Visual Art: Ownership and Copyright Essay

Art has been there since history. In the past, it was preserved as sacred but physical and could only be made by painting. Later on, it became social and could describe one’s class and was mostly meant for the rich.

Today, visual art has become easy to make, available and cheaper because of the invention of a camera. This has raised the issue of ownership and copyright.

Education level has been seen to have an influence on the people interested in arts. Advancement in education has an effect of increasing arts interest. Perception of an idea from an image may differ from one person to another as well as from time to time.

What people see is determined by what they believe in. Eyes are a powerful instrument of a human being. Sight is incomparable to anything else and it is a unique gift from God. Their complexity allows them to do what nothing else can do.

Eyes have no limit and never get tired of seeing. Image is therefore quicker to communicate than words. In the past images were only made of non-existent things. Later on the idea of image changed to existing things.

After this, an image could be explained and expressed by how another person had seen it. This has been the development in art and design. Images therefore form a great part of communication.

Creativity of an artist enables him to communicate a lot on his imagination. People’s perception on an image is affected by several factors that the viewers know and think about art. This includes the magnificence, the reality, and development of the viewers.

Past knowledge helps us to improve creativity in the present. That is why history is always related to the present. Present art and design will help the future generation to have easier work while studying their history.

Hals was the earliest painter who specialized in portraits expressing people’s characters which came as a result of capitalism. Hals lived as a very poor man who was always in debts.

He benefited from charity. The criticism of his paintings was that he did so with sullenness but the author of his publications disagreed by saying that his work was excellently creative and the appearance of a painting could not judge one’s mood at the time of painting.

The rhythm and the harmony of art work contribute greatly to the supremacy of an image. Qualities such harmony, brightness and contrast can bring out an idea so clearly if used appropriately.

Hal’s paintings of his sisters could lead one to conclude about their characters. Why? Because from the facial expressions one could relate them to how he saw people behave while in different situations e.g., happy or sad.

The suggestions of the author on Hal’s paintings went further explaining that the people at that time had a fashion of wearing hats. The paintings could have many conclusions from one image as one idea leads to another.

The perception of the past is different from what we see today. Invention of a camera changed people’s thoughts. The images became subject to time and space. The cubists also came with the idea of describing an image from all views taken around it.

The camera’s uniqueness was that the image was transferable to many places. Television views became available to millions of people around the world who could watch one image.

Each person or family received it and interpreted it in a different way. This was not the case for paintings. Paintings were unique in that they were only found at one place with no other copy completely similar to them.

The present view of originality of images is perhaps led by the issue of its scarcity. Paintings can be changed to the painter’s interest while a film is accurate with succession.

Paintings, however, cannot have a succession of events and most information is not usually included. Words included in a picture determine how a person interprets and bring out an argument.

The national gallery was believed to have original paintings. Virgins of Rocks by Leonardo da Vinci were one of the famous paintings in the gallery. The greatest sales of Leonard’s cartoon were made because of their fame which came as a result of one American who wanted to buy them for two and a half million pounds.

Art is an interesting subject to all age groups. People hang and pin paintings, letters, and snapshots has a way of appreciating art. Art gives the artist room and freedom of creativity.

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