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The Six Elements of Geography Essay

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Updated: Feb 11th, 2022

Place of Residence

I live in Canada, Quebec Province, Laval City. This town’s absolute location is 460 81’ N, 710 23’ W. It is situated in the north of Montreal and south-western Quebec and has a distinct administrative area. Laval is the biggest district in Montreal and the third densely populated metropolis in Quebec Province. This town is close to Trois-Rivieres City and Saint Lawrence River. It is approximately 250 miles away from Ottawa

Distinguishing Features

Geographers use human and physical features to differentiate one region from another. Laval has unique characteristics that make it stand out from other administrative regions in Canada. One of the physical features that are exceptional to this region is St. Lawrence Lowlands, which is a seaway that serves as a major mode of transport. The lowlands also offer fertile land for agriculture, hence the dense population along the waterway. Monteregian Hills are other physical features that distinguish Quebec from other provinces in Canada. They serve as major tourist destination sites and sources of revenue to the city. Other features that are unique to Quebec are the Notre Dame and Shickshock mountains. These features offer a suitable environment for outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

Mondial Choral Loto-Quebec is one of the human features that distinguish Laval from other cities. It is an annual summer festival that takes place in the region, bringing together people from different parts of the world. Sports activity is another feature that separates Quebec from other provinces. This region is popular for canoeing and kayaking events that give people an opportunity to discover Laval’s river valley. Quebec’s local products and artisans make this region a prominent tourist destination. The area is renowned for vinegar, chocolate, cider, and cheese production.

Influence of Human Activity

Technological, industrial, communication, and construction development have impacted Quebec City both positively and negatively. Technological growth has enhanced movement around the city through efficient traffic control. Additionally, the city has leveraged technology in the provision of essential services like energy and healthcare. Technological growth has contributed to a high number of automobiles in the city, which has added to environmental pollution.

Moreover, automation of various processes has resulted in people losing jobs. Industrial development has contributed to improved living standards across Quebec. Moreover, it has promoted the invention of novel modes of transport such as cabal cars that are environmentally friendly. Increased industrialization is, however, posing threat to the survival of natural resources like plants. Additionally, there have been cases of child labor due to a lack of stringent laws.

The growth of the construction sector has created employment opportunities for many people, boosting household income. In addition, this economic sector has served as a significant source of revenue to the Quebec administration. Conversely, this sector has contributed to environmental pollution due to overexploitation of resources like timber. It has also affected the quality of water in the region as waste from construction companies is channeled into rivers.

Growth in the communication industry has enhanced interaction, making it easy for the government to discharge administrative duties. Furthermore, this sector has created business and employment opportunities for thousands of residents across Quebec. Today, many people own mobile phones; hence they are prone to cyberattacks. Telecommunication development has altered the way people in Quebec run their businesses. The number of individuals who work from home has increased tremendously, affecting decision-making processes in many firms.

Modes of Transport

The city of Quebec uses varied modes of transport to ship people, goods and services, among them trains, planes, and buses. The city has a modern network of rail that connects it to other towns across Canada. Bus companies like Orleans Express facilitate the shipment of people and goods from Quebec to Montreal. Jean Lesage International Airport is a major entry and exit point for the city. This airport serves over 10 airline firms that ship goods and passengers to North America, Asia, and Europe.

The people of Quebec use varied means to share ideas, among them television, mobile, radios, and computers. Media firms and businesses use television to communicate with the public and reach target customers. On the other hand, many informal business persons use mobile phones to discuss business ideas and share knowledge. The use of mails is prevalent in companies, where departments use this strategy to issue orders and share opinions.


Administrative regions are categorized as either vernacular, functional or formal. A formal region refers to an area with homogeneous features like cultural values, climatic conditions, and economic activities. Examples of formal regions include Africa, Europe, the United States, and Canada. All these regions have distinct features such as weather. Functional region (nodal) refers to an area that is structured around a central point. Examples of functional regions include Quebec, Ontario, Montreal, and Vancouver. The features of these regions change as one moves away from the city.

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