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Wits Beach Hotel Strategic Plan Essay

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Updated: May 28th, 2020


Wits Beach Hotel is a perfect accommodation center for tourists visiting Mombasa in Kenya. It is an ideal place and guests can enjoy great services from the skilled and friendly staff. The hotel has a vision of preserving the environment and uplifting the livelihoods of the people living in the area. It also has an unquenchable desire to improve the services that it offers to its clientele and promote cultural exchange.

Description of the company

Wits Beach Hotel is a recently constructed state of the art establishment that offers accommodation and food services to tourists. The hotel is a privately owned business. It is strategically located in Mombasa, the Kenyan coastal city, which is an ideal tourist destination and tourists can experience ultimate comfort while enjoying the scenic beauty of the Kenyan coast’s extraordinary historic sites, white sand beaches, and serene skies. As a family-owned business, we offer excellent services at the highest possible quality to the satisfaction of our customers.

Mission statement

The mission of Wits Beach Hotel is to become a premier leading hotel in terms of accommodation and catering services to both local and international tourists who are attracted to the Kenyan coast. In a bid to achieve this mission, we will offer unparalleled services and products to establish a long-term relationship with our customers. This company is cognizant of customer satisfaction, and thus in a bid to ensure the continuous process of customer satisfaction, we will ensure that we source and select the best-educated and trained personnel who know how to deal with our customers in the right manner. With this kind of staff in our hotel, Bangs (2002) notes that a company can provide unique catering and lodging services to its diverse customers from different parts of the world.

Our customers will also enjoy personalized services from our friendly staff, thus avoiding any cases of inconveniences. Additionally, in the quest to strengthen our relationship with our customers, we will consistently improve our efforts daily towards providing superior quality services to our clients through working together as a team in a coordinated effort to achieve the targeted goals of the hotel. We realize that by working as a team without discriminating any member of our team, we can share creative ideas, which are ideal for the expansion and improvement of our establishment.


This unique hotel has realized the need to advance technologically, and thus our guests can enjoy unlimited free Internet access from the comfort of their rest rooms. We have realized that Internet is a crucial component in the contemporary world, and thus we encourage our clients to come with their gadgets to access the free Internet. In addition to the free Internet, each room in our hotel has a digital TV set to ensure that our guests do not miss any news and they have an opportunity to watch and enjoy their favorite programs with optimum picture quality.

Since we are interested in offering the best services to our clientele, upon request, our guests can be offered breakfast at their rooms. This move is very convenient as there is no need for them to walk to the hotel and order for their breakfast in the morning. In addition, the hotel offers services like laundry and dry cleaning and thus there is no need for guests to engage in the tedious and daunting time-consuming task of doing laundry. Instead, this service is offered at a reduced cost and our guests can utilize this time for sightseeing and engaging in other entertaining leisure activities.

Other important services offered include a secure parking place where customers can leave their cars without the doubt of theft. The hotel has a bar and thus special soundproof rooms have been constructed to cater for guests who are not interested in loud noises emanating from the partying patrons and the blaring music. For guests with valuables, they can use a safe deposit box at the front desk to deposit their valuables securely. There is also no need for our guest to travel for long distances for fax and photocopying services as these services are offered in our premises.


Wits Beach Hotel is committed towards customer satisfaction and we envision a community of people who are environmentally mindful and aware of social responsibility. Being mindful and friendly to the environment is very crucial to us, as we are not only interested in financial gain, but also in enriching the quality of lives of the surrounding communities. We plan to achieve this goal without jeopardizing our exemplary service and superior financial performance.

Hence, our vision is to operate in a social and environmentally accountable way by considering the interest of our varied stakeholders. This way, we can be good stewards to the society and the environment, which is very essential for the survival of our growing business empire. By so doing, we also have the hidden good motive of tantalizing other hotels in the area to emulate our good example and together we can be good custodians of the society and the environment.

At Wits Beach Hotel, we envisage becoming the ideal place of employment for many people in the hotel industry. We plan to achieve this goal by becoming a global hotel company with state of the art hotels in exclusive tourist attraction sites around the globe. By accomplishing this goal, we will be a step ahead in solving the never-ending problem of unemployment in society. In addition, we plan to improve the livelihoods of our employees by recognizing those who work hard in achieving the goals of the hotel. This way, we will lure other qualified and highly trained people working in different hotels to join our workforce.

Guiding values

Wits Beach Hotel is a professional, zealous, concerned, and empowering company that encourages commitment and innovation. This aspect clearly shows that in our company, there is continuous growth as we constantly strive harder to improve in different areas. In a bid to achieve this goal, we listen, support, and encourage creativity among our employees irrespective of their ranks in the company (Sinofsky & Iansiti, 2009). We are also interested in personal and professional development as there is also in-house training, which gives our staff a platform to further their skills in the hotel industry. Through this training, we will produce staff members with unquestionable integrity and trustworthiness. Having high standards of integrity will be beneficial to our clients and us, as we will maintain the uppermost standards of demeanor in all our actions.

In a bid to exceed the guest expectation and satisfaction, we further encourage our staff to be more respectful regardless of one’s cultural background. Respect is one of our core values and the management does not tolerate issues concerning disrespect to our clients. This stand mainly ensures that our clients are appealed by the level of kindness that is portrayed by our staff. We have realized that diversity should not divide us; instead, it should strengthen our relation with various guests who visit our hotel. Respect in our company further extends to the environment as we avoid environmental pollution at all costs in a bid to elude being contributors to global warming as it can affect our business negatively.

Customers’ needs and competitive advantage

Our customers are the most treasured assets and thus our major goal is to satisfy their every need. In a bid to satisfy our customers’ varied needs, our staff members are trained to listen, respond, and provide high quality services within the shortest time possible. Ford, Sturman, and Heaton (2011) indicate that having a 24-hour customer-service desk where customers’ needs can be met at any time of the day will make our customers turn from being first-time visitors to loyal clients as they feel that the hotel is prepared to take care of their needs. We will also get referrals from the satisfied clients. In a bid to make our hotel the ideal place and achieve a competitive advantage against other hotels in the area, we will provide our guests with free bikes, which they can use to travel to different areas of attraction. In addition, to improve on transportation, we provide our guests with vans and tour guides at a very subsidized fee, which is convenient to both the local and foreign guests.


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