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The iPhone’s Main Features and Productivity Essay

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Updated: Aug 2nd, 2021

Since the innovation of the flip phones the iphone is the other gadget that has taken tech to the next level. This refers to a type of a Smartphone that was established and is sold by Apple incorporated. It has a variety of internet apart from multimedia applications that set it apart from other gadgets of its caliber. The main features that it does posses include camera, music player, and voicemail just to mention but a few.

One can check mail, browse or utilize Wi-Fi connectivity. In enhancing the user interface, the gadget has a multi touch screen with a virtualized keyboard. The sophistication of the iPhone is reiterated by Jacko (422) who is of the opinion that the exquisite look of the gadget coupled with the touch screen effectiveness has made many other firms come groping for the success of this firm.

The order by Apple’s CEO that touch screens be investigated formed the grounding for the invention of the iphone. In collaboration with AT&T, Apple came up with the iphone in a deal costing about 150million dollars in the period running to over 30 months.

The initial design was rejected before Cingular gave Apple the discretion to produce the iphone in house. Unveiling of the iphone to the public happened on 9th of January 2007. However, sales for the gadget started out on June 29th 2007 in the US. In the spring of 2008, the gadget found its way into the Germany, France and UK markets.

At the inception of the iphone in 2007, there wasn’t many features save for the fact that it was cute looking and one could see the caller. With further updates, persons can stream music videos directly from MTV, get their way in new locations by the use of GPS and has created better utilities for online shoppers.

Of late one can order commodities online at the comfort of their palms. Online banking is now very possible with the new updates on the iphone. Previously, security was an issue in terms of concerns raised by depositors as they could not trust engaging in online transactions.

Payments can now be made easier just as much as account balances can be confirmed online. Facilities have now been incorporated in the iphone so that the gadget can detect noise and automatically time out. This benefits parents who would not want their unknowing children messing up with the gadgets. Puzzle solving is now backed up by music plus a horst of other games that are 3D. Since the inception of the iphone, insurance can be done to guard against theft of the iphone at the click of a button.

Now if you thought you were going to queue at your insurance firm for this, be relieved. The gazillion exquisite applications available on the iphone cannot all be mentioned here. This is just but a tip of the iceberg. According to the Wall Street Journal (1), Apple has plans of coming up with an even faster iphone. Moreover, one can easily access tools to do a publishing of texts, photos or blogs anywhere at any time. (Rich 16)

Even with technology soared by the iphone, society has had various opinions to express towards the gadget. Many and sundry are of the opinion that addiction is eminent with the iphone.

Productivity in other aspects of life has greatly been lowered since people spend much time head down on the gadgets browsing here, chatting there and emailing everywhere. There has hence been complaining of user dependency as persons view it as yet an extension of people’s brains. People have ended up being very disconnected as natural socialization is diminished.

This does not mean that the iphone has only elicited negative responses. Others thank the gadget for entertainment and convenience for the activities is assured to them. A section of society has therefore considered the iphone to be the dream gadget with access to a myriad of applications.

Other people still don’t view it so useful since they don’t use most of the applications presented by the gadget. At the same time the gadget has been hailed for a sense of simplicity, ease of use and consistency (Jacko 422). Just barely a week ago, another new one from Apple called the iPad has been launched. Technology seems to be going high and high and definitely the iPhone is not the end of it.

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