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Task of Negro Womanhood Analytical Essay

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Updated: Dec 28th, 2019

Thesis Statement

The Negro woman faces constant contempt from the people who live around her. She rarely experiences joy, peace and happiness. Through all these challenges, the Negro woman stays strong and remains extremely courageous. She has learned to build within herself the needed moral strength to help her rise above those challenges.

There exist negative attitudes that are associated with these women, but fortunately they can rise above them all. She values her natural beauty and uses her charm to improve her mind and chances. Her greatest commitments is to be in her community, family, race and the whole land.

Analysis of the Negro Woman

Negro woman seems to be an extremely determined person. Her determination gets portrayed by how she values her work, and she seems to have a vision for the future. The greatest aspect of her determination seems to be in the way she learns and seizes each opportunity that comes on her way. In her studies, she looks for opportunities and utilizes them to the maximum.

The Negro woman can go outside the country and do her studies whenever she gets a chance. She possesses self drive that keeps her going regardless of the status in the society or background. By doing this, she becomes a role model that can be looked up to by the young girls and women in the community.

The Negro woman can be said to be a family-oriented and society-oriented. This can be explained by the way she values her family and society at large. She expresses motherly qualities in the way she works hard. This quality seems to be a result of her willingness to help her family and her devotion to them.

The Negro woman, whether learned or not, seems to have an extremely strong attachment to her people. This will eventually ensure that the devotion she gears towards her family gets rewarded through development and growth of the whole community.

Whenever she gets an opportunity to help her society back at home, she does exactly that. For example, the nurses can be seen to giving back to the community back at home. This ensures that the whole community gets benefits of having one of their own going to school and coming back to help them in return. By doing this, the Negro woman instills priceless values in the minds of both young and the old in the society.

This woman can be said to be the wheel of change for the people. Her strength helps in changing the stereotype attitudes that people have towards the Negro women. By overlooking this ridiculous attitude and being strong enough to overcome them, this woman will bring an era of change in the society. People might start getting a positive attitude towards her since she does not get affected by their misconceptions.

Another way that the Negro woman can use to change people’s misconceptions is through her competition in the working environment. She can be seen to be learning and getting equal chances in the fields such as teaching and nursing.

The Negro woman seems to value education so that she can competitively survive in the current environment. Those women who got a chance to study and find competitive jobs seem to be favored in their lives. She works hard so that she can work in the white-color jobs or other public jobs even if they seem to be underpaid.

Ones these Negroes go to school and acquire decent jobs, they tend to take care of other women who seem to be under privileged in the community (Elsie, 1925). These women participate in different professions such as Nursing, teaching and others so that they can support themselves and their families.

One of the greatest strengths of these women remains to be the strength they portray in their daily lives. The handle daily challenges with ease and strength while doing their best to support their families. They believe and know that they are the symbols of destiny, development and progression.

They do their roles with love and passion so that they can reach all members of the society. Her strength seems to come from inside, and this quality makes her a role model for the other Negro young women.

Negro woman can be seen as a pillar of hope for the society. This can be portrayed by her involvement with projects that support the unfortunate people in the society. These women can be seen to form many associations, for example, in New York City where they finance, support and operate them for social betterment.

They can be seen to set up homes for the homeless and destitute children in the society. Others have created support systems for the old folks where the old people get taken care of and feel loved. Some women have taken the initiative to care of members of various church organizations.

At a national level, the Negro woman has started establishing herself and her counterparts as an united people. She has managed to do this through the creation of national organizations that bring all Negro women together as one. These associations make the Negro women united while eliminating individualism in their society.

They have come up with clubs and associations related to issues concerning the Negro women. When developing these organizations, their main objective is to be able to reach women from all parts of the country and engage them in general race interests. The Negro women who form these groups continue to promote their race by electing one of their own to lead the associations.

The Negro woman can be seen as a feminist who fights for equal opportunities in different aspects of life (Elsie, 1925). She fights for equality in different spheres such as social, sex, political and economic aspects. The Negro woman seems to be more determined to fight for racial equality than sexual equality.

She seems to have become a rebel due to the economic independence that she gets in the recent times. The Negro woman seems to be determined in her fight for equal opportunities, and she seems to be getting there already.

The Negro woman may have the will to develop her career, but she rarely gets the chance to prove herself. Even with her talents and experience, it gets hard to convince her seniors that she can handle managerial positions in the field. Another weakness that the Negro woman has is to be the source of capital. Most of the unsuccessful women join the fourth social grade workers. This consists of casual workers and household assistants. These jobs are full of challenges, but the Negro woman perseveres through such difficult conditions.

The Negro woman can be portrayed as one who lacks the looks department. She does not get the recognition that her other counterparts get when it comes to fine arts. The other women seem to be held in higher regard than the common Negro women. The Negro women may not be used as a beauty symbol, but they still remain strong in what they do.

They love their natural being and value the natural beauty. They have little chances to advertising and arts since they got challenged representation of their sexuality. Even with all those challenges, she has remained grounded in truth and humility.

It remains quite unfortunate that the Negro woman gets ridiculed at times. Being a laughing stock does not help in maintaining the women’s self worth. Ridiculous comments towards these women may have damaging effects on these women’s lives.

Some people might feel that the Negro women should have a lower class than the rest of the people, but, this ought not to be the case. These women should be shown respect because they remain to be human just like the rest of the people.

The Negro woman can be said to be getting liberated at an extremely high rate. She does not allow herself to get oppressed the way it used to be some years back. She is constantly seeking legal actions for the dissolution and consummation of sexual contracts.

It has always been shameful for the Negroes when it came to illegitimacy. Sex and motherhood before marriage seems to be the same as for the Negroes, as other races. This could be because the economic, social and biological forces get the same reaction regardless of the racial type.


One may conclude that the wheels of change seem to be taking over the life of the Negro woman. After living for a long time without recognition, she can now boast that her determination and strength could be payed off. She can now establish herself and fight for equal opportunities in the society without fear. She can be seen as a source of hope and she remains a role model for the other Negro women all over the country.

The government and other associations should strive to assist her in achieving her dream to overcome challenges and help less fortunate in the society. She should be encouraged so that she can help in the development of the country as a whole. People should respect and support all Negro women so that these women can feel worthy in the society.


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