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The Altamimi Supermarket Layout Importance Essay

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Updated: Jun 11th, 2020


The establishment of a supermarket layout requires creativity. Larson, Bradlow, and Fader (2005) argue that a supermarket layout influences customers’ opinions about the store. A good layout makes customers have positive opinions about a supermarket and increases their likelihood of buying goods. A Supermarket layout should be simple. It should enable customers to access products without difficulties. Besides, display shelves should be arranged in such a way that they allow customers to walk around a supermarket freely. Supermarkets should avoid cross-merchandising as it confuses customers. This paper will discuss the importance of supermarket layout and relate it to the Altamimi Supermarket.

Importance of Supermarket Layout

Supermarket layout is essential to both employees and management. A well-designed supermarket layout enables employees to locate products without difficulties. Hence, they can monitor products and replenish them in time. A cluttered layout affects employee morale. Consequently, the supermarket experiences numerous cases of employee absenteeism due to fatigue. Larson et al. (2005) posit that a good supermarket layout creates a favorable working environment, which boosts employee morale.

Besides, it enables employees to discharge their duties efficiently. Some customers visit supermarkets with the aim of stealing. Thus, poor supermarket layout encourages shoplifting. On the contrary, good layout saves supermarkets from unnecessary costs associated with shoplifting. Employees can monitor customers, therefore discouraging potential shoplifters.

According to El-Adly (2007), supermarket layout helps the management to identify selling and non-selling products. In return, the management reduces costs and increases sales by capitalizing on fast-moving products. El-Adly (2007) alleges that a good supermarket layout boosts sales volume and guarantees continued employment for staff. Besides, it facilitates the expansion or improvement of a supermarket. Each supermarket should have an exclusive image that makes it unique relative to others (El-Adly, 2007). Supermarket operators use layout to create a notion that they offer quality products. The types of colors they use as well as the mode of product arrangement, send a message that the supermarket sells superior and pocket-friendly products.

According to Theodoridis and Chatzipanagiotou (2009), supermarket layout augments the selling power. In most cases, customers buy more goods than they anticipated. Supermarkets ensure that complementary products are placed adjacent to each other. For instance, they ensure that they display shoes and socks close to each other. While a customer may visit a supermarket specifically to buy shoes, seeing the socks close by reminds him/her that s/he is also in need of them. Apart from adding selling power, placing complementary products next to each other enables salespersons to encourage customers to purchase the items. For instance, once a salesperson helps a customer to purchase toothpaste, s/he may also encourage the customer to buy a toothbrush.

The lighting system is paramount to a supermarket (Theodoridis & Chatzipanagiotou, 2009). It guarantees the security of a sales store. Hence, supermarkets ensure that they erect lighting systems in such a way that they illuminate all corners. In addition, they provide adequate space between shelves not only to enhance traffic flow but also to monitor customers as they go round, picking goods on the sales floor. Supermarkets use short display racks to ensure that salespersons can see all customers. Besides, they avoid placing products that are prone to theft close to washrooms, stairways, and exits. This discourages shoplifting and enables the management to track the products.

Altamimi Layout

Altamimi Supermarket is one of the stores that observe layout regulations. For instance, the supermarket has ensured an even distribution of its shelves to ease traffic movement. Display racks are well spaced to ensure that customers move freely around the store. Besides, Altamimi Supermarket has spaced its display racks as a way to ensure that customers locate products without difficulties. Display shelves are positioned in such a way that sales personnel can easily monitor customers and identify shoplifters. The supermarket has its meat coolers located at the end of the store to give adequate space for other shelves. Meat coolers are big and occupy wide space.

Hence, placing them in the middle of the store would deny the supermarket a chance to display many products. In addition, the coolers are located at the end of the store because they smell. It ensures that the smell does not pervade the entire room and discourage customers from visiting the supermarket. The weather in Saudi Arabia is sweltering. Hence, placing refrigerators next to the exit would lead to perishable products getting spoilt quickly. Consequently, Altamimi Supermarket has set its meat coolers and other freezers at the end of the store as a way to enhance the preservation of perishable products.

Altamimi Supermarket has placed a majority of its fast-moving products in the middle of the store so as to reach more customers. According to Terblanche and Boshoff (2004), supermarkets should locate basic products like food next to high-traffic areas to increase sales volume. As a result, Altamimi Supermarket has located food displays near high-traffic areas so as to attract customers. Besides, the supermarket has located varieties of food products close to each other so as to encourage customers to purchase more than one variety. For instance, the supermarket has placed Indian food next to Chinese and Philippine foods.

Hence, customers are tempted to sample another cousin, therefore ending up purchasing. The supermarket has located a kitchen shop next to the entrance on purpose. The position of the kitchen shop makes it easy for potential customers to see it from outside. Hence, it is situated next to the entrance to attract potential customers. The aroma from the kitchen draws customers to the store.

Altamimi Supermarket has displayed baby products next to one another as a strategy to raise its sales volume. It has displayed baby food next to baby shampoo, oil, powder, toys, and other baby products. At times, a customer may visit the supermarket with the intention of purchasing baby food only. However, displaying baby oil and powder next to food may remind a client that she is also running out of the oil or powder, therefore prompting him/her to purchase them. Besides, a parent may walk into the supermarket to buy baby towels with his/her child. In the process, the child may see toys and force the parent to buy one. On the other hand, salespersons may encourage customers to buy other baby products, thus boosting the sales volume of the supermarket.


Supermarkets use the layout as one of the marketing strategies. The way products are arranged in a supermarket influences customers’ buying behavior. Altamimi Supermarket arranges complimentary products close to each other to encourage customers to buy extra goods. Besides, the supermarket ensures that fast-moving products are situated near high-traffic regions to reach more customers. The store has located the kitchen shop next to the entrance to draw potential customers. Moreover, it has kept meat coolers at the end of the store to shield them from bad weather.


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