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Virtual Organization: Office 356 and Project Management Essay

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Updated: Jul 15th, 2021

Since its release into the global market, Office 356 has gained the reputation of smart software that provides a large number of tools for managing numerous workplace-related tasks. Particularly, the innovative tools that office 365 provides for project management (PM) have to be mentioned. Because of the tools for scheduling, setting goals, prioritising, monitoring, and other PM functions, Office 365 can be considered an important addition to the PM inventory.

Among the benefits of Office 365, one should mention its task management functions. The software provides opportunities for organising and scheduling tasks that have to be performed during PM. The specified function is critical to a successful PM since it helps a manager to remember important objectives. Moreover, the device helps to consider the past performance and compare it to the current one.

By reviewing previously accomplished goals, one can evaluate the past performance and compare it to the current one (Kegg, Guilmette, Mandich, & Fisher 2017). Thus, the specified tool informs the choice of a new strategy for PM. In addition, the use of the specified function allows monitoring the completion of key tasks properly.

The application that has recently been developed to help people with PM should also be considered as an important advantage of Office 365 as a PM tool. Among the benefits that Office 365 offers, the application that allows managing planned projects deserves a mentioning. Known as Microsoft Planner, this tool provides plenty of options for arranging important events, scheduling key tasks, and tracking the completion of important objectives.

The capacity of the planner allows its users to engage in multitasking, thus addressing several issues at the same time. The case of Nascar shows that Microsoft Planner is an important tool for managing data (Learn how these 3 industry leaders use Microsoft Planner 2017). As a result, the use of the tool leads to an improvement in the overall project performance.

The fact that the tool allows several team members to manage a project is also an important characteristic that requires attention. By using Office 365, one can collaborate with a range of participants and share important data. The resulting rise in participation rates and the opportunities for using innovative thinking during brainstorming is important for the quality of PM. The application provides a chance for interdisciplinary collaboration, inviting staff members from different departments to work together and create effective decisions for specific problems (Bettermann & Palumbo 2016). For instance, the creation of shared task lists helps engage all participants in the PM and build the setting where all processes are coordinated at the same time.

Thus, one could argue that Office 365 offers a chance to build collaboration within a team of employees. The specified change in the corporate philosophy is important for PM since it gives participants a chance to develop key qualities such as responsibility. Thus, team members will approach PM tasks with seriousness and care, contributing to the project and improving their performance.

Collaboration between project participants will also help to address the problem of data mismanagement, as Mediterranean Shipping Company’s case shows (Dudley 2017). With vast options for sharing, correcting, and distributing information within a team, Office 365 prevents the situations in which participants fail to produce the expected results.

In addition, Office 365 helps to set priorities in order. The SharePoint tool, which helps to set tasks for a project, serves as the means of keeping the key processes in order and keep them running. Moreover, SharePoint can serve as a tool for boosting communication rates among project participants. As a result, a rapid rise in the staff members’ efficacy is expected. With the increased data management process, the threat of a mistake or data mismanagement is reduced to zero. Therefore, the specified device helps to keep the PM process consistent.

However, claiming that Office 365 is entirely flawless as the tool for MP support would be wrong. The software and its applications gave several characteristics that make them rather difficult to use. For example, the tool does not allow supervising large projects since it can only embrace small ones. With bigger projects, the process of controlling all sources of information becomes harder, which means that Office 365 may not be enough for performing key tasks. Therefore, Office 365 should be viewed as a support for PM and not the ultimate solution that will solve all the problems of PM. However, Office 365 will make the MP process easier by removing communication barriers and inviting participants to collaborate.

Still, Office 365 is perfect for PM since it offers complete control over each stage. For example, with this software, it is easy to access a project from any device. This includes PC, smartphones, tablets, and any other tools that can provide connection to shared files. As a result, all team members can collaborate and make changes to a project at any time and from any location. This feature of Office 365 is very important because of the need to introduce changes and improvements to projects. If a project requires an urgent change, its participants can access it from any device and make the necessary improvements (Microsoft Corporation n.d.).

The option for tracking change, in turn, is also important. It helps project managers to see what each team member does. Thus, mistakes can be avoided, and positive changes can be made immediately. Moreover, one can use resources more effectively with the help of Office 365.

Therefore, Office 365 deserves to be seen as a perfect tool for PM. The software allows increasing the control over the key processes, at the same time improving the quality of the overall MP performance. It promotes the idea of collaboration and communication among team members. In addition, it helps a manager to control the key processes and make sure that they run smoothly. Mistakes made by participants can be identified and addressed easily with the help of Office 365 tools. Therefore, Office 365 is the perfect software for PM in teams of any size and scope.

Recent technological innovations have opened a range of opportunities for improving PM processes. Office 365 is one of these tools; it is an innovative software that helps one to monitor key PM processes. Among the key tools that Office 365 offers, one should mention monitoring options and devices for collaborative work between participants. Office 365 gives instant access to a project and provides team members with tools for effective communication.

It invites participants to share information and communicate regularly. Thus, participants work to achieve every goal of a project according to the schedule. Moreover, Office 365 gives managers complete control over the processes within projects. Thus, mistakes can be avoided and corrected successfully. Flexibility and resource management are also important advantages of Office 365. Therefore, the software should be seen as an important part of any PM process.


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