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The advertising of Pfizer Essay

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Updated: Dec 21st, 2019

Underlying message

The message of the advertising is that Pfizer is a company that cares for its consumers. It is committed to their overall well being and does not just limit itself to the medication it sells. The company probably offers solid customer care as well other services that show how holistic it is (Pfizer (b) 12).

Different cultures would interpret the message differently. Certain people would object to graffiti painting on public property. Others would not associate creeping around with the beautiful image on the wall if their culture has no spray painters. Some viewers might object to the sentimentality of the piece. They might feel that it is exploiting human feelings.

The most effective SCR for the advertisement is American culture. A person from this community would be familiar with spray painting, caring for the ill and doing something special for them. They would also deduce that Pfizer is compassionate.


The organization sells a range of medicine for HIV, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, bipolar disorder and other medical conditions. It is difficult to decode what the company sells from the advertisement because it seems disconnected from the message.

In the advert, the company emphasises that sometimes it takes more than medication to care for someone. One would thus deduce that it sells something in that field. Unless one is already familiar with the brand name, one would presume that Pfizer offers medical services, palliative care or other aspects of medication that have nothing to do with their products (Pfizer (a) 12).

Pfizer sells consumer products that are mostly prescription-based. These medicines are tangible and portable. Some of them are perishable while others are not. They deal with complicated conditions as well as embarrassing ones like erectile problems.

While doctors prescribe those medications, sometimes consumers may request for them. Overall, the company should have placed greater emphasis on their core products rather than patient care, which is an implied service that they might not even offer.

Country markets

The most plausible country markets for these products are western countries like the UK, France and the United States. Western countries have a lot of experience with graffiti painting and some of them would appreciate the spontaneous nature of the art. They are also expressive people who would appreciate the message. Conservative nations like Iraq and Saudi Arabia would not resonate with the message.

These nations have a respect for authority and would shun adverts that endorse countercultures. Furthermore, a poor country like Bangladesh or Mali would not even know what graffiti painting is. Therefore, some would presume that the protagonist is stealing something. Their level of economic development would not allow for such an indirect message (Cateora & Graham 9).

International integrated marketing campaign

If the company wants to relate to all its key markets, it needs to include a series of posters that have a picture of the ailing child in the advertising taking its products. It also needs to work on the advertisement itself by incorporating its key products in the company. Instead of using graffiti painting, it could change the piece to another act of kindness. The firm needs to use internet advertising to make the work relatable.

Additional factors

One should consider the exposure of various target markets to the company name. Mostly American consumers know about Pfizer; therefore, the company needs to make its brand name more implicit. Messages that focus on urgent situations are more effective than sentimental ones for diverse audiences. The campaign should replace internet advertising with radio and television promotions in countries with a low development index.

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