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“Young and Restless in China” Essay (Movie Review)

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Updated: Jul 4th, 2020

There is no use denying the fact that young generation is always different from the old one. These differences are influenced by a great number of various factors, however, there are things which can be called the most significant in the process of creation of a new image of generation. Usually, these factors influence appearance of some new processes in society which lead to the shift of priorities of young people and creation of a new mentality.

Especially significant these changes become when the progress is obvious and technologies and new ideas appear and influence minds of youth. With this in mind, it is possible to say that modern age can be taken as the best background to see the gap between the old and new generations. Especially obvious these differences are in some huge country like China. The thing is that being communist country, China is unwilling to let new technologies and ideas influence its people. However, it is impossible to remain isolated at the age of globalization and blistering development of digital technologies. That is why, modern Chinese youth is different. The movie Young and restless in China is devoted to this very issue.

The whole movie centers around new Chinese society, its representatives and priorities. There are nine different people presenting their stories. These stories show peculiarities of modern Chinese priorities and believes. Moreover, people chosen for the movie can be taken as representatives of different layers of society and this fact means that it is possible to see changes almost in all spheres of modern life in China. The movie also underlines some changes in the culture of young people, who got access to mass media and the Internet and the way they are influenced by traditions and believes of the West (Greatheron, n.d).

Moreover, financial side of their life is shown. The film points out the problem of inner migration and its influence on the life of people and their incomes. The problem is, that the majority of these immigrants are trying to find a good job in order to earn some money (Gautreaux, 2013). However, usually, there are special conditions for them.

Nevertheless, the problem of job and money is one of the most topical for modern Chinese society. This fact is perfectly shown in the move. Nine people, who present their story, have different level of incomes and it is possible to see the difference in their lives. Wey Zhanyan is a young woman who can be taken as the immigrant who looks for a job. Being born in rural area, she had to move to the city in order to earn money.

Being very frank and pleasant girl, she cannot help crying while cogitating about her parents and conditions under which she leaved. The thing is, that her family was not able to afford her education and she had to work hard in the city receiving very low salary. She lives under poor conditions and keeps her diary on separate sheets of paper, trying to fasten them and save. Moreover, being a representative of the rural area where traditions are still strong (Hu, 2012), she is to marry a man who she has never seen before. To see the difference in conditions under which people with different incomes live, it is possible to mention Lu Dongs story.

He is the owner and creator of the online company which deals with shirts. Though he works every single day, he still have some money and time to help his family and afford modern technologies and some entertainment. These examples show that life of people in China depends on their socioeconomic status. Moreover, it is possible to say, there is a great gap between people who belong to different social groups.

Nevertheless, stable economic position and high incomes do not make the life of young people in China similar to the life of youth in the USA or European countries (Ford, 2011). It has already been said, that modern stage of development of digital technologies and means of communication leads to increase of the level of influence of Western culture on China. The Internet and mass media are the only sources for the majority of people in this country to get to know about peculiarities of the life of youth in other countries. It is obvious, that their life changes and it becomes more westernized as young people go to night clubs, computer cafes and some other places.

However, there is still a great number of differences between the lifestyles of people in China and the rest of the world. These differences are created by the mentality of Asian people. They work much harder then western youth in order to achieve success and that is why they have less free time (Kisselmann, n.d.). Moreover, they appreciate family values and are influenced by some old traditions. That is why, young people in China have absolutely different and unique lifestyle which is created under the influence of modern conditions and old believes. Moreover, it is possible to suggest that Chinese people will continue their unusual development because of the strong influence of its ancient culture.


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