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What Comes First, Topic or Pedagogy? Research Paper


A teacher determines the strategies to apply when teaching a topic. Probably, the teacher could decide to develop a strategy in which the students determine the topic they will study. Basing on this critique, it could be deduced that pedagogy comes first. It is crucial to point out that establishing instruction strategies arm student with a high potential to perceive information.

Consequently, it is quite wide of the mark to start teaching without goals and objectives that have been identified concisely. In most cases, an instructor identifies the pedagogical approaches to teach a topic. Some people would state that the topic determines the pedagogical approach to use. This postulation is true based on certain instances where some approaches are favored by some topic.

In fact, certain systematic teaching strategies have well defined topic based approaches where topics define the pedagogical approach to use. However, the fact remains that a significant tally of the instances involves the use of pedagogy to determine the topic. This essay seeks to determine the pedagogical approach that one could use after determining a topic. In a bid to fulfill that task, I will determine a topic to teach and describe the approach to use in the teaching.


I would like to teach about blood circulation in animals. I am aware that this will be a board topic that will require extensive reading and facilitated understanding. Therefore, I will establish concise objectives and a clear goal to help in completing the work successfully.

I will expect that students will be able to distinguish the circulatory systems of different classes of animals. I will, therefore, instruct on the arrangement of work and compilation of research performed in accordance to the pedagogical approach that I will select.

Kind of Pedagogy

Collaborative learning could be a systematic strategy to teach this topic. The learner will be grouped according to their performance. Students who perform well in class will be mixed with those who fail. In this way, they will be able to share their knowledge and improve the perception of other students.

Also, the use of discussion forums will enhance their understanding since they will participate actively in the discussions without restrictions. Working collaboratively will allow module sharing and create space for presentation in blackboard.

Choice Rationale

Collaborative learning is an incidence where more than one person tries to perceive something (Freire, 2000). The people attend discussion forum in which they discuss and come up with a conclusion. They utilize the knowledge and skill of each other to understand a learning topic (Naka, 1974).

Also, students learning collaboratively have an opportunity to criticize the idea of one another and determine the most appropriate answers to their problem. These learners are able to raise many answers and filter the ones that do not make a lot of sense. It is true to state that knowledge grows when shared among people with the same interest (Jarvis, 2005).

When student with the same learning goal discuss and associate, they make more significant proceeding and perform well than in individual learning. According to Dixon and Senior (2011), high rate of knowledge expansion is evident when student are involved in sharing their skills and understanding.

Additionally, collaborative learning, also, allows student to know each other well and accept the differences of perception they possess. In other cases, collaborative learning could involve the students in discussion with the teacher. In such a case, the teacher facilitates a discussion and directs it in accordance to his or her direction of achieving the learning goals.

Learning Events

Discussion forum

The instructions will involve the organizations of discussion groups which will discuss different topics. Each discussion group will have a chairperson and secretary. The chairperson will organize the group and ensure that all issue that the group needed to cover are covered within the time limit.

The leader of each group will, also, ensure that the group secretary have recorded the findings of the group. The division of the topic will be performed according to the different class of animals. For instance, one group could discuss about blood circulation in reptiles while the other discusses about mammals.


The group finding will be presented in the class as a presentation for the whole class. I will, then, classify the presentations as a form of assessment that will motivate students to work hard and provide the best outcomes of their subtopics of discussion. The presentation will be performed by students in each discussion group by sharing method. Therefore, each student is expected to participate in the presentation to earn marks.


Proper teaching strategies motivate students into perceiving information in a coherent and clear way that facilitate high performance. Planning the way to instruct proves a significant role not only in student’s perception but in achieving the ultimate goals of a learning institution. For these reasons, teachers should try to provide quality instructions by planning before attending any topic in a class.


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