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A Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Analysis Essay

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Updated: Nov 12th, 2020

Professions in the field of education have always been considered respected and have been the goal of many people. Someone chooses in favor of university teaching or modern training of students online. One of the areas in this sphere is preschool education, which requires quite a lot of effort from an employee and, at the same time, is a respected profession. To become an expert in preschool education, it is not enough to understand the psychology of children and know the program that needs to be taught. Moreover, not everyone will be able to cope with such work since a psychological load is sometimes quite significant. Therefore, a pre-kindergarten teacher is considered to be a special post that has quite a few nuances and provides for several duties.

Forecast, Benefits, and Salary of Pre-Kindergarten Teachers

The labor market is a mechanism whose data can be traced, and specific conclusions can be drawn depending on the information obtained. When speaking about the prestige and relevance of the profession of a pre-kindergarten teacher, it is possible to say that at the national level, this occupation is encouraged, and jobs can be found almost always. For example, according to statistics in 2016, approximately 479,000 employees were involved in this area, which indicates that many people are interested in such a profession (“Summary report,” 2016). At the state and city level, it can be seen that some people sometimes opt for this type of activity solely for the sake of employment.

Moreover, according to the same report, not all educational institutions for little children require teachers to have a special education (“Summary report,” 2016). It means that almost any person who does not have bad habits, physically healthy, and well-bred can take the position of a pre-kindergarten teacher. Perhaps, this prospect is quite favorable from the national employment. However, if a person, for example, has a bachelor’s degree in a relevant sphere, it indicates his or her professional training and qualifications. Therefore, the more qualified a worker is, the better results he or she will perform.

Work experience is also not required (“Summary report,” 2016). However, as Durlak (2015) claims, if a pre-kindergarten teacher has specific knowledge and has already worked in this field, he or she is less likely to experience periodic stress in the workplace and suffer from an extensive workload. Also, experienced employees, as a rule, more successfully cope with their duties than those who have little practical knowledge. Therefore, a teacher with a lack of practice should consult with colleagues and take up self-education.

As for wages, it is difficult to say that they are high. According to the report, the average annual income of a pre-kindergarten teacher in 2016 was about $ 28,790 (“Summary report,” 2016). This figure cannot be called very significant, and there are no special benefits that the post of a preschool teacher gives. Perhaps, a person with an excellent educational base could find a job with more favorable conditions and achieve better results than those that are typical for the field under investigation. Nevertheless, this profession has always been respected. Work with young children is undoubtedly vital for society and is beneficial both for little pupils and for employees themselves because they self-develop professionally and become experienced specialists who can share their knowledge.

Analysis of the Interview

Based on the data obtained from the analysis, it can be noted that Bethany Williams who works as a pre-kindergarten teacher confirms the theories and information that various authors cite about this profession. Thus, according to Guler-Yildiz and Erturk-Kara (2016), an employee in this field often encounters various difficulties and nuances. As Miss Williams notes, her work can be associated with periodic stress, especially if this or that employee does not have an appropriate level of training. Therefore, a certain level of stress-resistance should be developed; otherwise, there is a risk of nervous breakdowns. To withstand such emotional problems, it is essential to pay attention to the most suitable ways of work organization for the whole educational process to be relatively simple and at the same time efficient.

From analyzing an informal situation in the team, it can be noted that the climate in the educational institution is quite favorable, the colleagues communicate in a friendly manner and, based on the answers of Miss Williams, are always ready to come to the aid of each other. In the process of research, it was revealed that the relationship between leadership and subordinates is entirely normal. The principle of the educational institution, according to Miss Williams, encourages the individual commitment of the staff to self-education and acts as the central initiator to award the most active and motivated teachers. According to Durlak (2015), the desire to introduce various teaching methods characterizes the employee as a responsible and professional specialist. Therefore, the activities of the head in many ways aim at ensuring that all the workers in preparatory classes without exception can provide qualified and competent social and educational training for children.

Staff Interaction

By the answers of Miss Williams, the task of a pre-kindergarten teacher includes not only educational but also the social preparation of children. Employees have to communicate with children’s parents quite often, and many dialogues they discuss with each other, which is quite logical. In the team, it is customary to support colleagues, provide assistance in case of any failures, and substitute in situations when a particular employee cannot attend classes.

In the interview with the job incumbent, it was suggested that the success of any work depended not only on how this or that employee coped with the goals set but also how he or she could understand the importance of specific business. Thus, according to Guler-Yildiz and Erturk-Kara (2016), personal perceptions of the situation in the team, the range of tasks, and other factors can play a significant role in the process of fulfilling individual workers’ duties. If such a perception is positive, which, as Miss Williams points out, is typical for their collective, the whole team will work coherently. On the contrary, if employees perform their work mechanically, it is unlikely that their success will be high. Judging by the situation and mood in the team, most employees are ready to actively achieve all the objectives. Perhaps, it is partly due to a favorable microclimate and the possibility of informal communication between colleagues.


Thus, according to the interview, the activity of a pre-kindergarten teacher is distinguished by special nuances and provides for several duties. Despite the lack of a high need for work experience, practice is welcomed since such activities require increased concentration and stress resistance. A favorable microclimate in the team promotes communication among employees and contributes to the achievement of goals.


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