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Talent Management in Hype Center Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Jul 8th, 2019


Hype Center is a marketing firm that undertakes marketing of domestic items such as perfumes, lotions, and medicated soap. Since the center is a small marketing firm that started its operations on July 2013, then it still requires more employees. Recently, the firm embarked on a search for qualified employees. The firm then put the candidate under a three-month probation period.

During the probation, the intern would work with three other employees of the center as a team. The firm hired the intern because the marketing project aimed at increasing sales. Therefore, the center examined qualities of the intern.

The psychometric indicators employed include expertise, professional qualifications, abilities, and attitudes. As a human resource officer, the firm tasked me to review staff performance and compile a report. Therefore, the report examines the skills and competencies of the intern in the field of marketing.

Literature Review

Human resource managers usually examine a number of qualities and attributes that potential employees have before recruiting them. Among other attributes, human resource managers expect an employee to have the ability of working with others in a productive and harmonious manner. Furthermore, the human resource department expects individuals to demonstrate good self-monitoring abilities.

The abilities enable employees to regulate their behaviors and effectively accommodate different social challenges that individuals comes across in the workplace (Bikhchandani, 2002). Thus, the individual can adapt and work harmoniously and productively with other team members who have different personalities.

Talents are essential in the marketing aspect of the company. According to Terracino (2005), employees should also have the social intelligence as it enables them to respect the opinions of other employees.

In addition, Marchioni (2009) states that a candidate must be goal oriented, very thoughtful of others, have good self-control on impulses, be organized, and mindful on the marketing details as demonstrated in conscientiousness personality trait.

The conscientiousness personality trait is one of the big five personality traits also known as the big five locators. This makes it easy for individuals to influence other team members, as well as target consumers assertively. Competent marketing skills enable marketers to convince customers on the validity of the products, and increase sales.

Additionally, the human resource department expects an employee to have intrinsic style of interaction, which is one of the four styles of interactions styles. Berens (2008) notes that the interaction style enables individuals to understand and work with teams and perform well. The individual value contributions enable employees make consultations before deciding on a course of action (Snyder, 2000).

Moreover, team members amass information and other points of view so that they can use them to make informed decisions. In this style of interaction, the individuals are calm, patient, and quiet, and thus can produce, sustain, define, and clarify issues objectively.

Consequently, these indidviduals believe that for a project to succeed, it should take a reasonable period of time. Therefore, the interaction style enables an individual communicate ideas, opinions, and suggestions using clear and appropriate way inline with the relevant audience or authority.


Self-monitoring Results

Your score is 50, on a scale of 0 (low self-monitor) to 100 (high self-monitor). You are neither a high nor low self-monitor.

Big Five Locator Results

Big Five Locator Results Big Five Locator Results

Interaction Styles

Based on the results of the ISAT, you are an energizer!

Full of persuasive energy, energizers are natural people. You know how to strike up a conversation and keep it going.

Interaction Styles

Jung Type Results

You are a natural leader. You are a confident and original thinker, and believe strongly in yourself. You are a strong individualist who seeks new angles or novel ways of looking at life. In general, you are an extremely capable and intelligent individual who strives to do their best and continue to move in a positive direction.


On the results of the self-monitoring test, the intern neither scored 50%, which means that the intern is neither low nor high self-monitor.

Since the intern possessed such self-monitoring skills and social intelligence, then the intern was able to respect the opinions of other team members and react in a suitable manner to different workplace challenges. The individual was also able to employ self-control, organization, and marketing skills on the team members, as well as target consumers.

Regarding the big five locator, the results show that the intern scored 68, 83, 60, 45, 45, and 18 in extraversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism, agreeableness, and openness respectively. The high level of extraversion and conscientiousness implies that the intern is outgoing and conscious of what is happening in the workplace.

Furthemore, the intern demostrated high levels of understanding on matters concerning production, sustainability, difinition, and clarification of marketing issues. The intern also valued consultation, this was evident from the intern’s nature of asking for the opinions from other team members before making a decision.

While working with the team of four members i noticed that the intern synthesised opinions and suggestion from the team members before using the information to make a wise decision.

Consequently, the intern was determined that in the firm would achieve the required targets in terms of growth and sales. The intern also demonstrated good communication and interpersonal skills evident from the manner in which the individual presented opinions, ideas, and issues to team members and superiors.

In the interaction style results, the intern demonstrated energizer style of interaction of the persuasive energy. The persuasive was evident from the cheerful and welcoming nature of the intern.

Additionally, the intern was outgoing and valued teamwork in the acheivement of positive results. In other words, the intern was goal oriented and objective. Moreover, the individual possesed patience and was calm at all times irrespective of the team and workplace challenges.

The intern appeared as having natural abilities of leadership as demonstrated by the Jung type indicator. Moreover, the Jung type indicator showed that the intern is a great thinker with intelligent abilities to move in the positive direction.

The intern can easily adapt to the workplace, and thus able to work well with other team members who have different personalities in a creative and pleasant way. Furthermore, the individual had social intelligence and good self-monitoring abilities.


Hiring the right person is vital for any organization. However, many organizations are not effective in hiring employees, and thus, they end up hiring wrong employees. Hiring of wrong employeers lowers the perfomance of the firm. According to this context Hype Center should employ good and qualified individuals who have the relevant competencies.

When the right person is hired for the job, the firm will have little time and resources spent on the indidividual in the aspect of training. Therefore, it is fundamental for the firm to put the right policies and practises in place. The policies help the firm employ the right individuals who are productive and useful.

It is important that the firm gets individuals who have good interpersonal skills and good working skills. Give that the firm is a marketing firm, potential employees should have the right skills required in persuading and influencing target clients so that the firm can grow and increase its sales.


Policies should be instituted by the center because it enables the firm get the right people for the right job. If the center employ incompetent individuals, it will incur huge losses due to poor performance. The instituted policies should ensure that only employees who have essential knwoldge and skills serve the center.

Among other skills, good interpersonal skills are fundamental as they enable individuals to work well with employees and clients. Moreover, they enable individuals to understand and appreciate various personalities of other employees.

Additionally, the firm should use the policies in the recuitment of employees who understand the significance of self monitoring and social intelligence. Self-intelligence makes the employees have good communication and interpersonal skills. Thus, self-intelligence is key in acheivng growth of the firm as it makes employees respect other employees and target consumers, as well as overcome workplace challenges.

Furthemore, the firm should hire individuals who can persuade and convince customers to buy products, and thus increase the volume of sales. Employees who have the right qualifications and personalities quickly adapt new challenges of the workplace. Therefore, it is important for the firm to have the right employees who can work collectively with other employees and achieve the objectives and goals of the firm.

The right individuals are beneficitial to the center because the human resource department will just regulate and accommodate different temperaments. In addition, it is important for the firm to hire right idividuals who have self-control, organization skills, and good marketing skills.

Moreover, the firm should hire individuals who can consult before making decisions,and those who have relevant styles of interaction. Since good interaction styles enables individuals to produce, sustain, define, and clarify issues, it is essential for the center to hire employees with these skills.


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