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The Training Program for the Personnel Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Apr 17th, 2019


Description of the Program Content

The training program is designed for employees of a computer company in the UAE whose subsidiaries are located in different cities. The program involves 4 classes where the trainees will study specific techniques and methods enhancing their competitiveness in advertizing the new product (Astrocompt ZT).

The problem of location will also be addressed to introduce specific methods of teaching. With regard to the techniques, the program is to be implemented in 4 weeks where 1 week will be given for studying one technique.


The objectives of the training are as follows:

  1. To increase the capacity of the new staff. Not-well trained employee could change the relation of the employees towards their fellow workers;
  2. To improve the overall performance of the company;
  3. To develop the higher advanced skills in the new workers. To develop the skills of the new employees so as to speed up the educational process.

Training Techniques

These training techniques are aimed at improving the efficiency of the computer company. Hence, the identified techniques include strategies for enhancing greetings, the implementation of open-ended questions, emphasis on better understanding of the product, and effective listening techniques.


The client has to be greeted so as to create a healthy environment for business and ensure that the client is at the right place. The greetings could also make a customer feel comfortable to ask questions about the products.

Open-ended Questions

The importance of open-ended questions is to allow the sales clerk to know the nature of the goods the buyer would wish to purchase. This ensures that a sales representative could explain the buyer the technical characteristics of the product, the peculiarities of its working process and consult the buyer about the prize.

These questions ensure that the salesperson does not get “Yes” or “No” answers. It also gives an opportunity to create an effective dialogue between the salesperson and the buyer.

Understanding the Product

The seller benefits from full understanding of the product after one enables him/her to read a description report of the product and then to discuss the specifics of the goods.

Effective Listening

Effective listening will help the seller identify the customers’ needs. It enables the seller to cope with all types of customers: arrogant, moody, polite or abusive persons.

Methods of Teaching for Each Class

Each class will be dedicated to mastering the above-enumerated techniques. In order to understand the main aspects of successful relations between the customer and provider, it is necessary to introduce a number of theories on managing customer relations.

Specifically, a plan of lectures should be developed to investigate such points as the basics of customer service and support, development of customer attention, and identification of potential buyers. Similar concerns are connected to structuring open-ended questions, understanding the product, and analyzing effective listening techniques.

Due to the fact that employees participating in the program work in different cities, using online conferences and e-mails for accomplishing assignments will suit the best the teaching methods. In this respect, each subsidiary should have a class equipped with computers for conducting online lessons.

All the tasks accomplished in the form of questions, essays, and case studies will be submitted to the main office of the company.

In addition, it will be more effective for the program supervisors to create official online site revealing the main aspects of the training program to attract more employees into the course and encourage those to learn more information about successful customer relation management.

What is more important, the employees registered to the site should be provided with personal login and password to their page where they can receive theoretical and practical information.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Program

The distribution of questionnaires helps to give a comprehensive report of the training techniques learnt by the trainees after they fill them. Informal comments are one more mean of training. These comments facilitate an employer or a human resource manager to learn the effectiveness of the training of the new employees.

Job assessments. The trainees will go back to the company so as to know whether they have acquired the new techniques or not.

Pre- and Post-test scores. The company analyzes its performance before and after the new employees’ training. This helps the company to learn if its scores are improving or not.

Supervisor’s report. The supervisors should come up with a report that shows the new performance of the trainees after the training. This determines the new performance of the company.

Financial report. This is a report that shows the new difference of finance status before and after training. This may show some improvement shifts in the employees’ performance.

Inspecting the trainees. This will help to know if the trainees are using the newly acquired techniques. This evaluation technique is aimed at underscoring the results of the training implementation.

Considering clients’ comments let the company know if there is an improvement after the training. Consideration of the clients’ comments enables to know the demand on the product. In addition, job observation helps to determine whether the sales are increasing after selling or not.

Requirements for the Staff

Prior to the course introduction, the employees should review carefully the main problems and objectives presented in the program. They should have full awareness of the main techniques and methods that will be applied to enhancing their competitiveness and performance.

Due to the fact that the majority of employees are located in different cities, they should still be equally informed about the main scope of the course.

Certain behavioral patterns should be worked out as well for effective implementation of the program. In particular, the supervisor should make sure that trainees have equal level of comprehending information, as well as equal skills for knowledge acquisition.

It is also advisable to define if all employees should understand the general developmental and behavioral needs. In addition, they should be ready to re-evaluate and re-conceptualize previous mistakes.

Providing Solutions to the Problem

Due to the fact that the employees were directed by the general guidelines stating duties and obligations of the employees, no information was given on the product itself. Specifically, the supervisor failed to give the major advertising characteristics of the newly introduced product.

Judging from the customer’s complaints, the trainer never introduced total description of the product, as well as failed to initiate the employees into the warrantee questions. In addition, lack of effective communication and listening skills also contributed to failure of the selling process.

Communication skills

In many companies, the communication between the client and the salesperson is usually wanting. This is because the sales representatives are sometimes rude to their clients if they do not come to an agreement. Therefore, the salespeople should improve their communication strategy in order to attract more customers.

They need to greet the customers warmly in order to start a healthy business communication. The buyers now start feeling comfortable asking questions about any products.

Listening skills

Once a customer calls or visits the business premises, the salesperson is required to listen to the client attentively to understand what exactly the customer needs, and come into an agreement with him/her. This ensures that the salesperson will try to provide the client with an adequate report about the product.

The number of customer’s increases because there are no customers that leave the company without complete information about products of the company.

Encourage advertisement

The company should ensure that advertisements are properly introduced. The advertisement should contain a comprehensive report about the product. Additionally, it should be genuine and well presented to help the customers get more information about the launched product. The increase in sales volume will be noted immediately.


The successful work of a company requires the punctuality of every employee in the company. This will help the company to deal with more customers within a short period of time. In addition, it should ensure that the product is ordered and delivered to the client on time.


Computers are highly delicate electronics. Therefore, they should be handled carefully in order to keep them in a good state. If computers must be delivered, they should be carried carefully so as not to break those down.

Therefore, the company should have the qualified personnel to handle its goods to ensure the quality. The already trained employees can teach their clients how to handle the computers.


The company must use its finances wisely, for example, in training its employees for the purpose of increasing its productivity. It all depends on

the finance policy and the management of the enterprise. The company has to introduce new advertising methods in order to attract more customers. Since the introduction of “Astrodome ZT” by the company, its purchase rates have been too low due to new sales representatives who could not find the answers to questions asked by clients.

Results are shown by the difference in productivity. If the training is effective, it will be indicated by the behavior of the newly trained staff. In most cases, there must be an improvement in the behavior of the trainees to indicate the well performed training.

With regard to this computer company, improvement will lead to an improvement in every department of the company. For example, customers’ number will increase and the sales volumes should be augmented as well.

Reactions of customers enable the company to measure the efficiency of training. The first reactions of customers are particularly valuable because they clearly indicate the clients’ positive or negative attitude to the offered product.


Duration (in days) Content Methods of Training Date
5 Greeting (basics of customer relations management) Evaluation of practical information; organization of power point presentation 11/28/2011
5 Structuring open-ended questions Analysis of cases studies on management 12/05/2011
5 Product Analysis Analysis of cases studies related to the product defects for the employees to understand the main benefits and shortcomings of the product 12/12/2011
5 Effective Listening Analysis of reasons for customer complaints with regard to communication theories 12/19/2011
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