of several government groups, and the government had a strong interest in e-services (Hill 170).

Economic factors that could influence the success of the strategy included high cost of acquiring an ID, heightened regulation from the ministry of finance, and the necessity for modern financial services because of increased regulatory needs (Clarke 120).

Some of the social factors included high population in the UAE, more employment in white-collar jobs, and many people who possess ID cards had no access to e-services. Technical factors that Emirates ID considered included the desire for viable technological programs, the desire for modern ID cards to utilize e-services, and that building a digital platform needed approval and safe endorsement (Sekhar 96).

Legal factors that would affect strategy formation included the desire for a lawful and consistent system to create identification cards, the desire for government units to deal with authentication duties, and the need to enact the laws that increase enrollment of new applicants (John 112). Environment factors to be considered included the need to maintain a green environment system in all units of the government.

Strategy evaluation

There are a number of internal and external factors that influence the projects and future of Emirates ID. This is clearly illustrated through a SWOT analysis of Emirates ID.


Emirates ID has a distinctive identification card and enough backing from the government and other organizations (Clarke 130). In addition, they have rights founded on national laws and communication systems with national and local units.

Moreover, registration of people is widespread in Emirates and work systems and practices are being commenced to enhance internal business connections. The current leadership is flexible in making adjustments required to attain expected outcomes.


One of the weaknesses that Emirates ID face is the inability to meet the target of registered people and inadequate number of registration offices to serve the large number of people waiting to be registered (Sekhar 98). In addition, there is less number of electronic facilities and software required to run the projects and lack of proper communication and trained personnel at local levels.


Emirates ID face several threats such as rising prices of investments to initiate advanced technology and poor connection of internal systems. Moreover, there are inadequate laws required to control duties between the national and the local government that are linked to Emirates ID.

In addition, there is inadequate awareness and knowledge of consumer wants and expectations. Reduced number of trained experts in skills such as fingerprinting is also another threat facing Emirates ID (Hill 180).


One of the opportunities that Emirates ID has is that the national government is playing a role in enhancing e-services. Moreover, there has been a growing necessity to give valid population data because of the continual growth in population and adjustments in demographic statistics (Clarke 133).

In addition, there has been a necessity for safe personal identification and the determination to develop laws that enhance a rise in the number of new applicants.


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