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Tencent Qq and Window Messenger: China Market Comparing Research Paper

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Updated: Apr 30th, 2022


According to the expert analysis Tencent QQ, usually referred to as QQ, is the most well-liked free immediate messaging computer agenda in China, and the world’s third most well-liked IM service. The agenda is maintained by Tencent Holdings Limited (HKSE: 0700), owned in fraction by Naspers. Since its entry into Chinese households QQ quickly emerged as a modern cultural occurrence, now life form portrayed in popular culture. Aside beginning the chat program, QQ has also urbanized many sub features counting games, pets, ringtone downloads, etc.

Tencent QQ

Tencent Holdings Limited (SEHK 700), a most important supplier of Internet and mobile value­added armed forces in China, today announced that its Instant Messaging repair QQ made a new record of 20­million climax simultaneous online user financial records on June 3, 2006.

This research focused on this truth that the first 10­million blot was made in February 2005. According to a review complete by iResearch in 2005, 91.6% of respondents named QQ their favourite immediate messaging repair, and 78.8% said that QQ was their most frequently used immediate messaging repair. In addition to an lively user base of 221 million as at the finish of March 2006, the new evidence shows that QQ’s online group of people in China has turn out to be one of the main single ­culture communities approximately the world, and that application designed to augment the “Online Life” of our Instant Messaging group of people will offer a lot of possible for enlargement in prospect.

About Tencent

Tencent Holdings Limited is a most important contributor of Internet and mobile & telecommunications value ­added services in China. Tencent serves the principal immediate messaging (IM) community in China as deliberate by registered IM user financial records.

If we analyzed then we come to know that the Company’s IM platform allows users to converse in real­time crossways the Internet, and mobile and permanent line telecommunications networks using various terminal plans. Tencent operates three principal appearance of business: Internet value­added services, mobile and telecommunications value­added services and online publicity. Shares of Tencent Holdings Limited are traded on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, beneath the store code 700. For more information, satisfy visit their business (at www.tencent.com).

Tencent at present offers three IM products QQ, TM and RTX. QQ is a individual IM communication creation which offers a diversity of entertainment and group of people features. TM is for expert IM communications in a business surroundings. RTX offers IM answer that allows an venture to operate and administer its own interior IM network.

If you desire to see what about 100 million Chinese customers use to converse online, you have to knowledge Tencent’s QQ. If you are a recurrent user of U.S. converse programs, like AIM, Apple iChat, MSN and Trillian Pro, you’ll be worried by how far higher QQ is.

For one thing, QQ has a “distant help” capability, which lets you demonstrate citizens what you’re responsibility on your processor. It also has a “pet” you can produce. That’s on top of its live video, pastime playing and straight news distribution facial appearance.

CEO Pony Ma
Figure 1. CEO Pony Ma

Clearly, as the Internet spreads crossways China, the installed based is rising at a 20% twelve-monthly clip, Tencent, and its CEO Pony Ma (see image above), will gain far additional pressure. Currently, QQ holds a 78% share of the China market, considerably in front of second-place MSN at 17%.

The New York Times information this week that China’s Central Bank — which oversees the country’s $2.6 trillion financial system — went so far as to subject a caution about Tencent’s virtual money, Q-coins, which allow clientele to supermarket online for games, music and even practical furniture.

According to Pacific Epoch, Tencent’s QQ virtual coins might be violating China’s laws related to its money. Apparently, alike to the real-money transactions (RMT) for a figure of MMOs, QQ Coins are traded for genuine money.

Tencent’s (700.HK) virtual money QQ coin violates China’s RMB organization regulations and may influence the RMB money bazaar, reports Chengdu Business News quoting an unidentified expert. According to an insider from popular Bank of China, there are in excess of 100 million lively QQ coin users, many of whom trade QQ coins for income. A account concerning QQ coins has by now been filed inside the People’s Bank of China, supposed the insider. One QQ coin is equal to one Yuan.

History/ Background

According to the expert analysis QQ was initially urbanized by Tencent Inc. in February 1999. It was first on the loose as a “Network Paging” instant courier. Then other features were consecutively additional such as chatrooms, games, individual avatars (similar to “Meego” in MSN), internet storage space, and internet dating services. Most of these features were free. Its diversity of facial appearance and easy-to-use border made it very popular, particularly among teenage users. In a few small years it was the majority popular immediate courier in China.

According to the expert analysis the present version of QQ is QQ2007 II Beta2. Tencent every so often releases particular versions of QQ to coincide by means of events such as the Olympics or Chinese New Year.

The official customer runs merely on Microsoft Windows, but Linux users are able to talk to associates on the QQ network by installing Pidgin (previously Gaim) which comes set up through a plugin for QQ. Several third-party customers also exist for the Mac OS X platform. The web account, which makes employ of Ajax, is at present in Beta[4].

User Interface of Tencent MessengerIn response to rivalry with Windows Live Messenger, Tencent free Tencent Messenger, which is under attack to business populace. It also provides, in incomplete form, features that are only obtainable to premium members in usual QQ.

Simultaneous online user accounts of Tecent QQ

Simultaneous online user financial records of Tencent QQ peaked in excess of 1 million. In 2000, QQ became the first network repair in China with additional than 100,000 simultaneous online user financial records and following only 8 months, its concurrent online user financial records scaled a new tallness.

Since February 11th is the 2nd birthday of Tencent QQ, simultaneous online user financial records of 1 million is no hesitation the best birthday present for QQ from replicated users. In the history two years, QQ user financial records grew from just less than 10 to 1 million. With more than 90% marketplace share, QQ created various miracles in China’s immediate messaging market. In the IM product testing by PC Magazine, QQ beaten many other IM software (including ICQ) and won the first award, which proved the considerable power of Chinese software.

According to the history 2 years, QQ experienced additional than 10 updates. It is from fake users’ hold up that drives Tencent to seek for non-stop development. Currently, QQ has entered the life of a lot of cyber users. Mobile QQ and wireless network paging allow everyone to take pleasure in share in order anytime wherever. In 2001, based on the interpersonal infrastructure, Tencent aims to expand more enterprise crop and build message channels between enterprises and persons. All of there will widen the living freedom of users.

It is a landmark as well as a new preliminary summit for Tencent QQ to have 1 million concurrent online user accounts in its growth course. Promising as its prospect seems, QQ still has a long way to go. With our attempt and your hold up, we will see miracles one following another.

Tencent QQ and China Market

Tencent announced that it signed memo of sympathetic with China Mobile on Monternet. Tencent QQ and China Mobile’s Fetion are scheduled to understand interconnection inside six months.

The statement reveals that Tencent and China Mobile will expand interconnection knowledge and solutions as one. After it’s put into use, China Mobile or Tencent users might apply Fetion QQ repair to check their QQ friends and communicate with them from side to side SMS. The service fee is 5 yuan per month, which is communal by both Tencent and China Mobile based on the in attendance Monternet rule.

The being familiar with the matter believes that beneath China Mobile’s new rule, this move is Tencent’s only option. The number of QQ’s registered users is predictable to reach 549,000,000 with additional than 0.1 billion users classification in on a regular foundation. QQ has been captivating the lead with 77% market split. Tencent CEO Ma Huateng once supposed: “It’s garbage to open QQ without precondition, which means all IM software can increase income by with QQ users.” However, Ma Huateng had to alter his mind before physically powerful China Mobile.

China Mobile announced in July that it determination stop its collaboration with all instant communication service providers in terms of Monternet talking service. Tencent’s QQ would be the first victim. Tencent supposed yesterday that Tencent’s QQ will transform to Fetion stage step by step within its six-month collaboration with China Mobile. Analysts say as the “gold excavation of the prospect 3 G generation, the sale of IM marketplace will arrive at 2.56 billion yuan in 2006.

At there Tencent QQ accounts for 60% of the marketplace. Taking benefit of QQ’s large number of users, China Mobile is meant to provide its Fetion through a good commencement while Tencent QQ may give up from the market in the prospect. Analysts consider that Tencent may also arrive at an agreement through China Unicom which launched its IM software named “Chaoxin”. Mobile operators’ control determines their manage over the IM marketplace. That’s why Tencent chose to assist with movable carriers. Otherwise Tencent’s IM repair will be greatly exaggerated by its rivals such as MSN and Yahoo Messenger. Tencent’s share stopped up at 27.7 HK dollars yesterday, a 3.36% add to.

Window messenger

Recent developments in expertise have lead to an rising efficiency of worldwide infrastructure. Where once the business globe was restricted by the aptitude to get messages to the right place at the correct time, the 21st century has seen the arrival of immediate messaging approximately the sphere. The advances in knowledge have been a extremely powerful feature in the enlargement of a global marketplace, allowing operations to be forbidden by a solid at the same time in many dissimilar countries or marketplace areas.

Along with earlier mail repair, higher quality telephone calls, and settlement connection ups, the most significant factor in the ease of worldwide communications is the Internet. Since it’s first growth, which in progress way back in the 1950’s, the Internet has grown-up in significance and now is an essential part of everyday commerce operations. The Internet has a lot of applications and uses for a business in the global marketplace. It can be used to amass a corporation home page, promote on other organizations pages, send and take delivery of e-mail, send and take delivery of instant mail, host a video conference, host handset conversations, place and take delivery of purchase instructions, and generally carry out all of the essential office communiqué tasks with a much earlier dispensation time.

This research focused on this truth that the technology is continuously advancing and this document will detail some of the additional important expansions in the timeline of the internet, look at a number of the there applications which are available to commerce use through an in depth look at video conferencing, and then seem at the future of infrastructure.

Brief History of the Internet

The expansion of the Internet into the arrangement which we be familiar with today has been a very long procedure which began in the 1950’s. It was all at first sparked by the contest between the USA and the USSR to be the majority technically advanced nation in the earth. Following the winning launch of the Sputnik settlement from the USSR, the USA formed the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) that afterward went on to make the ARPANET, the original Internet organization. The 1960’s were dedicated to receiving the ARPANET plans laid out, conventional, and the finally specially made in 1969.

Through the 70’s the investigate and growth continued with most message captivating place flanked by a very select few populace concerned in University investigate teams and management task forces around the sphere. The system was motionless in expansion and was mostly just being second-hand for e-mail transmissions and simple sleeve transfers at this occasion. During the 80’s many steps were complete to progress the scheme to a senior level. In 1983 the Internet Activities Board (IAB) was recognized, and in 1984 the Domain Name System (DNS) was introduced. In this year the figure of hosts crept up to in excess of 1,000. This figure surpassed 10,000 by 1987.

The 90’s saw an bang of the internet, especially in the profitable kingdom. In 1990 the old ARPANET ceased to exist, and the world’s first commercial supplier of the Internet dial-up right of entry, The World, came on-line. In 1992 the number of hosts bankrupts the 1,000,000 mark, quite a talented feat considering the quantity of years concerned. In this year the World Bank came on-line; it was single of the first on-line banking services. In 1994 the first poster ads appeared on the web, charitable companies their first sight of the importance of publicity and communicating on the web. In 1995 JAVA was launched, and RealAudio came on-line allowing populace to hear in close to real time from side to side the computer. Search Engines also turn out to be very poplar in this year. In 1996 Internet phones came under inspection from the US telecommunications companies as they tried to ban the knowledge, without achievement. The Internet phone went on to turn out to be one of the most significant technological progressions of the year, and continues to show to be one of the additional favorable reimbursements of communicating from side to side the Internet. In 1998 the most leading technologies were E-Commerce, E-Auctions, and the employ of portals. Toward the finish of the 90’s businesses and customers were finding out that every one of their communications might be done from side to side the Internet. E-trade capitalized on this and entered the internet marketplace as an online brokerage firm, conducting trades in genuine occasion. On-line banking too turns out to be extremely significant as people looked towards the amenities of the internet to save occasion and money.

Moving into the 21st century, the Internet continues to progress at an disturbing rate and is second-hand by a growing number of populace everyday. If international commerce is to do well in the modern surroundings, then Internet communication is positively a essential product to possess.

Instant Messenger

This service is an additional room to the e-mail application, though this runs as a genuine time chat. As the users log in to the repair, they are able to communicate back and onward as they would in a normal influence conversation by typing in every sentence and interpretation immediate responses. This repair can be used to communicate flanked by two populace or to have a meeting where many users are concerned in the discussion. This way, a lot of experts located approximately the globe can contain an immediate contribution into a decision creation process by merely being logged into the repair at the right time.

The skill that is included with every new Windows account extends Microsoft’s get to into new areas and frequently impedes other software or repair providers. The Microsoft Windows Messenger agenda is a good example of a agenda that is an attempt to keep out or divert populace away from other services. Windows Messenger is bundled by means of other Microsoft technologies to be a faultless part of the Windows in service system. AOL/Time Warner has a extremely strong following and good advertising point for its online repair with the AOL Instant Messenger Service. Microsoft has been fights with AOL/Time Warner with upgrades to its messenger service because 1997. The latest Windows in service organization is designed to put together Microsoft’s messenger repair, Windows Messenger, through the Windows XP in service system. This shift is not only an upgrade to create the end user’s computer knowledge better, it is a strategic go to inch out yet another contestant. To use Microsoft Messenger, the user has to record and use Microsoft’s Passport repair. The Passport repair is required for users to completely use other Windows features. Currently, the majority of the features that are accessed by means of Passport are free; though, there are services that Passport provides that are not gratis

Microsoft’s in general goal is to create itself an integral part of everyone’s every day life, at employment, in the place of work and at home. While services that necessitate register through Passport seem innocent sufficient, it is supposed that in the future Microsoft resolve use the in order and subscriber base shaped by Passport registration to changeover other services to persons already registered. The end is obvious when one looks at the pathway evidence of Microsoft and the way that the Windows in service system has grown to comprise and purpose so healthy with other friend Microsoft products. If Microsoft can create their Passport system appear significant, as they are today, requiring Windows Messenger users to be Passport users too, then they can increase their supremacy into the internet based services marketplace. The Passport register organization could be old to ease consumers into services that are not gratis, but expediently tie into the Passport and Windows surroundings.

The overall objective of Microsoft is not of necessity to get better on the Windows in service system, but to increase the reliance on the Microsoft family of connected software and services that tie into Windows so tidily. By packaging and bundling software and services the executives at Microsoft contain found a way to silently numb the customer into a sightless reliance on the Microsoft crop. Windows XP is a good in service system; it is the best account of Microsoft’s Windows variations yet, with less bugs and easier, more instinctive process. Windows XP could be a great deal more than it is, but with the be short of rivalry in the operating scheme market, Microsoft has shifted their center from product development to co manufactured goods integration.


In conclusion, the Internet is a precious tool that can benefit the civilization, but if ill-treated can cause solemn problems. Placing strict regulations for civilization on the Internet might lead to loss of important in order. We have stumbled upon a new boundary of how information is leaving to be exchanged, but our principles and morals should motionless stand true. To deal with populace publishing harmful or hateful materials on the Internet each civilization must come up by means of their own set of standards. What may be suitable for one country might not be appropriate for one more. Inflicting rules and system globally might cheat a certain state of their rights as a citizen. Each state should come up with their possess terms of use for Internet admission. This could help better control people from posting harmful or hateful resources, as well as monitor the quantity of freedom of speech in sure cases. Our civilization can find a prospect balance for terms of employ in cyberspace.

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