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To Live (HuoZhe) Film Discussion Essay

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Updated: Apr 9th, 2019

The To Live movie highlights the predicament of a Chinese family in a harsh social, cultural, economic and political environment. These changes were influenced by the Communist ideologies that were institutionalized in 1940s. The political and cultural environment in China is as a result of the Communist revolution initiated by the Communist Party.

The movie To Live was released in 1994 and has played a significant role in informing viewers about China’s revolutionary journey. The political, social and economic environment of China has significantly changed since the Communist Party came into existence in 1949. The film depicts the will power of the Chinese people and their determination to survive against all odds.

The creators of the film are very daring because they highlight very sensitive social and political issues. This paper will highlight the important themes in the Huo Zhe movie that are related to Chinese politics.

The To Live film portrays the political atmosphere in China during the time the movie was produced. The effects of the communist movement that began in the 1940s brought both happiness and sadness to many Chinese families. The Chinese Civil War and Cultural Revolution are some of the issues that the movie tries to bring to light.

The film brings a new perspective to the cultural and political revolution in China. The producers of the To Live movie did an excellent job in depicting how the ordinary citizens in China cope with cultural, political, economic and social changes initiated by their government. The film does not in any way go overboard on tragic issues but presents the life of an ordinary Chinese citizen in an amusing manner. The pains and joys of ordinary Chinese people are captured in the film.

The movie was created when China was undergoing difficult social, economic and political times. The To Live film tries to change the meaning of communism where the lives of citizens depend on the laws and regulations put in place by the government. Institutionalization of communism brought together the public and private sectors.

Communism has erased the element of privacy from the Chinese society. The To Live film is a depiction of Communism in the Chinese society and how it affects the lives of ordinary citizens. In the To Live movie, communism ideologies are imposed on the Chinese society and as a result cause many families to undergo tragedies. Fugui’s family experiences both tragic and joyful moments under the then regime.

Fugui loses his two children to Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward which came as a result of communism. The To Live movie tries to rally people against communism in an indirect manner. By highlighting the negative effects of communism, the film tries to push for an anti-communist agenda.

The film highlights some of he failures of communism without any form of bias. The communist movements were supposed to bring some positive transformation to the Chinese society but that did not happen due to some resistance from the Chinese people. The Cultural Revolution brought about by Chinese communism had some negative impacts on the life of ordinary Chinese people.

Excessive worship of Mao is also depicted as one of the negative effects brought about by the Communist ideologies fronted by the Chinese government. The producers of the movie have consistently denied accusations that the movie spreads propaganda against the communist ideologies of the Chinese government.

They argue that the To Live movie highlights both the negative and positive effects of communism. The characters in the film express their feelings in an honest manner to actually portray the real picture of what they go through without any exaggeration. The director’s intention is to inform the viewers the truth about communism and not to necessarily rally people against the Chinese Government.

The director of the movie reconciled with the Chinese government at that time and continues to live in China to demonstrate the fact that the movie was not a show of hatred to communist ideologues and policies that had been initiated by the Chinese government.

The Chinese political history is associated with many challenging times which are highlighted in the film. The images and emotions in the film are very real and portray cultural, social and economic themes effectively. The political message in the film is presented explicitly from the way the story was delivered.

The To Live film brings out the theme of political socialization in a very effective manner. The film is a brilliant reflection of what the ordinary Chinese citizens were experiencing at the time the movie was made. The film emphasizes the value of life and how citizens should endure the challenges they come across in life to continue surviving.

The movie encourages viewers to enjoy life despite the social and economic challenges they might encounter. Despite the many difficulties in life, a person’s family should be treasured. This ideal is depicted in the film by Fugui who demonstrates devotion to his family despite the many challenges and suffering that his family undergoes under the government of the time.

The Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution that occurred in China in 1970s had idealistic intentions meant to bring a new order in China but this did not happen because of some brutal youths who strayed the movement. The ignorant Chinese citizens who were not even aware of such communist political movements were greatly affected.

Fugui and his family go through the three decades of Civil War and are faced with social and economic challenges. In this movie, politics is portrayed as a detrimental force that brings despair to many families. Fugui’s idealistic view about politics completely changes and he finally sees his family as the only source of happiness.

This is demonstrated by the fact that ordinary Chinese citizens were very frustrated with the government of the time and were looking for other ways of injecting some meaning in their lives.

Fugui’s life depicts the fact that the life of ordinary citizens can not be solved by communism and other government ideologies. Focusing on improving family life should be the main preoccupation of ordinary Chinese people than depending on government ideologies and policies to help them in improving their lives.

The many revolutionary movements in China were causing families to lose their loved ones and no one had the courage to speak about this issue. The Chinese people were so involved in the revolution movements to a point of not realizing the harm that the revolution was causing to their families. Ordinary Chinese citizens go along with their life completely ignoring the tragic nature of their life. Communism failed to deliver its promise of making the life of Chinese people better.

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