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Stylistics in “Making It in America” by Walt Filkowski Essay

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Updated: Sep 12th, 2020

Making It in America

“Making It in America” by Walt Filkowski is a story that is geared towards highlighting the biography of the author. The author uses stylistic devices like imagery and suspense throughout his work. Apparently Walt Filkowski uses imagery to describe the training camp he underwent during his service in the Navy of the United States. He describes the training as like being baptized in a glowing red fire. In this context, the imagery helps the reader to understand the rigor of the training.

It also emphasizes the notion that the training is not destined for those who are faint-hearted (Ogorman and Div 175). Filkowski uses imagery when he likens the training camp with as a monastery field. The description helps to capture the image of the reader with regards to understanding the level of discipline observed in the camp. Filkowski uses imagery throughout the text like when he says that customers streamed in his establishment like bees in a beehive.

The image assists the reader to visualize the how the business is lucrative. The colorful cover attracts the readers to yearn more to read it. The imagery also helps to illustrate the zeal and eagerness with which Filkowski approached his new occupation. In the biography, the author has also used the element of suspense. For example, Filkowski does not explain the life her first wife embarked on after their messy divorce that happened in 1979.

The situation leaves the reader with the anxiety of yearning to know whether they communicated and the kind of relationship they had after that. Another instance where suspense is applied in the biography is when there is an explanation of Filkowski’s tour with a motorcycle in Canada and the United States shortly after his retirement (Walker and Diane 575). There is no adequate description given with regards to the trip and what motivated Filkowski to undertake such a feat, especially with a motorcycle.

The reader is left with many options in the mind. The most probable one is whether he took Filkowski made the tour for charity or enjoyment purposes. The suspense is also generated in the biography when it is noted that Filkowski and his second wife relinquished their inn keeping the business in 2004. There is no elaborate explanation as to what motivated them to so. Also, there is no much explanation of their life after they quit the business (Kenneth 3270).This only increases suspense among the readers.

The Lesson

There are a series of stylistic devices in the page 253 of the book. The first stylistic device prominent in the reading is alliteration. An example of alliteration as used in the text is the words in the third sentences like high and nigh. Another example of alliteration usage is in the sixth line with the words ask and dusk. The manner in which these words have been aligned serve as to bring a musical aspect in the reading. Another stylistic device used in the work is irony. The writer says in the sixteenth line that money is vanity.In the following line he says that money sweet. The two arguments bring irony especially when they are used in the same text.

Many people undergo some interruption in their daily lives when they encounter such occurrences (Medina 218). The unimaginable are deemed to happen. On the extreme a victim may take his or her life for the reason to isolate themselves from divorce experience. People even disown the friends, family members, acquaintances in the thought that loneliness is the way out. In some instances, some people take a break from their predictable routine schedule before they can return to their normal.

The process may take months, years or even decades for one to come to terms with the reality. The healing process will depend on how fast one can move on. It is always advisable to seek help from a professional counselor or to share the experience with another person. Today, the divorce instances are prevalent all around the globe. Psychologists have argued that divorce has contributed to high chances of depression to the victim. That could be a probable reason Filkowski decided to take a countryside tour in the two countries perhaps seeking a place of comfort (Medina 218).

Implications And Conclusion

The week has been tremendously informative to the learner. It has offered excitement and motivation through the reflection of the author’s life. From the author’s life, the reader can take some life lessons and inspiration to drive one to success. From the mistakes, he makes we garner the implication of divorce. The learning environment has continuously acted as a very crucial platform for the members.

The members can ask questions where they need clarification as well share new ideas and thoughts. The week’s discussion has helped the learner to understand different aspects of life through the life of the author. Just like other weeks assessment, the findings, during this week of the course has encompassed various facets of research literature. The way the author use of various writing stylistic devices acts as a comprehensive illustration to the learner. Besides, his ways of writing give the reader to yearn to know what happens next.

In general, reading about the life of Walt Filkowski is very educative and motivating. Just like the rest of the weeks, this week has presented a much representative illustration of a successful reading. The personality is a real representation of an admirable person. As learner one can have an overview of what life entails.it is full of opportunities and difficulties that one can easily overcome.

From the author’s life, the student can easily tell the implication on one’s choices in life, some decisions have great rewards while others come in forms of regrets. Readings of the nature would be of great inspiration or motivation to the learners. The literature also helps one to realize the need for developing a thick skin with regards to the challenges encountered in life. Apparently, one can learn resilience from the author comeback after a period of messy divorce as he does not let it take a toll on him.

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