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Aspects of Production Essay

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Updated: Nov 7th, 2018

In business, there are various activities that result from manufacturing to acquiring of the final product. The main objective of an industry is to produce a commodity that will satisfy the consumer’s requirements. For instance, to produce soap it is necessary to perform a certain process to achieve the final product (Nickels, McHugh and McHugh 496). Soap has the ability to clean a surface, thus taken as a basic need for a consumer.

Amalgamation of caustic soda, plant oil or animal fat is a way of making soap. Therefore, the various additives are vital in order to improve the fragrance, color and also the texture of the soap. There are different methods of making soap some taking a number of days, while others take a little time to come up with the final product.

Today the most popular process is the continuous process which quickly gives the company a chance to produce a large set of products within a short period. Kettle process is another method of processing soap although it takes much time to get to the final product.

The various processes that take place during the process include boiling of the raw materials, salting to separate soap from glycerin, addition of caustic solution to remove extra fats, and pitching to separate the neat soap from impurities (Nickels 2008). In addition, an industry aims at making a profit as the byproducts obtained during the soap production, such as glycerin, are used to make drugs and lotions. There are four key steps in soap production. These include Saponification, Glycerin removal, Soap purification and Finishing.

After the company produces the product, it searches for a good market for its good. This means that the management needs to plan for advertisement of the product so as to ensure the consumers are aware of it. Advertisements can be done though various means like media and newspapers depending on the region targeted by the company. Since the company aims at making maximum profit, the management should ensure minimal utilization of revenue in marketing as well as a good distribution of the goods.

The management of the company ought to motivate employees to improve on the productivity, performance as well as the office customs. The motivation requires the management to set an excellent example for the employees and center on workers’ happiness, ensuring that there is the equal sharing of the company’s success among all, including the employees, as well as it is important to give the workers an opportunity to air their grievances (Nickels, McHugh and McHugh 296).

Moreover, the company may opt to promote the workers who show impressive performance in their work and also award those who work hard to achieve the success. Promotions create a better field where the workers compete for various posts.

Payment of investors is another aspect that the management ought to mull over to ensure that the company benefits from selling its goods. There are two categories of arrangement that include debt and equity. Debt method involves the company borrowing revenue from an investor who lends the money at an interest.

In the second method, which is an equity method, the investor lends the company a certain amount, and via an agreement, the investor is entitled to some share in the company’s profits. The deals are normally flexible as the investors understand that the company needs time to pay them back.

In conclusion, the various aspects of production ought to be put into consideration so as to come up with a successful business plan. In addition to this, the management of an industry ought to ensure that workers’ needs are satisfied so as to create the necessary conditions to achieve the success of the industry.

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