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Vogue magazine cover image Essay (Movie Review)

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Updated: Apr 15th, 2019


The cover of Vogue magazine that was issued in April has stirred different perceptions among the moderators and the general public. Ethnic and racial issues have been debated by different personalities in relation to cover image of the magazine. James, a well known basket ball star is paired with Jezel who is a top world model. There are other images of the two celebrities that have been used in the magazine.

However, the image on the cover has exceptionally been scrutinized. The paper will outline different opinions in regard to racial issues as far as the cover image of vogue magazine is concerned. Further, the concepts of color effect and personal identity will be highlighted.


There are postulations that the choice of the cover image was meant to reduce the gap existing among different races. James is a black American and has been paired with Jezel who is white. Some moderators argue that the posture of the basket ball star in the image was a way of showing energy that he puts in when playing.

According to them the image is beautiful and represents different races, an effect that is emphasized by use of top celebrities. The image of two celebrities from different races has been used so as to represent both black and white races and reduce their differences.

On the other hand, some critics suggest that the posture of the two celebrities create an effect that is totally different from enhancing racial equality. As a matter of fact, the image of James has been compared with that of King Kong, a wild monster that murdered people. In the cover image James holds Jezel in a way that is similar to that of Kong when he captured a white beauty.

Most people feel that James who is an African is being compared to a gorilla due to his dark color and posture in the image. The choice of a top world beauty is also very symbolic to the actress that Kong held. There are people who feel that there are many other beautiful images of the two celebrities inside the magazine. According to them the image on cover page was meant to provoke racial genotypes.

Moderators argue that if a white figure was used in place James then the effect of the cover image would change. Based on the color effect that is associated with different races, the image fosters completely different feeling to the public.

One of the moderators clearly states that when she first saw the cover page, she instantly compared the image of James with a gorilla. Consequently, another moderator says that if a white basket ball star posed in place of James then the image would not impact in the same way.

An advertising agent postulates that the individual identity has more effect on the image, as opposed to collective approach. For example, person playing football is not likely to pose in the same way as another one who is playing basketball. King Kong imagery is present due to the color and posture of James.


In what Vogue magazine thought would be historical by incorporating images of celebrities from different races, ambiguous ideas emerge. There are those that see no offence at all and are impressed with the image of the cover while others are offended. Both color and identity of the cover image are essential in different effects of art as postulated by moderators.

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