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Advertising Creative: Design Your Own Advertising Creative Essay (Critical Writing)

The A & A advertising group is aimed at assisting clients and agencies in translating and adapting strategic visions. Currently, the innovation of the skin care production has attracted quite a large attention. Clarisonic is a skin care product which is owned by Pacific Laboratory, and currently takes a pioneering position in the marketplace in the sphere of professional and home skin care. This product can be used by both genders and comes in a wide range of colors.

Clarisonic- Sonic Skin Cleansing Product

Sonic skin cleansing, as the name suggests, is an innovative skin care product. The machine has to be charged 24 hours prior the first use. The face washer machine has a brush head and works like an electric toothbrush. Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems use an original sonic rate of more than 300 revolutions per second to smoothly, yet systematically, remove six times more makeup, dirt and oil than cleansing with ones hands alone (Baker 576).

The first step in using it involves the removal of the make up using one’s hands. Then, wetting the face using a cloth dipped in warm water and applying a cleanser on the skin. Put the machine on by pressing the power button and gentle move the brush in small circular motions.

The forehead should be the first to clean, and then proceed to the nose area and finally to the cheeks. The machine has a number of benefits, such as reducing oily skins, blemishes, and dry patches. Moreover, it is more effective than manual cleansing because the skin is usually left softer and smoother. This Increases the rate of product absorption hence reducing manifestation of skin pores sizes.

In addition, Clarisonic has a large number of advantages that include;

  • all skins types can be cleansed using the product
  • Sonic products get used in treatment of skin condition like acne and rosacea
  • Water proof
  • Used with any non-abrasive cleanser
  • Adjustable with dissimilar power levers
  • Tested by dermatologist.
  • Recommended by skin professionals.

Three categories’ of sonic available include; Mia, Classic, and Plus.

Mia is a fresh sonic skin cleanser system of a very compact size. The single button, lone speed, Mia product fits an active life style for an actively glowing and beautiful skin.

Mia has a smaller size and more lighter when compared to Clarisonic Plus, and thus, it is a travel-friendly device. In addition, Mia has lower price, and power cord while Plus has a cradle. The only disadvantage that Mia has over Plus is that it cannot be used with the body brush (Lousia 455). In fact, this is the only disadvantage of Mia over Plus and other similar products.

Target market

The identification of the target market is particularly crucial for any marketing organization. Identification of a niche market should be the first thing to be done and which should be followed by advertising the markets. Being a skin cleansing product, males between age of 25 and 40 years are the target consumers of the sonic product.

Before advertizing a product, the company should find out what the target group says about their skin problems, as well as the product itself. If the product offers skin cleansing and care, a research should be done on skin care products and what the target group says about it in order to understand what they want and need (Shallow 349). This forms a firm foundation for the advertising the product.

Having identified the target group (men), advertising spreads rapidly through magazines, webs, or evens the stores. This should be met to create awareness among the target market hence making the products’ market viable to everyone.

Print: Gentlemen’s quarterly

Society has always been divided into male and female consumers through assertion of attitudes and behavior patterns. The use of magazines and articles in books or journals is aimed at equalizing the two genders. The issues of fashion and makeup have dominated the female world, and the male consumers have been left out. The time of including males in the world of fashion, as well as skin care, has come. Gentlemen’s quarterly magazine focuses on fashion, culture and style for men. Again, issues like food, fitness, books, travel, sports, and the music get included in this magazine. The time has come to add sensitive issues that men find difficult to talk about.

Clarisonic- Sonic Skin Cleansing products have had positive effects on the skins of the users. This product mainly used by males as they like taking care of their skins. The time for men to being shy and stop thinking that skin care should be done by females only should pass away.

Skin problems equally affect both sexes and skin care should be taken equally by people of the two genders. Sonic skin cleanser has a number of advantages when used appropriately. The use sonic color has aided in promotion of the sonic product. The sonic skin care product comes in three colors white, pink, and gray. The introduction of the three colors has a positive impact on both males and females, as they have a wide variety to choose from.

Men’s Health

Men’s health magazine has the world’s largest men’s magazine brand. It is also the best-selling men’s magazine in the US, and mostly covers nutrition, sexuality, lifestyle, fitness, and many aspects of men’s life and health. Deterioration on the health of men has hit headlines in the last couple of years, and these issues need to be dealt with immediately. The emergence of the Men’s Health magazine has come in aid of the issues.

The issue of men skin problem regularly gets underground but now it has an issue of the past. The skin not only requires healthy food, but also manual procedures that help in keeping the skin relaxed and healthy. Sonic skin care designed in color that men can comfortably use and get help in reducing skin problems.

Television: Sports program

Sports get high attention of the men audience. Most of the sports require the use of energy leading to sweating and attraction of micro-organisms that cause skin blemishes. The most affected areas include face and care should be given to the face to ensure that skin infection does not become persistent.

The use of sonic skin care after a hard day of sport imposes a positive effect on prevention of the ailments. The sonic skin care product, when used at least once per day, minimizes micro-organisms that attach themselves in the sweat. This helps in minimizing micro-organisms that cause skin ailment and hence, helps keep a healthy smooth skin.

Advertorial: Do you have problems with your skin? It is high time to try Clarisonic- Sonic Skin Cleansing!

Many skin care products have come up in the recent years, but one should not be fooled by the advertising done. Remember, as the saying goes “cheap is expensive”, hence once should not go for the cheap products for its quantity rather quality. Introducing the sonic skin cleansing machine that has a wide variety of uses for a wide range of skin types, the skin experts have proved its effectiveness. Excellent results get obtained with sonic skin cleansing product that explains Sonic’s has a cheaper price when compared to other produce.


Testimonial from the consumer: The sonic skin cleansing products has worked well with my skin type and has yielded excellent results. I am an active hockey player and I had started developing rashes on my skin for quite some time. I started using sonic skin cleansing product a month ago. Amazingly, the rashes are now in the past, and I have not encountered any negative effect on my skin. The end results of my use of the sonic skin care products were outstanding.

Interactive/social media

Females get portrayed as confident, feisty, independence, sophisticated, and successful. However, the issue of breast cancer has led to all these characters to be buried. Breast cancer has hit a high point, and its prevention should be at the forefront. Though females have a higher chance of getting the condition, males can also get diseased. The issue of breast cancer leads to the introduction of the “pink skin cleansing system”.

A professional skin care brush is concerned with creating breast cancer awareness among the population. The sonic technology first altered how to clean the teeth, then how to cleanse the face. Now the upcoming technology has now started creating awareness of the breast cancer. The donation is always made when a piece of the product is sold, and this has had a positive effect on creating positive awareness of the condition that is life threatening.

To achieve high sales of the products, the things that should be done:

  • Rent a stand, and display the new color “graphite gray” (male).
  • The graphite gray and pink will be the theme color at this event.
  • Giving out water and snacks for free with logos on it to increase brand recognition
  • Male staffs only (with clean skin) to promote product
  • Invite male celebrity (with good image) to come to the event
  • Entry should be free to the attendant
  • Advertisement should be intensified
  • Invite skin care expert
  • Free delivery services
  • Invite people that have used the product and have the result filmed or in photographs

Direct mail

Post cards-To tell people we have a new color especially for men

  • Send out the special discount to “royal” customers (for friends and family only)
  • Introducing sale partners
  • Promotion by giving the product free of charge

Networking- spread the words to peers and rewarding the ones that bring large numbers of people.

Email marketing- conveyance of marketing messages via email has developed into the most successful methods of direct marketing.

Novelties – a powerful method of advertising by ads on pens, cups, and T-shirts.

Out of home marketing- designed to reach the consumers outside their homes, including those in transit, shopping malls, taxis or hotels.

Direct response radio- contains calls to action with the aim of tracking mechanisms of the uses.

Community marketing – involves the use sales people moving from door to door marketing the product.

Direct selling – involves face to face interaction with the consumers by employing the sales people and training them.

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Lousia, Ada. “Men Health to publish first fully interactive Advertising Magazine”. Tmcnet.com. 22 Apr. 2008. Web.

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