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Urban Population and Environment Essay

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Updated: Nov 26th, 2021

In the last two centuries, the world has experienced an explosion in population growth. Although this growth has significantly slowed down in the past few years, there is still a general increase in world population. This growth has increased demand for resources. In order to survive, man has come up with new methods of farming and production of energy. All this has been done without considering how it would affect the environment. The result is that we are talking too little too late about this problem. This is being done without taking measures to ensure there is a clean and safe environment. This has brought about global warming and a host of other problems. Just like with any other problem, these issues require solutions that override selfishness and greed especially in the developed world. The solutions should also inspire new technologies and motivate great leadership. (Arizpe, etal 240)

Great cities that have come up around the world are a sign of population growth among countries. In bringing up these cities, there is always the need for land to put up buildings. In turn, the buildings require some resources like trees and stones. It is important to plant trees and create parks in these cities so that the environment is preserved. Afforestation should be carried out to replenish trees that have been used in the buildings. Besides, the magnitude of quarrying that can be carried out in one area should be limited. We should also replant the quarries instead of leaving them bare. There should also be careful planning in a city’s development so that the city can handle the intended human capacity without major problems like traffic jam, water shortage among other obstacles. (Zuckerman& Jefferson 94)

While exploiting mineral resources like oil, natural gas, diamond, coal and gold, care should be taken to ensure that the environment is preserved as much as possible. One way of doing this is by creating and empowering a body that will be expected to carry out a comprehensive research on how the mining will impact the environment. The body should also draft the best way and methods that the mining can be carried out. It should also adopt measures that should be taken to ensure that the environment is not hurt before any mining can begin. This body should constantly monitor mining activities to ensure that mining companies stick to environmental safety rules. There should also be a report on environmental impact analysis carried out by a team of environmental experts. In the long run, it would be better to have a global body to do this kind of job to prevent cases of compromise among the different stakeholders. (Zuckerman& Jefferson 98)

One effect of environmental damage that is of great concern to the world today is the issue of global warming. Industrialized countries emit vast quantities of carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases into the atmosphere creating a green house effect that is harming the whole world. It is important for countries to sign and adhere to agreements that intend to reduce global warming like the Kyoto protocol. Technologies that reduce green house effects should be developed and used. This requires political goodwill from governments by creating appropriate laws and policies. Besides, it would really help for countries to adapt alternative energy sources like wind power and solar energy that do not pollute the environment. An example of this is the proposal to build a great solar power plant in Sahara Africa that can supply the whole of Europe with electrical energy. (Arizpe, etal 248)

Many countries view nuclear energy as a true sign of power and influence in world affairs. While people have been driven by a need for energy to adapt this technology, its use has been of great damage to the world. The environment hurting arsenal ranges from nuclear waste to nuclear weapons. Closing of these nuclear plants and uranium enrichment facilities in preference for other clean energy sources would be step in the right direction. The world needs to come to a fast agreement that would see all nuclear weapons around the world destroyed. Failure to do so would encourage proliferation of the weapons in more countries around the world. Since all weapons made by man will have to be used at one time, the world can only wait with bated breath to see how these weapons will affect us and our planet. (Park 475)

It is not possible for any country to work in isolation while preserving the environment. The world needs to work in unity towards this goal. Since most developing countries are poor, it would be good for rich countries to help them in conserving their environment. This includes providing technical support and financial resources geared towards environmental conservation. The capacity of these countries to come up with solutions affecting their environments should not be ignored but enhanced. (Arizpe, etal 252) Great cooperation should also be fostered among developed countries so that they work together in conserving the environment. This should include areas like research and policy formulation. Poverty in poor nations has led to a rise in environmental degradation. Major forests and catchments areas have been destroyed. Developed countries should therefore help poor nations to bring down the levels of poverty. Educating the general public on the importance of conserving the environment is also important in every country. (Zuckerman& Jefferson 101)

We need to take measures to conserve and protect our water sources. Industries should not be allowed to dump waste into rivers, lakes and other water bodies. Over use of water from sources is another problem that is arising. An example is lake Naivasha in Kenya where water the water level has reduced significantly due to neighboring flower farms in the area that draw large quantities of water from the lake besides dumping wastes in the lake. It is also important to clean up rivers, lakes and other water bodies to conserve them. Oil transportation companies should develop and use ships that are less likely to cause oil spillage besides putting in place emergency measures in case of spillage. Planting trees and vegetation cover goes a long way in conserving water catchments areas which are river sources. (Arizpe, etal 254)

Population growth has encouraged farming techniques that greatly rely on commercial fertilizers and other farming technologies. Land overuse is also a direct result of overpopulation. Countries should therefore put up measures to ensure that the type of fertilizers used do not pollute soil, water and the environment in general. Proper land demarcation that ensures there is enough land for farming should also be adopted. (Park 480)

Conservation of the environment is a responsibility of every person living on this planet irrespective of wherever country they are in. It is a challenge that requires political goodwill, great leadership, commitment and new scientific innovations. We may think that we are harming the environment but we are actually harming ourselves. We should think about dangerous radiations falling on our skin, rising oceans that drown towns and villages, decreased rainfall and hunger. These could be part of our daily life if we don’t act now to conserve our environment.


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