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The Role of Famous Figures in History Research Paper

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Updated: Oct 23rd, 2021

Many great men and women have made a positive impact to the world. They were able to do so due to what they achieved and the traits that they possessed. The following are examples of people who made a positive impact to the world.

Mother Teresa

A follow-up to the study published in 1997 by the wall street journal showed that mother Teresa spent a major part of her life helping sick people, and those who were dying. [18]She possessed qualities that made her to be admired by everyone. The journal goes further to show us that her purity was the secret trait that made her very powerful in the world. She was very pure in her heart and her purpose in life was to make god to be proud of her work. Her greatness can really lift one up. Mother Teresa never created any material wealth and even in death she only had rosary beads and her sari which was white and blue in color which she was physically identified with. She died a virgin but a mother to millions of faithful. She only spoke simple words which were able to touch the hearts of everyone and this enabled her to win a Nobel peace prize and even when she died she was able to make headlines and unite the world in celebrating her life.

Bob Marley

A study published in 2008 in the Trinidad and Tobago news blog described bob Marley as the first third world country superstar to be known internationally through his music. One of his album (exodus) and song (one love) has been described as the best in the century. He sang songs about love and hope that made him inspire millions all over the world regardless of race or class. His concerts were flocked by white Americans and Europeans all because of his charisma and the fact that he looked white, was youthful and his reggae songs were inspiring. By growing dreadlocks millions of Bob Marley were expressing his sentiments of love and unity regardless of wealth and race.

Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama made history by becoming the first African American to win a presidential election in the most powerful country of the world, the United States of America. Barrack Obama an American with Kenyan roots captured the world’s imagination with his eloquent and inspiring public speeches. His speeches about change and unity made a positive impact on the whole world. Americans voted for him because he was youthful and he stood for the change they felt they needed. Barack Obama made the poor to be heard all over the world. In this historic win, Obama made the whole world admire Americans as people with love and respect and has inspired many people to realize that it is possible to overcome prejudicial attitudes that divide us.

Alexander graham bell

Alexander graham bell was born in 1847 and was a pioneer in the telecommunication field. His biography describes him as the person who invented the telephone at only 29 years of age. His laboratory notes show that he spent most of his life researching, learning, and always wanting to create things and it was because of his intellectual curiosity trait that he had. These traits made many people admire him and that is why even after his death his communication technology still lives on in the whole world. Even after inventing the telephone, he went on to invent the photophone which he said was the best invention. many scientists developed modern technologies such as lasers, fiber optics, and cell phones using his principles hence his work has continued to live on today. His greatness enabled younger scientists to modernize his technology hence the presence of modern communication systems such as portable cell phones, laser, and fiber optic among others.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento famously known as Pele.

Many people have described Pele as the greatest player in the history of football. The international Olympic committee named him the athlete of the century in recognition of his great contribution to soccer as well as the sporting fraternity as a whole. His passes were great and he was a great dribbler. He had an average height yet he could expertly score goals using his head. With the skills, he was able to inspire many young footballers who wanted to play as he did. He has accomplished what no footballer has ever done and that is winning the world cup thrice. He grew up in a poverty-stricken environment and he had to shine shoes to make money. He made a football by putting newspapers in a sock so that he could train. His hard work paid when he was picked to play for the national team at only 16 years old. Today, Pele remembers his poor background by advocating for the social rights of the poverty-stricken population. In his Brazil backyard, he is a national hero who wears many hats including being the official world’s soccer ambassador. Pele has inspired many by overcoming abject poverty using football.

Wangari Maathai

She was born Wangari Muta Maathai in nerd Kenya in 1940. She was the first African to win a Nobel peace prize. She persistently fought for democracy, opposed the abuse of human rights, and enhanced environmental conservation by planting trees using her organization known as Green Belt Movement. Through the movement, she has planted more than 220 million trees and she is still going strong. Her academic performance shows that she worked hard in her studies for she believed that education was the key to positive change in the world. Even the authoritarian regime of the then Kenyan president who ruled from 1978 to 2002 could not stop her struggles. In her speech after winning the Nobel peace prize, she said that she believed that environmental conservation is key in achieving peace in the world since lack of resources is what makes people fight. That rings very true and has proved that Wangari Maathai is a visionary leader.


From the information gathered. I can therefore prove beyond reasonable doubt that all they have made a positive impact on the world.they were able to achieve fame because of their traits. Mother Teresa was pure in her heart, Barack Obama used his speeches to give people hope, and Alexander Graham Bell always wanted to create things. Pele could dribble and score many goals and Wangari Maathai was very persistent in her struggles.

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