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Suspended Disbelief Movies Essay

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Updated: Mar 13th, 2020

Since the invention of cinema, people have always enjoyed watching movies. Because of the thrill and the emotions which they lack in their everyday life, people resort to this very kind of amusement.

What the genre of suspended disbelief is special about is that it will grip you once you start watching the film and will make you spend another couple of hours in front of a TV-set.

In spite of the obvious reality misinterpretations in these films, people are eagerly watching every new suspension disbelief movie. It seems that suspension disbelief movies render the secret heartstrings of their audience, opening the door to the world of people’s dreams.

The Way It All Started

Can you imagine the way a rainy Sunday can look? It looked most awful to me, which is why I decided to spend the rest of the spoiled day-off watching a new movie to cheer up. Transformers 3 looked most inviting to me, so I decided to pick this very movie to shake the drowsiness off.

However, the train of bad luck did not end up here. In addition to the weekend inside the house, I felt quite uncomfortable, because there were some noises coming from the adjacent flat – it seemed that the neighbors were fixing something, and quite loudly.

In quite low spirits and waiting for something else to happen, I sat and started watching the show. However, as I started watching the movie, I forgot instantly all the bad luck with the weather and the neighbors being too noisy this day.

Have you ever felt that a book or a film sinks you in, making you the part of it? Well, that was actually what I was feeling. Both are believing the plot and doubting its truth; I started understanding what people like so much about this kind of movies.

The Way It Works: Taking the Construction Apart

In spite of all the sniffs which critics made at the movie calling it a contradictory movie with a toy-based plot and the far-fetched storyline, it seems that the movie is quite a decent specimen of what can be called a suspension of disbelief.

In the second part of Transformers, the curves of the plot lead the audience down the trail of incredible adventures which the lead character, a man named Sam Witwicky, is about to experience. Because of the Decepticons, the evil creatures who are battling to defeat people’s race, the man is dragged back into the heat of the fight.

In contrast to what the audience could have expected, the film directors decided to mold the lead character of the most usual, not to say, primitive, human matter.

To put it in simple words, he is nobody but a boy, an average John Doe neighboring a bunch of Joe Roes of his kind. However, fate chooses him to withstand the rage of the enemies and to save the helpless world.

To create the necessary atmosphere, the film director used very specific settings. It was very wise of the filmmakers to create an environment which was as close to the reality as possible. Otherwise, the movie would have turned into a complete fake and mockery.

With this setting, Transformers has acquired a tint of the surreal, which made me believe in what was going on the screen at the first instant.

Exploring the theme, it would be possible to suggest that the storyline follows the pattern of combating the evil, which is itself old as the hills. However, with the help of the special effects and the impeccable acting, the movie turned into an exciting blockbuster.

Full of the mysterious signs left for the audience to decipher; the movie is much like a cryptogram. It seems that the filmmakers have touched upon a rather important issue, which is the peace on the earth.

Of course, it is quite unlikely that a bunch or robots which have come out of people’s control will seize power over the world, yet the growing tenseness in the world of politics shows that there are certain reasons for the concerns about peace.

Defining the genre of the movie would be quite a hard task because modern art is a fusion of all known styles and genres. However, it is reasonable to suggest that Transformers is a mixture of science fiction and an action movie. No wonder that the movie was such a burning mixture!

Saying a couple of words about acting, it would be a good idea to devote a couple of lines to the lead character of the movie, Sam Witwicky, acted by the talented Shia LaBeouf.

At certain moments it seemed that he overacted, especially in the episodes where he tried to convey the deep emotions of his character, but in general, the acting of his was talented and showing a deep understanding of the plot and the peculiarities of his character.

The most unusual about the movie was the incredible circumstances which Sam was trapped in and the mundane life of his which he is supposed to live on the Earth, as well as the life on Earth in general.

Another attempt at showing where the Armageddon might appear from, this film was a real treat for all those enjoying sci-fi stories.

However, watching the movie, one could find plenty of contradictions and misunderstandings which are so typical for the suspension of disbelief movies. Most of them were merely the considerations based on common sense and logic.

Still, it must be taken into account that such movies rely mostly on the effect which the key scenes produce, and thus the niceties of the plot can be dropped.

It seems that Transformers is the very specimen of what is called the suspension of disbelief. Because of the drama that is hidden behind the action-movie-like plot, it offers deep consideration of the fate of mankind and at the same time entertains the audience.

Also, the moviemakers seem to have neglected certain issues which made the plot closer to make-believe.

Among the most obvious slips was the robot doctor who was wearing glasses. On the one hand, it added a speck of credibility to this character; yet on the other hand, it ruined the entire image, for a robot would hardly need any glasses at all.

Another slip of the movie-makers was the geography issue. Ignoring the peculiarities of Petra and Egyptian pyramids location, the moviemakers made a serious mistake, not to mention that hitting a moving target from an 80-miles distance is impossible.

Behind the Curtain and What People See There

A good example of what could be called suspended disbelief, the movie amazes with its incredible plot twists and turns, making the audience forget about the reality.

Because of the element of suspense, the mood of the film makes the audience hold their breath in anticipation of the next turn in the plot.

Striking with the contrasts of the mundane life and the parallel universe where incredible events take place and the powerful titans combat the evil and fight for justice, the audience forgets that they are watching a sci-fi. They live every single second of the movie and take it as a piece of real life.

However, there were some minor issues which made me feel somewhat puzzled. For example, I did not find the ending quite satisfying. It seemed impossible that single combat could result in such a complete victory; some piece of evil must have remained.

However, these were the minor issues, while the movie, in general, was a treat. Despite being labeled as a “popcorn movie,” it offered quite a lot of food for the imagination.

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