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The Dissertation Process Analysis Essay

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Updated: Jul 25th, 2020

This dissertation investigates the dissertation process. The dissertation explains the reasons why doing a dissertation is important to candidates, how the dissertation is organized, mentored and the selection of the dissertation committee. According to this dissertation, the main aim of a dissertation is to create and apply the knowledge acquired to generate an understanding as well as improvement in educational policies and practices through literature review.

This is with a focus to solve a research problem. The dissertation chair person and the committee members are generally the managers of the dissertation and they work step by step and monitor each and every step of the dissertation. They give guidelines to the candidate on how to plan, research and write the dissertation. They also approve every stage of the dissertation. Therefore, the main purpose of the dissertation committee is to work closely with the candidate and make sure that the proposal and the final dissertation document is approved and ensures that the dissertation program is in accordance with the guidelines and the requirements of the institution.

The dissertation process includes selecting the dissertation topic after which the literature reviewed and the proposal written and approval by the review board. Data is then collected, analyzed and reported. This is followed by writing the findings, challenges and time management. Then the final dissertation is evaluated and approved. After approval, the candidate checks the format and submits the dissertation (Fetterman, 1989).

A dissertation on the mentoring process in Michigan newspapers

This is a dissertation that was done with a purpose of examining the process of mentoring the daily published Michigan newspapers as well as their reporters. In the dissertation, the research questions were identified purposely to gather more information on mentoring and this was to involve an analytic category such as newspapers to understand mentoring and its effects on the reporters. Most of the mentoring research done has not featured a lot on the news organizations but this dissertation has really filled this gap. Information or data was collected by means of qualitative interviews where more than twenty five reporters got interviewed. They gave the type of mentoring they received, the gains and the limitations. Generally the findings were that mentoring influences positively the news organizations (Elaine, 2007).

A dissertation on education on science of anatomy

This dissertation was done purposely to emphasize on the importance of knowledge on anatomical sciences. According to the dissertation, the science of anatomy has been regarded as a wide discipline and the research done here was to examine the rates at which students both at undergraduate and post graduate level have interest in pursuing this discipline. The research was conducted in the University of North Carolina state by a group of researchers. Data was collected based on the turn up of students called upon to pursue this career and a face to face interview with some students already pursuing this career. The findings were that most of students called upon in this field fail to turn up due to lack on awareness on the importance of anatomical sciences. Those already pursuing the course had appreciable knowledge of what it entails and given a chance, they will promote anatomical sciences education (Holsinger, 2008).

Dissertation on importance of training in work stations

The main aim of this dissertation was to find out whether it is beneficial for work stations to provide training opportunities to its workers or not. Several researchers collected data from several work stations including carrying out of one on one interviews with various workers and employers. The dissertation found that most of the workers preferred work stations that offer further training and opportunities for improvement compared to work stations that does not offer any form of advanced training. In terms of performance, the work stations offering training opportunities recorded good performance compared to those that did not offer any learning or training opportunities. The dissertation concluded that training in workstations is generally of positive impact to the work station in terms of performance improvement (Kimchi, 1991).


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