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Susan G. Komen for the Cure: Company Analysis Coursework

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Updated: May 30th, 2022

Susan G. Komen for the Cure is a global leader of the breast cancer movement which has so far invested more that $ 1.5 billions since its inception in 1982 (Susan G. Komen For the Cure, 2010b). The organization’s vision is to have a world well informed about breast cancer through outreach, education research and even preliminary education.

The organization has122 affiliates all over the nation, making it an employee in almost every state of the country. By giving its employees very competitive packages, it has been able to retain the best employees in the market and have a competitive team. It also takes in interns in different departments to allow students acquire the required experience in their field. The organization also relies on volunteers for some of its operations such as preparing for different events.

Its board is made up of well experienced experts in the medical profession and other management positions such as Dr. Alexine Clement among others. Its senior management is also made up of world class professionals with many years of experience in the fields of management, medicine, research, IT among others. It has earned the highly respected charity navigator four-star rating for three years in a row, making it one of the most successful and efficient charity organizations in the world (Susan G. Komen For the Cure, 2010a).

The organization’s core function is to address different challenges and problems arising from breast cancer. This it does by funding research and educational programs which make it easier to detect and manage cancer as well as make the life of survivors and their families much easier. It is currently funding several research projects which will help treat breast cancer more easily, avoid recurrence cases and help those already diagnosed with the disease have a better life (Susan G. Komen For the Cure, 2010a). Apart from research programs, the organization supports educational programs including those which will encourage more medical professionals in the country. Its main source of money is donations from corporate and individual partners.

Objective Measure Target Action
Accountability -The organization has put in place a wide integrated accounting system to help sustain their growth.
-The organization occasionally performs audits on the projects it is funding at the grassroots levels.
-Put in place an accounting program which will enable the organization track all its accounting activities and those of small organizations it is funding.
-Put in place an accounting system which will allow its partners and donors have access to financial information of the organization easily.
-Even though it is a non-profitable organization, Susan G. Komen for the Cure needs to show the highest level of accountability it has to gain trust from more organizational partners.
-The organization should make financial information available in shorter periods of time rather than once a year. This will give donors more confidence in giving their money.
Employment – The organization has been able to create a working environment which is able to retain a diverse group of passionate individuals.
– The organization offers internship opportunities to give young professionals a chance to gain experience.
-It is an equal opportunity employer giving opportunities and does not discriminate against race, ethnic background or any other factor which makes us different.
-The organization targets being able to have fully qualified professionals in all its 121 affiliates all over the United States as well as other regions where they may have a presence.
-Encourage high school students take medical courses and major in cancer treatment to help curb the problem of shortages in the profession.
-The organization, like any other profitable organization can use professional human resource organizations to help it hire the best talent in the market. For such a big organization, they require the best talent in the market to help run their operations.
-Put in place reward programs for the best performing volunteers to attract professional volunteers.
Management -The organization has created a strong and powerful leadership team to help run and manage operations.
-The board is made up of a world class professionals in the medical, accounting and other professions.
-The senior leadership is made up of more women who may be able to understand the organization’s core business which is addressing breast cancer problems.
-The organization targets to have more research and medical experts in its board and senior management, which has been a challenge since they are more expensive to hire.
-The organization targets young employees in its senior management positions to be able to take advantage of modern technology and methods of running organizations which the young employees posses.
-By sponsoring young medicine students who want to major in treating and researching on cancer, the organization will help address shortage of experts in addressing cancer challenges.
-The organization should allocate more resources for training its senior management to ensure they are more conversant on more modern management skills.
Relationships to other objectives The organization’s objectives in module one included funding research projects, funding advisory councils and education programs, and building breast cancer quality consortium. These objectives require important financial skills which will be enhanced by good accountability in the organization. A well-able work force will allow proper coordination in the organization to be able to manage and run different research projects which they support in different parts of the world. Building a well functioning cancer consortium will require enough medical and care personnel. By addressing the issue of employees and scarcity in the medical field, the organization’s efforts will go a long way in ensuring that the facilities are well run and managed.


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