55+ Open Essay Banks to Write My Essay Fast

55+ Open Essay Banks to Write My Essay Fast

Being creative can be easier than it seems. Did you know that Steve Jobs had a unique theory about creativity? He said:

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“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it. They just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”

That’s how the concepts of iPad and iPhone were created. That’s how you can write the next A+ essay. The easiest answer to your question “how to write my essay fast” is to visit essay banks. Access thousands of other students’ essays, find what you need, connect and synthesize the ideas into a whole, and enjoy the result.

Also, check this awesome list of more than 1000 open textbooks to get even better results.

Here are 50+ essay banks where you can find a great many useful academic materials, generously shared by other students:

  1. IvyPanda essay database contains over 100,000 paper samples, donated by students. It is free, and anyone can get inspiration for their work. The database includes various assignment types: from an essay to coursework and dissertations.
  2. MegaEssays.com stores thousands of essays written by students for students. Membership is free and only requires registration. It contains more than 85,000 papers including coursework and essays. More papers appear every day for you to use as references.
  3. Studycorgi.com stores thousands of free essays written by English students for students. You can find here a sample paper on almost every topic you can think of. No registration required. You can also donate your own paper to Studycorgi database.
  4. Essay Bank from the University of Birmingham offers links to PDF versions of essays and reports submitted by past and present students. This bank can tell you everything about English language grammar, syntax, course books, and more.
  5. Brainia is a collection of open access essays, term papers, and reports. The building blocks for your next project could be hiding here. One of the writing sites that has categories for trending and popular papers. Every paper’s description contains the word count and number of pages.
Brainia Webite - Find Term Papers and College Essay Examples.
  1. CyberEssays is a free service with lots of free essays and term papers on a variety of subjects. It contains hundreds of essays on history including American, Asian, European, and Middle Eastern territories.
  2. ShareYourEssay claims to be the world’s largest platform for sharing essays. The users of this site readily share their knowledge and invite you to do the same.
  3. ScholarWorks stores hundreds of open access academic papers submitted by undergraduate and graduate students. It has archives of publications in a scientific journal which are possible to download in PDF or read online.
  4. Shmoop is a site to help you write essays, offering a variety of free essays, a writing guide, and other valuable materials that could come in handy for tailoring your essay. By subscribing to Scmoop, you also get access to many helpful features. For example, there are a lot of educational materials, courses, side-by-side translations of Old-English poems, tests, and other items.
  5. DirectEssays offers 160,000 free term papers and essays that cover the most popular questions and academic research topics. On this website, you may even find essays on such rare topics as yoga, camping, swimming, genetic engineering, and more.
  6. eCheat is a community that shares 150,000 free essays. All you need to dive into this pool of knowledge is to sign up and get a free account. This service helps to prevent writing blocks with its fantastic references and patterns. Just open a folder on your topic, and you’ll see free and premier essays to read. The best part? There are usually more free essays than ones that require payment!
  7. 123HelpMe offers thousands of academic essays. Though at least half of them require a prepaid subscription, you can still find a variety of free materials here. The service also offers tutoring—you can get a pro’s feedback on your essay or other paper. Specialists check grammar, structure, syntax, spelling, and clarity.
  8. PreserveArticles is the go-to place for browsing scientifically approved works of other users. You may want to upload your own essays, research papers, and reports as well.
  9. NetEssays.net is a big collection of open access academic papers. You can access the first page of any paper without registration or any extra payment. The following pages, however, will only be available after you submit at least one of your past papers.
  10. BrainPickings is a project by one author that is available to anyone on the web. Here you can find many topics that are often chosen for an essay or research paper.Learn more about famous scientists, politicians, and poets on this fascinating site.
  11. The Electric Typewriter is a collection of 150 open access essays and articles written by top writers and journalists. Though the collection is not too big, the quality provided by professional writers is its advantage.
  12. Useful Essays is a collection of open access essays covering various topics and disciplines.
  13. Academic Journals is an open access directory providing free access to articles and essays. To submit a paper, you should format it in accordance with specific guidelines. The website’s specialists edit every essay.
  14. British Academy offers open access essays and articles for the humanities and social sciences.
  15. PLOS is an open access database of valuable academic resources.
  16. Essays.se is an open access directory of university papers completed by Swedish students. There are more than 70,000 essays in the library smartly marked by tags.
  17. Royal Historical Society offers open access materials for history students. Among them are journals, books, manuscripts, and dissertations.
Royal Historical Society Website
  1. Free Essay Samples offer professionally written papers. The best part? There are essays on all topics and of different types: compare and contrast, argumentative/persuasive, pros and cons, etc.
  2. Free College Essays is an easily navigated database of free essays in more than 50 categories. Joining this essay bank is easy—just donate a paper, and you’re free to access the bank anytime.
  3. PhD Essay. Almost 50,000 free essays on more than 400 topics. Want more? They also have samples of interview analyses, public speeches, reports, and many more. For those who want to enhance their knowledge, on this website there are useful blog posts and a grammar checker.
  4. Chuck III is a collection of more than 30,000 open access academic essays and reports. Find papers on architecture, art, mythology, religion, ethics, political science, and other related topics.
  5. All Free Papers is an open access collection of free essay samples in a number of disciplines. There are thousands of templates you can use, and the data is continually updating.
  6. Digital Essays is a collection of open access essays and term papers in various categories, including sports, social sciences, psychology, and history.
  7. Good Luck IELTS is an open access collection of IELTS essay samples. The website is also an excellent source of knowledge on the IELTS speaking, writing, and listening parts. It offers many free materials and exercises to test yourself.
  8. StudyMoose is one of the biggest free essay databases with a convenient and easy-to-use search option.
  9. WOKINFO is a portal with free essays and white papers that could come in handy for your research.
  10. College Term Papers is a collection of 32,000 college essays and term papers. Some of them are open access, while others require prepaid premium access.
  11. Ebooks for all is a library with free to download essays, articles, research papers, and reports. Along with those, you can download your favorite book from such authors as Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Dickens, or Friedrich Nietzsche.
  12. Example Essays is a database of open access essays on the most popular and frequently discussed topics.
  13. Research Gate is the website for sharing and accessing scientific knowledge. Membership is free. The tool is used by hundreds of students to enhance their research possibilities together with others.
  14. 800 Score is an open access collection of GMAT essay samples that can boost your chances for success. Also, here you can download a test and get 24/7 tutoring support.
  15. Template.net is a collection of nicely formatted and ready-to-use templates, including templates of resumes, articles, and essay outlines. For outlines, every point has short guidelines on how to create them better.
Template.net - Free Essay Outline Templates
  1. IDEALS (Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship) is the hub for students wondering “how to write my essay fast.” It has regular additions, so it’s possible to find papers on trending topics and recent news. The data is accessible through an advanced search where you can filter results by title, author, department, and a text’s quotation.
  2. Open University is an easy-to-use academic search engine. Use the advanced form to find articles published on specific dates, topics, and written by particular authors.
  3. ROAR (Registry of Open Access Repositories) is a network of scholarly databases offering free access to their materials.
  4. BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) offers free materials for essay writing and research purposes.
  5. ArXiv is an open access library for students learning math and computer science. Astrophysics, nuclear theory, functional analysis, geometry, genomics, economics, and many more topics are available for research in this library.All sources are sortable for you to get the knowledge you need.
  6. Archievenet is a searchable device that will help you get valuable ideas to write your essay.
  7. NCL is a gold mine of free educational content. It links to various content areas including bills, the constitution, press rooms, program evaluation, statutes, issue reports, and many more on any U.S. state.
  8. FreeFullPDF is an open access repository for academic research. It contains many helpful sources on health, physics, and mathematics.
  9. JURN is a search engine storing millions of free academic articles covering different fields of study.
  10. HighWire is a free online full-text articles portal. More than 2 million materials are free for your use.
  11. StudyMode is a service you’ll love. A ton of free essays on any topic, fantasticallywritten layouts, and striking topics await you on this website.Search references for your work among thousands of high-quality papers (on almost every research topic) that are updated daily.
  12. IDEAS will inspire you to write your essay in economics. It includes more than 2 million materials for research.
  13. Essay Sauce presents free essays that stick to a powerful layout including literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and other sections.
  14. IDRC is the go-to place for anyone who needs information for a problem-and-solution essay.
  15. PubPsych is a web portal with open materials for academic research and essay writing.
  16. IELTS Practise.org. Here you’ll find dozens of IELTS essay samples typical for exams. Also, you can learn vocabulary and grammar with the help of the website’s resources.
  17. Any Essays — here you’ll find a variety of essays for school and college students. They’re free to read or use as references.
  18. Z Essay presents a small collection of essays on literature, history, and health.
  19. Paul Graham is a writer, programmer, and investor in more than 1,000 startups including Dropbox, Airbnb, and Reddit. On his website, you’ll find many example essays. Those on investing, startups, and programming are especially interesting as Paul Graham has experience in these fields

You can use these sources to answer the question “how to write my essay?” and be successful. If you are inspired and combine and synthesize different ideas from many resources, you will likely achieve a high score.



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