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The Daoist Temple Report

The characteristic feature of Daoist temples is the location at the mountainous territories which symbolizes the closeness to the heavens. Furthermore, the architecture of Daoist temples reflects the basic sacred concepts of the religion.

However, a lot of people regularly go to Daoist temples and believe in the significant role of worshipping there because they can worship Daoist idols or personal idols sharing the concepts of essence, immortality, energy, and spirit which are basics of their religious and philosophic visions.

Moreover, the elements of decoration in many temples reflect the features which are common for a lot of ordinary people. Coming to Daoist temples worshippers feel the closeness to their idols and they feel a kind of protection, as a result, people are inclined to believe the power of such important temples as the Daoist Temple and Thean Hou Temple.

The Daoist Temple is located in Cebu, Philippines. The temple was built in 1972, and it attracts millions of worshipers along with non-worshipers and tourists every year. The Daoist Temple is built according to Daoist architectural traditions which are based on Daoism religion and philosophy. The temple has 81 steps which are characterized by the sacred meaning for the followers of Daoism.

There are 81 chapters in Daoism scriptures, and climbing the temple’s steps, believers became closer to their gods and goddesses. Furthermore, Daoists believe that climbing these steps they can reach their immortality. Definite services held in the temple are oriented to techniques in which worshippers believe as in their paths to immortality. Inaction and immortality are two important concepts of Daoism.

The architectural style of the Daoist Temple reflects the important elements of the nature, and this feature is significant because Daoism is based on the harmony of nature and people which can be reflected in any objects. That is why, the Daoist Temple is a rather symmetric complex with the attached structures which symbolizes the natural powers.

The Thean Hou Temple

The Thean Hou Temple is located in Kuala Lumpur. This temple is rather unique in its architectural style and religious meaning because it presents the unity of traditions of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism. Worshippers prefer to attend the temple because it symbolizes the basic elements of the mentioned religious and philosophic movements.

The followers of Daoism believe the Thean Hou Temple because it is built to reflect the main Daoist principles. Those persons who follow Daoism pay much attention to the concepts of order and equability. These concepts are reflected in the structure of the temple.

The building of the Thean Hou Temple is the unique highly-organized complex all the components of which are constructed to follow the definite religious meaning. The structure of the temple allows people worshiping their idols and gods separately.

Millions of worshipers go to the temple to celebrate their Goddess Tian Hou, Goddess Kuan Yin and Goddess of the Waterfront. These procedures are important for the spiritual growth of Daoism followers.

Furthermore, the decorations of the temple in the form of statues and wall paintings can be discussed as familiar for the majority of Daoism followers. Similar statues and paintings can be also observed in houses of worshippers.

Thus, Daoism is close people, and this principle is reflected in the temples. In addition, such temples as the Thean Hou Temple are discussed by believers as the place which contributes to the interaction of immortal idols and gods with ordinary people. The Thean Hou Temple is also the place when believers can become more virtuous because of their closeness to gods.

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