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ABC Company Analysis Analytical Essay

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ABC Company has a fifteen years’ history of operation. It specializes in a home remodeling business located in Niles. The organization is distinguished by good reputation, exceptional quality services, and efficient training programs for employees.

The company’s president, James Jurazek decides to expand his business into a greater industrial property to meet the customer’s requirements. The management team of ABC Company appointed John Adams Consulting to help the president to cope with changes that will take place after expanding to industrial property remodeling.

Internal And External Stakeholders

Before introducing changes to the organization’s structure, specific emphasis should be placed on the needs assessment of consumers. The company should work out a detailed survey for its regular customers to define what changes they want ABC Company to introduce to their production process.

External stakeholders should also involve other companies in the field that specialize in similar services to predict the level of competitiveness of the organization. As per internal stakeholders, the managers should place emphasis on employees’ readiness to accept structural and organizational shifts.

Significance of innovation and creativity is obvious because “managers must learn not only to make decisions but also to collect, manipulate and store ever more data upon which effective decision-making must be based” (Wickham & Wickham, 2008b, p. 196). Therefore, being technologically savvy for employees is important to handle all operations within the organization.

Evidence Of Conflict, Power, And Politics Presented In The Case

The case reveals lack of organization and leaderships within the company due to the inappropriate management of the company’s president and the managerial staff. Mr. Jurazek does not express enthusiasm in expanding the business and relies more on daily operations of his management team. Mr. Sales fails to provide decisions; instead, he is a good at performing the established tasks and orders.

Therefore, the company’s planning scheme fails to introduce a strict plan that can lead the company to changes. There is no a person holding the leading position and taking responsibility for the new plan of development. Although Mr. Anderson feels responsibility for hiring qualified workers, there is no explicit requirement in accordance with which the employees should be requited.

Strategies to Manage Conflict Power and Politics

In order to manage the conflict, specific attention should be given to managerial staff rather than to employees. This is of particular concern to CEO who should be more responsible in distributing duties among other members of the management team.

For instance, Mr. Jurazek should create a schedule for restructuring services and developing new managerial positions that would be in charge of subsidiaries in other regions. Second, the president should give orders to human resources department to define the skills and competencies that new workers should possess to be able to cope with the new responsibilities and duties.

External And Internal Persuasive Communication

Communication Objectives

According to Wickham and Wickham (2008), the project is successful when the management team understands its roles and responsibilities, as well as successfully interacts and cooperates with the consultancy team. In this respect, ABC Company should carefully adhere to all recommendations provided by John Adam Consulting to develop a strong ethical framework for introducing shifts in business activities.

Additionally, the project group should have a team leader and team coordinator. The former will organize the members of the group and integrate their activities whereas the latter will require motivation and performance assessment of all team members (Wickham & Wickham, 2008a).

Appropriate Methods of Communication to Achieve Your Objectives with Target Audience

It should be admitted that “for an organization, shifting a way of thinking and a way of operating is even more difficult” (Block & Nowlan, 2011, p. 250). The task of top managers is to make employees accept the change and define new ways of the company’s development.

Installation plans, therefore, will assist managers in defining steps and objectives that engage the company into the restructuring process. Aside from communication skills, each member of the team should combine various competences and experience that can help them realize the company’s new objectives. It can also provide them with new incentives.

Effective Use of Pyramid Principle

Communication strategies within ABC Company should premise on pyramid principles. They imply horizontal ways of exchanging information among the workers. The president should work out as scheme in accordance with which all managers and employees should enjoy the benefits of transparent reporting.

The president should also take control of constantly conducted meetings that will solve organizational and schedule planning problems. Such an approach will also contribute to active distribution of information.

Use of the Push and Pull Technique of Communication

The company can make use of pull-push strategies to full in the communication gap. The pull scheme implies communication established between buyer and seller to define the needs of consumers. In contrast, push strategies will allow to predict the demand and outline strategies for future expansion.

Type of Information to be Communicated

The company should develop a strong system in which information can be transmitted to different channels. The information should be both numerical and verbal to understand the percentage of sales, as well as define the patterns in consumer behavior. Using qualitative and quantitative methods, therefore, the information will be circulated throughout the company.


The ABC Company is an experienced remodeling home service provider with good reputation and high quality work. Its focus on expansion should imply multi-dimensional restructuring of the organization, as well as its consideration of peripheral coping mechanisms. These mechanisms imply such aspects as change management, research and development, and human resources management.


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