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ABC Company: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Case Study

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Municipal wastewater is water that has been already used and now contains various chemical compounds that are harmful to people’s health. The collection and treatment of sewage ensure the security of people’s health, cleaning water and providing citizens with it (“Municipal wastewater,” 2016). Therefore, it seems to be clear that there is a necessity for organizations to implement an appropriate system of sewage cleaning and to cooperate with those firms that provide such services.

The issue of municipal wastewater can be discussed in detail when focusing on a particular case. For instance, there is an ABC Company that is known for its cooperation with synthetic textile manufacturing. It operates successfully in several UK cities and thinks of opening a new plant near the North Sea. Taking into consideration the fact that Aberdeen is one of the most populous built-up areas and one of the largest seaports in Scotland that has a tradition of the textile industry, the organization is willing to start operating within its location. Such a decision is likely to give it not only an opportunity to develop and reach new locations but also to enhance its competitiveness. However, the overall success of the organization also depends on the way it will be met by the population. That is why, it is vital for ABC Company to develop a detailed plan for the municipal wastewater treatment process aligned with both national and local legislation, paying enormous attention to the societal effects and consequences faced by stakeholders.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Process

According to Aziz and Mojiri (2014), ABC Company should ensure the accomplishment of the six main stages of the wastewater treatment process. It should start with wastewater collection and its separation, ending with disinfecting and return of clean water to the environment or its reuse. Of course, it can maintain all of them without external assistance. However, it is critical to consider whether it will be profitable for the company, as there is also an opportunity to get in contact with other organizations and collaborate instead of spending money on additional equipment. As the population of Aberdeen is engaged in different industries but is also willing to have clear water, it has several firms that are focused on wastewater treatment. If ABC Company cooperates with one of them, it will appeal to the representatives of the general public due to its determination to preserve nature and support local companies, providing citizens with the opportunity to be employed and paid for their services.

Social and Environmental Significance of Wastewater Treatment

The quality of water is critical for society and the environment because the amount of clean water is limited, especially in arid and semi-arid regions (Garcia & Pargament, 2015). Thus, it is vital to ensure that the desire of the ABC Company to build a plant near the North Sea will not have an adverse influence on people’s health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that the population of the city and its governmental bodies may have negative attitudes towards this step.

First of all, people may be afraid that ABC Company’s wastewaters will reach the North Sea and pollute it. The representatives of the general public got used to the opportunity to spend their free time at the seaside. When the weather is warm, they can use their boats for swimming in the North Sea or just having a picnic nearby. Because of the wastewaters from the plant, people may be deprived of this opportunity, which will make them dissatisfied and angry with the owners of the organization. The water next to the plant may also prevent citizens from fishing, as contamination is likely to affect the quality of fish (Shaw & Koh, 2013). Wastewaters are often full of metals and pesticides. In this way, people’s wellbeing can be affected. It is possible that one will eat a fish that was negatively affected by some chemical and get ill. Those people, who sell their landing can have financial issues, as they will not have an opportunity to maintain this activity.

However, it is also possible that the citizens will be happy to have a plant built by ABC Company nearby. This organization will approach a lot of various firms in Aberdeen because of the necessity to buy the land, build the plant, get a legal consultation and so on. In this way, local companies will have one bigger client that will enhance their competitiveness. In addition to that, the creation of a new plant will require ABC Company to hire new personnel. Of course, some people will come from the original company because it will be critical to have someone who is able to control all operations and is well aware of organizational goals, mission, values, etc. However, the majority of workers will be hired from Aberdeen, which will give citizens an opportunity to find a job and improve their financial condition. If the company operates successfully, it will also be likely to make the city recognizable and more popular among businesses and tourists, which can have a positive impact on its economy and the quality of life of its population.

Economic Issues and Wastewater Treatment Regulations

Suppose ABC Company can follow the steps of the Wastewater Treatment Division or other similar firms that provide related services in the city and are paid by the government (Corominas, Acuña, Ginebreda, & Poch, 2013). In this way, wastewater treatment can turn into a public good because it will ensure that citizens obtain free access to cleaned water because it will be released into natural ecosystems that are nearby.

ABC Company should follow those regulations adopted by Aberdeen regarding wastewater treatment. Thus, it should consider “the Clean Water Act (33 U.S.C. § 1251 et seq.) and the General Pretreatment Regulations (40 CFR 403)” (the City of Aberdeen, n.d.). According to them, particular guidelines and limitations are to be considered regarding emissions, nitrogen, and chemical concentration, a release of toxic and dangerous substances, distances where discharges can be maintained, etc. Thus, the introduction of the pollutants can be controlled, as well as their influence on people and the environment, and the reuse of industrial water can be ensured. ABC Company should think of new technological approaches to optimize the process (Luo et al., 2014).


Wastewater treatment ensures the public good as it provides citizens with the opportunity to reuse water, natural resources of which are limited. Special plants tend to remove pollutants and release clean water into the environment preventing its contamination and adverse effect provided on people’s health. Thus, ABC Company needs to follow particular national and local regulations to maintain appropriate sewage treatment.


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