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The Sandro Store in Bloomingdale: Shopping & Brand Essay

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Updated: Nov 13th, 2020

Shopping Report

For this shopping report, I chose to review the Sandro store, located in Bloomingdale in the South Coast Plaza. The brand belongs to the contemporary market and has a strong focus on feminine styles, such as dresses, ruffled tops, and lightweight materials. One of the 2017/2018 Fall/Winter trends that are evident in the brand’s collection is the “working girl” style. According to Allende, this trend inspired styles with strong shoulders and a cinched waistline, which emphasizes a woman’s power (par. 1).

In Sandro, this trend has been translated into outerwear designs, such as belted jackets. Another F/W 2017/2018 trend that was adopted by Sandro is checking print, which was among the top trends seen in Tibi, Balmain, and Missoni collections (Pieri 63-66). Pressman also indicates the apparent focus on rich, warm colors (par. 2-3), which has also been translated into the Sandro collection. For instance, red colors and fire prints can be seen throughout the store.

Most of the items are in solid colors, although there are some printed models. There are also many forecasted trends that are likely to be reflected in the brand’s future collections. For example, ISPO released several color palettes that reflect the designers’ forecasted color preferences for the Spring/Summer 2019 collections. The colors that are likely to become popular in Sandro are the rich techno tones from the “Dancing” palette, as well as the calm yet bright colors from “Jungle Jammin’” (ISPO par. 4, 6).

These colors will suit the brand’s style and reflect its philosophy, as they are feminine and not too bright. The upcoming S/S 2018 collection, however, may adopt some of the trends reflected in the Trendzone’s fashion and color forecast. For example, “Wonderlust” colors (Trend zone 22293) may become popular, as they represent a range of color options that can be used with lace and feminine silhouettes popular with the brand.

For instance, light beige, pink, and peach can be used both as solid colors and as the main colors in lightweight skirts and dresses, whereas woodland, camouflage, and tent green would be perfect for classic style dresses and outerwear. As for the structure, Feightelberg suggests that S/S 2018 will bring a strong focus on body shapes: “There will be more of a design emphasis on bustles, bellies, hips, and breasts” (par. 6). This would probably be applicable to Sandro’s future collection, too. Deep-cut tops and dresses, as well as bodycon styles, may become more popular in the brand’s spring and summer designs.

Customer Information and Price Structure

The target customer of the brand is a woman aged between 18 and 30. She has a medium to high income and is interested in designs that highlight her professionalism at work and her femininity and personal style outside of the office, which is why she is looking for a brand that sells both the classic pantsuits and flowing lightweight dresses with lace and floral prints. She is interested in art and is looking for ways to express her vision, which is why she is not afraid of bright colors or unconventional print combinations.

She lives an active lifestyle, which is why the clothes she wears need to be made from high-quality breathable materials and provide both style and comfort. She is an urban resident who is highly influenced by pop culture and follows the latest fashion trends in her daily styles. The brand’s main competitors include Maje and Ted Baker, which are located next to the Sandro department store.

The off-sale prices in the Spring/Summer collection range from $150 to $680, whereas the prices for the Fall/Winter collection range from $95 to $870. The seasonal sale is now on and applies to the items from the S/S 2017 collection. The lowest available price for a top is $42.50, whereas the highest is $470. The price depends highly on the style and material: items made from natural silk, as well as those encompassing an innovative design, are more expensive.

The majority of shirts are available within the $180-$250 price range. Dresses occupy a large share of the brand’s designs and range from $125 (on sale) to $570, with the median price between $450 and $500. The bottoms available at the store include jeans, skirts, pants, and shorts. The prices for bottoms range from $84 (on sale) to $418 (on sale, $1,024 off-sale). Outerwear is presented both in the Spring/Summer and in Fall/Winter collection. The prices for jackets and coats are set between $198 (on sale) and $1,010. Overall, the brand’s price structure is suitable for the target customer, who is expected to have a medium to a high level of income. The price also has a strong correlation with the quality of items and materials.

Merchandising Strategy

The Spring/Summer collection still occupies a lot of space in stores, with a significant emphasis on lightweight, flowing dresses, lace trims, and floral prints. The share of tops and bottoms available in the store is almost equal. Most items are offered in a single colorway, except for some bottoms and tops. There is a strong emphasis on natural materials in both of the seasonal collections. Most of the spring and summer wear is made of silk or cotton, whereas wool and leather are widely used in the Fall/Winter collection. The brand does not make sports apparel, most of the items are either for casual wear or for work, although some of the dresses can be worn to parties and celebrations. Printed and lace-trimmed items, as well as silk dresses and tops, are showcased.

Brand Report

The three main competitors to Sandro are Michael Kors, Maje, and Ted Baker. Michael Kors is a popular American brand with a wide variety of clothing and accessories available to customers. Most of the female clothing designs offered in the store have classic silhouettes, brightened by vivid colors and prints. Some items in white and denim are also available in the Spring/Summer collection. Maje, on the other hand, focuses more on feminine silhouettes, with pleated or puffed skirts and ruffles. Ted Baker is a British brand that is famous for its floral print dresses and skirts. All three of the brands use both natural and human-made materials in their design.

The price structure of Ted Baker, Maje, and Michael Kors is quite different. For instance, in Michael Kors, female clothing is offered within a price range of $22.05 (on sale) to $8,995. Such a wide range of prices attracts a greater variety of customers, from those who want affordable, simple styles to those who are looking for truly designer pieces, such as sequin gowns. The price of items, therefore, depends on the materials used, the complexity of the design, as well as the target customer for the item.

In Ted Baker, however, the price range is significantly narrower, from $26 (on sale) to $895. Most of the Ted Baker items feature a mix of natural and human-made materials, which makes the production cheaper, thus allowing the brand to offer similar styles for less. Finally, in Maje, the prices for female clothing range from $36 (on sale) to $1,095. Thus, the brand has a price structure similar to Ted Baker and Sandro.

The branding strategies used by the three brands differ significantly. Michael Kors’ brand concept is based on the image of a global luxury brand, famous for its high quality and elegant yet comfortable styles. Ted Baker, on the other hand, puts a strong emphasis on party dresses, which occupy a large share of the brand’s product. Bright floral prints and flowing designs are attractive to young women who want to stand out from the crowd and showcase their femininity. The brand concept behind Maje is based on high-quality materials, solid colors, and eye-catching details, such as pleats or ruffles. Such designs are most attractive to those who like simple, classic styles, but want their clothes to reflect their individuality and fashion sense.

New Brand

My new brand’s name is 4 CHINC. The brand will be focused on the contemporary market of female casual wear. The brand philosophy is to use simple colors and materials, combined with a variety of designs to make every item look different, to make women who wear the brand’s clothes feel confident. A wide range of designs and color options available will ensure that items for any figure and complexion are available.

Day dresses, as well as tops and bottoms, will be available in store. Color use will focus more on solid colors rather than prints, which will allow offering several color options for most of the items. The trims that will be used most frequently are buttons and zippers. Gathering and French seam will be used in sewing for the most part. The price range of the items will be $150-$800, depending on the complexity of the design and materials used. Such a price range allows using high-quality natural materials that are comfortable and require little maintenance.

The target customer for my brand is a working female aged 18-30 who lives an active lifestyle and prefers high-quality clothing that offers both style and comfort. She is an urban resident who lives an active social life and prefers classic solid colors and designs that complement one another. She does not like planning her outfits in advance, which is why it is important that all items in her wardrobe are easy to combine. She has a medium to high income, yet she does not like to buy overpriced items; she wants the price to reflect the item’s quality.


Overall, I believe that my proposed brand will be able to compete with similar-priced brands, including Sandro, Maje, Ted Baker, and Michael Kors. 4 CHINC will be able to survive in the competitive market by offering a variety of designs and color options to suit any figure and complexion. The brands discussed rarely offer different color options in the same design, which limits the customer’s choice.

By providing more color options, the proposed brand will gain a significant competitive advantage. The two main principles of design for 4 CHINC will be solid colors and classic styles, complemented by unique details, such as asymmetry, trims, or embroidery. This will ensure that each woman who comes into the store will be able to find a design that suits her and highlights her individuality.

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