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The Article on ISO 9001:2015 Essay

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Updated: Jul 22nd, 2021


The article on ISO 9001:2015 seeks to offer an essential overview of the variations to organizational performance emanating from the evaluation and adjustment of the 2008 standard. Clauses 1 to 3 present introductory chapters that do not hold any requirements. Organizational improvement may be incremental, with little increases or breakthrough, novel expertise (‘ISO 9001’ 2015). Both methods are used in organizational processes as situations demand.

Summary of the Article

Clause 4 issues the requirements for organizations to undertake an extensive overview of their operations and mull over the major internal and external aspects that influence it and its response as a definite management system. Clause 5 encompasses valuable suggestions of content that are common from ISO 9001:2008 (‘ISO 9001’ 2015). It also introduces considerable variations on leadership, dedication, and the anticipations for executives to engage entirely with the vital facets of the quality management system (Manders, de Vries & Blind 2016). Under this clause, consumer focus has remained akin to ISO 9001:2008, although it has been expanded to encompass judgment of risk and chances that influence compliance of goods and services.

Clause 6 offers an exceptional addition to ISO 9001:2015, where it introduces the notion of risk and opportunity through the higher-level structure. This guideline document presents numerous risks for carrying out business (‘ISO 9001’ 2015). Moreover, it establishes that through mutual efforts with customers to assist in the management of risk, there has been the prevention of hazards based on certification from 2004. Such an innovative advance is anchored in the appraisal being structured about pertinent concerns of risk to organizations and auditing in detail to evaluate whether there is successful threat management. The sixth clause presents the demands that make sure that the required modifications to the management system are undertaken in a methodical approach. This encompasses the consideration of possible consequences of reforms, accessibility of resources, and definition of functions and responsibilities (Franceschini, Galetto & Mastrogiacomo 2018). Variations to the management system may be required in instances of acquisition of organizations and the introduction of new goods and services, to mention a few.

The seventh clause offers support requirements. A successful management system cannot be upheld or improved devoid of sufficient resources. As a facilitator of planning, the required resources should be identified and provided. They encompass task or contract associated resources (Aba, Badar & Hayden 2016). Under the seventh clause, all the concerns linked to people, place, and procedures that facilitate management systems are assembled. The fundamental higher-level structure clauses cover resources, competence, awareness, communication, and documented information. The eighth clause mainly signifies the production and preparation management segments of the standard, the propeller of output (‘ISO 9001’ 2015). A considerable number of clauses contribute to the basic higher-level structure. The ninth clause is associated with performance evaluation. Its components are mainly comparable to the ones in ISO 9001:2008. The tenth clause holds improvement requirements. Enhancement does not have to occur necessarily in all the aspects of the business simultaneously. Focus ought to be pertinent to gains and risks. One United Arab Emirates-based organization that has implemented ISO is the Trade Bank of Iraq. The organization was awarded the esteemed ISO 9001:2015 certification and had an active status.


Organizational success and continued improvement necessitate satisfaction with ISO 9001 requirements. This results in enhanced organizational practices and ensures sustained improvement in excellent service standards. Company executives should successfully abide by the components of performance and progress documented in the standard. Trade Bank of Iraq is an example of an organization that has been awarded ISO certification for outstanding dedication to customers and stakeholders.

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