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XYZ Limited Firm’s Environmental Policy Statement Essay

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XYZ Limited believes that the company should lead the industry to which it belongs in minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment of the locality in which the facilities of the company are situated. The Company recognizes that the operations and activities of the Company have a lasting effect on the local, regional and global environment and will affect the living of millions of people. Consequent to this awareness, the management of XYZ Limited are committed to implement continuous improvements in the Company’s performance with respect to the environmental protection and prevention of the pollution.

Basic Policy Statement

The basic environmental policy of the company comprises of achieving:

  • Minimization of the wastes by continuous evaluation of the operations of the company and ensuring the operations are carried out in most efficient ways
  • Promoting recycling both within and outside the company, wherever possible including among its customers and suppliers
  • Choosing a product range which minimizes the environmental impact of the production processes as well as the distribution of the products. The Company will consider the environmental impact of its products through the entire lifecycle of the products – from design to manufacturing, customer use and final disposal including the wastage and by-products.
  • Using environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources which will meet the needs of the Company and the Company will also invest in improved alternative energy sources to improve the efficiency of the products the Company produces and sells
  • Meeting all the governmental legislations of the country which apply to the company
  • Using an accredited program which offsets the emission of green gas by the activities of the company

Justification for the Policy

This environmental policy is enacted based on the research finding of the impact of the production of fertilizers and chemicals have on the environment of the society affecting the quality of lives of the people in different ways. Even though, chemicals and fertilizers provide numerous benefits to the human society they also do have significant environmental impact on the people’s living in the form of gas emissions and energy usage. XYZ Limited acknowledges these concerns and the company is committed to find solutions to bring most of the benefits to the society by their products without jeopardising the day-to-day living. Hence this environmental policy statement is evolved.

People to whom the Policy Applies

This environmental Policy Statement applies to all the employees, business partners, contractors, part time workers and assistants of XYZ Limited. The policy extends to all the businesses carried out by the company in the different locations internationally. All references to chemicals and fertilizers in the policy statement include the production processes, by products, wastages and finished products of the company generated in whatever form, whether such materials are hazardous or not. Fuel and machinery maintenance materials are also covered by this policy statement. However, the policy does not extend to the processes or systems which are owned and operated by the lessor on property where XYZ Limited operates as a lessee.

People Responsible for Implementing the Policy

The Policy Statement is applicable to all the employees of XYZ Limited and its subsidiaries including the developmental and design engineers, research staff, production managers, production supervisors, quality controllers and all the line workers, who shall be familiar with and strictly adhere to the guidelines of the environmental policy as enunciated by this policy statement. They will be trained adequately to be familiar with the procedures mandated under this policy statement and shall be made responsible for implementing the policy in letter and spirit. All the employees, staff and workers of the Company shall be made aware of this policy through their immediate supervisors and shall be made individually responsible for carrying out their jobs strictly in accordance with the environmental policies set forth by this statement.

Implementation and Evaluation of the Policy

The Company would implement this environmental policy by following a rigorous campaigning among all concerned. The campaigning will take the form of print media and materials, television and a website. As a part of the print materials, pamphlets on the environmental policy of the Company will be printed and distributed to all the dealers and distributors of the Company domestically and internationally.

The Company will also release advertisement in leading dailies in the respective countries wherever the operations of the Company are carried out. There will be television announcements as public service announcements sponsored by the Company which will be contracted to run for the whole year. A suitably designed website containing the environmental policy statement of the Company will be made available for easy access by the public. This website will get continuously updated for a period of next three years whenever it becomes necessary to reassess the environmental policies of the Company and to make changes.

On the evaluation side, the research and development department of the Company will be entrusted with the responsibility of developing suitable evaluation procedures for assessing the processes which fall within the purview of this policy statement.

The developmental engineers would develop such evaluation procedures which automatically test all the processes to ensure that the processes comply with the environmental requirements and regulations. The supervisors and lead workers will be provided suitable training to gather information and execute the evaluation procedures which will evaluate the policy. Deficiencies in the environmental policy o the evaluation procedures will be identified and attended to jointly by the supervisors and development engineers to make the necessary amends.

Guidelines for the Policy

The environmental policy will cover the following areas where appropriate procedures and practices would be developed to meet the policy requirements. More specifically,

  • The manufacturing process will be designed to consider alternative processes and engineering controls to minimize or eliminate the health risks to the employees from exposure to chemicals
  • The process will be designed to minimize hazardous wastage so that the environment will be free from effluents and chemical wastes
  • The design of the plant will be made in such a way that the chimneys and other gas emitting devices are designed carefully to reduce the quantum of gas emissions
  • It will be ensured that the acquisition and installation of all plants and equipments will meet the minimum required standards as set by appropriate occupational health and safety authorities under applicable regulations.
  • Every possible effort shall be taken to have stricter control on the consumption of hazardous raw materials so that the health and safety of the line workers and other employees in the various campuses are well protected.
  • The distribution of the finished products, by-products and treatment of wastes will ensure safety not only for the employees but also for the general public domiciling in the locality.


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