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The App Economy in Canada Essay



The fast rates of the app economy development all over the world correspond with the situation in Canada at the moment. The research goal is to describe the Canadian app economy, and the research question is to identify its positive and negative aspects that balance each other. The interest in this sphere is explained by the developing app market and the enormous demand for applications in different areas ((Niroshinie, Loke, and Rahayu 2013). The relevance is connected with the objective to think critically and understand how new information and communication technologies influence the present-day world.

It is expected to describe concurrent employment creation, capital investment, and revenue generation environment in Canada’s apps economy as the most important definitions (ICTC 2014). The opportunity to be employed, the innovative nature of activities, and accelerating progress and changes should be noted. Companies and the overall economy can flourish owing to the investments (Harris and Patten 2014). One can not only save one’s money but also collect it: the setting promotes the revenue generation.

As for the negative aspects, many companies rely significantly on personal/family/angel investors, not the state ones (Hyrynsalmi, Seppänen, and Suominen 2014). The competition between the domestic and international companies is fierce, and the former group faces challenges – in other words, a few-to-many theory is to be used (Nieborg 2016). Besides, cooperation with end-user organizations is limited. The lack of experience and expertise is also distinct (Tene and Polonetsky 2013).


The given positive and negative aspects that refer to the Canadian app economy are balanced despite the fact that three advantageous issues and four disadvantageous matters have been identified. Actually, the potential benefits touch upon long-term effects. For example, the employment creation gives a chance to attract more talented specialists and helps advance the domestic labor market: professionals will acquire new knowledge and skills that will be useful in many realms.

Later on, capital investment means that it is profitable to invest money in this area because the demand for various applications is likely to be considerable (Niroshinie, Loke, and Rahayu 2013). To put it simply, one can be sure their money will be safe. Finally, the revenue generation opportunities imply the possibility to earn money. Again, the expected demand for applications in the future gives ground to assume that a company or a person can receive money on a regular basis. Overall, the consequences of working on applications refer to long-run outcomes.

In comparison, some negative aspects are the short-term disadvantages which can be improved swiftly. If new investors appear, one of the most pressing problems will be solved soon. For instance, the government can relatively quickly decide that it will invest some money and serve as the example of a cooperating party. The contact with direct app users can also be established if the Canadian companies offer more profitable terms in relation to first-hand partners.

However, there are also long-term challenges. The competition will probably be one of the most difficult issues since the largest corporations make a strong impact on the world’s economy, and this tendency will remain in the nearest future. Finally, the necessity to address specialists’ training is vital. Because some professionals still lack skills, the insecurity associated with various matters, such as the leak of data, concerns users (Tene and Polonetsky 2013).

To sum up, one can state that the app economy in Canada is characterized by positive and negative aspects. While the former refers to long-term effects, the latter are more diverse and include long- and short-term challenges.


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