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Timberlake Soap Manufacturer Business Plan Report

Executive summary

Timberlake Soap Manufacturer will be involved in high-quality soap manufacturing. The company will make sure that all stakeholders benefit through high performance. At the same time, it will lead the fight against communicable diseases. Hand and body hygiene need to be enhanced to curb this menace.

Timberlake soap products will be guided by a business philosophy that recognizes the creative and competitive provision of customer-oriented service to ensure shareholder value. The growth plan will incorporate health considerations in serving the public. This will enable excellent high performance that is sustainable to all stakeholders.

Business vision, model, and feasibility

Business vision

Timberlake vision is to be the leading provider of high-quality disinfectant soap products. This will be achieved through the company’s core values that include respect, discipline, care, motivation, and shared company goals. Increase in communicable diseases need of chemical free soap products, and the growing number of eateries and hospital are the significant business venture opportunities.

Business model

The business model of Timberlake will be employed in manufacturing products. It will ensure efficient manufacturing and distribution of different chemical-free hygiene soaps. This will be achieved through an efficient supply chain. Non-strategic operations will be outsourced to ensure that the company achieves its vision.

Venture feasibility analysis

The venture into the manufacture of the new product is feasible. The characteristics of the company’s product will be uniquely differentiated in design, functionality, and value. Also, they will be easily recognized in the markets due to their uniqueness.

Competitive analysis, strategic assessment, and risks

Competitive analysis

Zipper Corp, Kimberley, Dimples, Star-soft, and Daniela, are the primary competitors. In the recent past, Zipper Corp has registered increased sales volumes increasing its market share. The only potential threat to Timberland disinfectant soap is Genuine-HY produced by Compliance Catering Inc.

These systems are installed in restaurants and hospitals. However, none of the competitors produce chemical-free soap. Timberlake’s products will be unique in the market in the market, considering that they are chemical-free. We expect to outdo the Compliance Catering Inc. because its systems are expensive and inflexible.

Marketing strategies

Timberlake’s marketing strategies will involve meeting the demands and needs of the niche market. Promotional strategies will be specifically focused on creating awareness of the company products. Pricing strategies will ensure that the charges are affordable to the target market.

Coupons and e-marketing, through the company’s website and social media, will be used to create product awareness and initiate sales. Mass media advertisements will be utilized to sensitize the products’ benefits to them. Stickers and pamphlets containing information about the products will also be distributed in all hospitals, restaurants, and other eateries.

The company will constantly emphasize on product branding and product differentiation to enhance competitiveness in the market. Niche and loyalty programs will be enhanced.

The company will integrate the cost leadership strategy to ensure that the company penetrates the market early enough. Lastly, strong customer service and relations will be given top priority to enhance customer loyalty. This will be taken care of by a competent customer care department.

Strategic position plan

Product differentiation, strong brand image, niche market segmentation, customer loyalty, and cost leadership strategies will enable the company strategic competitive advantage over its rivals. This will allow the company to expand and maintain its market share.

Greener supply management will ensure company sustainability in the future. Increased company sustainability and competitive advantage will enhance regional expansion without hindrance. In the end, the business will strategically position itself as a market leader, thereby enhancing stakeholder value.

Risks and their mitigation strategies

Competition is the key risk that the company will face. Established companies and new entrants into the market are the likely sources of this risk.

There will also be a risk to strategy imitation by rival companies. This will be mitigated through the establishment of resilient-supply-chain risk management strategies. Through backward and forward integration, the company’s production and distribution strategies will be hard to imitate, hence enhancing business performance in the long run.

Cost operating report

The costs covered in the table below shows a summation of time costs and operating costs of the company in the first year.

One-time costs Required amount in $
Land 45,000
Buildings 25,000
Building repairs 5,000
Assets 55,000
Starting inventory 20,000
Utility hookup 10,000
Others 50,000
Total 210,000

The table below shows the expected operating expenses of the company.

Operating Costs Required amount in $
Employee wages 40,000
Raw material 20,000
Rent 20,000
Suppliers 15,000
Marketing costs 5,000
Others 10,000
Total 110,000

The company is expected to break-even at $11,250 monthly revenue with an average cost of 40% and a fixed cost of $6,750. The table below illustrates the break-even point.

Break-even analysis

Business initiatives and technologies

Management initiatives will embrace organizational change. The team will also face challenges while creating client initiatives through goal setting. Production and product-related technologies will be enhanced. Technologies will also become part of the change management of this company. Technological policies, such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks, will be guaranteed through the company’s technological policies.

Conclusion and recommendations

The increase in communicable diseases, investments in chemical-free hygiene soap, and an increasing number of eateries and hospitals justify this venture. The creation of strong brands, product differentiation, segmentation, cost leadership, and customer service strategies will be used to achieve the company’s vision. It is recommended that potential financiers find this business feasible and fund it. The venture will enhance shareholder value.

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