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Advertisement and Its Types Essay


TV advertisements are aimed at persuading viewers to purchase or attend to the advertisements. Television ads have been a common source of fund for privately owned television companies. It, therefore, adds value to the media industry as sponsors wait on potential buyers from among the viewers. Much has been researched on its viability with several theories arising on how best to analyze a television commercial.

Among the theories include AIDA, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire as well as Action. These are very important elements of a TV ad and are believed to fulfill its objectives of persuading potential buyers. This paper will explore an advert, and qualify its viability using the four elements above (AIDA) (Changing Minds 1).


TV ads (Television advertisements), also known as TV commercials, among others refers to a short (usually between a few seconds to minutes) television programmes, that conveys a message from its sponsor. It is usually used for advertising, campaigns and in conveying messages. Most sports unions usually advertise their fixtures as well as special rates in TV ads. This paper will consider a TV commercial on the super bowl which showed a countdown to Green Bay Packers match against Pittsburgh Steelers in Dallas at Cowboys Stadium (Lyons 1).

Did it get your attention?

Yes; mainly because Green Bay Packers are sixth seed and were drawn against the league winners. This was going to be a showdown and could be full of surprises as was seen in 2005 when Steelers themselves (then rated sixth seed) won the title. The level of tension displayed by fans around as well as team managers’ exchange of mind games trying to gain mileage and instill fear on the opponent. The air is rife in joy and confusion as to the countdown neared (Lyons 1).

Why was the ad of interest to you?

This ad was quite interesting considering weeks of bragging from each side. Packers were seen as underdogs, but they could make a surprise, just as Steelers did in 2005. The ad was well laid out, as it brought about critical analysis of the game. Its mode of presentation was fabulous with pictures and brief flashbacks on how both teams sailed through to February, which was quite difficult for Packers (Lyons 1).

Did the ad create a desire for the product/service?

Yes, the flashbacks and video footage on how those teams struggled to reach February were fascinating, and the call for their meeting was unavoidable. The desire was there, if not for the ticket sales which were quite high given the rife and its significance, especially to Green Bay Packers, at the Cowboys Stadium. Sentiments and predictions from players as well as fans made the advertisement more enticing to watch (Lyons 1).

Did you take action to purchase the product?

The tickets were expensive, but this was a sixth seed team trying it out with one of the best. I bought the tickets, to watch the game. It was fulfilling to watch the advert. It created more urge to watch the game (Lyons 1).


Television Adverts are very important in persuading potential buyers into purchasing the goods or services advertised. This articled tackled an advert on the game between Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, which was on a high note with rising tensions on both teams along with their supporters.

The advert had brief footage of vital victories by each team and urged more people to pour out for the game. Tickets were quite expensive, but the intensity of the game made it worthwhile. This advert was therefore quite effective as it fulfilled all the elements of AIDA (Changing Minds 1).

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