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The Story “Miss Brill” by Katherine Mansfield Essay

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Updated: Apr 27th, 2021

Story Reflection

The story “Miss Brill” by Mansfield (2011) shows the loneliness of the woman and her attempts to imagine the world in a different reality where she herself is an important character. It becomes clear when different ideas appear in her head, and all the participants of the performance know her and love her as one of the members in the general fun. The author shows the moment when Miss Brill’s eyes fill with tears, and she believes that all the people around her are waiting for her reaction (Mansfield, 2011). Significant changes come when two young men, a boy and a girl, sit down next to her and begin to discuss her strange look.

Both of these characters are probably antagonists, and it is surprising how the opinions of two inexperienced people can change a person’s mood. This work makes it clear that the style of a short story can convey deep feelings and experiences through vivid images. After reading “Miss Brill,” it is evident that a large amount of text is not required in to reflect the inner world of a particular character and his or her worries.

According to Burroway (2014), in the genre of a short story, every possible cliché can be avoided, which opens up significant prospects for the writer. Through this reading, I have learned that it is possible to write an exciting and complete story with only one scene. Also, during the work with the module, I have realized that conflicts can concern both significant problems and minor troubles, but they are always present. Finally, due to the theses of Burroway (2014), I have learned that the subtext may be no less obvious than the main plot, and it is this criterion that is the indicator of the writer’s skill.

Response 1

The description of the story’s idea and its main characters is detailed. Antagonists are defined, which allows us to speak about the conflict in the work. The mentioned experiences of the main character make it possible to understand the essence of the story, and the quotations are a good tool for transmitting specific events. The author’s message is specified logically, and the general idea is also disclosed. Due to the fact that the cause of the conflict is indicated, the correct conclusions were made regarding the experiences of the heroine and the prerequisites of her behavior.

Response 2

The idea of the story is understood correctly, but additional details could have been used to reveal the completeness of the description. For example, in addition to the conflict, possible antagonists would deserve mentioning to explain the author’s vision. Also, real examples from the story could be cited in order to support specific assumptions. In general, the assessment lacks details and connection with the original text.

Poems Revision

I Miss You, Grandma

The buns are so crunchy

that you could eat them with your eyes.

Without touching them,

you know they are so fresh and puffy.

And there is no need to smell them

since you know the fragrance too well:

rich, ravishing, r-e-a-l,

although a bit fairy-talish.

A sad touching of a cheek on the threshold

and a whisper: “God bless you.”

The look of gentle piercing eyes,

and the warmth of love, wrapped in a farewell.

Every Sunday, you’d come to your Grandma,

and the buns would be there, waiting for you,

seducing you with their rosy cheeks.

every Sunday until yesterday.

We will not meet soon, I know for sure,

but you will wait, as before.

You will meet, stretching your arms joyfully…

Grandma, I miss you…

This poem is one of the strongest in the collection, and I have chosen it since I know the feeling described. The loss of a loved one leaves a great sadness, and the most vivid and bright memories awaken when we realize that we will no longer see each other in this world. I have added more lyrics to the poem and the descriptions of some scenes that could reflect the tender feelings between two close people most clearly. The images that are presented make it possible to understand more deeply the longing for one’s beloved grandmother and feel the tragedy of loss.

The Anonymous Artist

He draws the portraits on the windows,

he has only one color

but a thousand brushes.

He comes at nights to avoid the praise

’cause if he blushes, or if he rushes,

he will kill his work.

The motif of the canvases is always similar:

expression and space for fantasy.

Glittering paints shining in the sun

and a one-color palette from year to year.

When he has time, he also paints the streets:

the doors, the puddles, and the staircases.

You never know what is his inspiration,

he breathes life by breathing out his thoughts.

The night artist, like a kind wizard

knocking in the morning with new masterpieces.

As soon as the first light ray hits the window,

the picture is revealed in all its glory.

His talent is impeccably impressive,

and every time it gets a little warm,

the paintings dissolve

for us to wait

till it is frosty again.

The poem personifies the beauty of the winter morning and the patterns on the window, which are so picturesque that they arouse a variety of fantasies. Therefore, I have chosen this work from the whole collection. Also, I have added a few lines to convey the expressiveness of the patterns and the unusual nature of what a person sees when looking out the window in a frosty morning. The usual phenomena of nature are revealed in a new way, evoking a good mood and interest. Although such a plot is quite common, the vivid and colorful description of frost patterns helps to convey the beauty of the surrounding world even stronger.


Burroway, J. (2014). Imaginative writing: The elements of craft (4th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.

Mansfield, K. (2011). The Garden Party and other stories. Overland Park, KS: Digireads.

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