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Alexander the Great’s Reign Essay

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Updated: Aug 5th, 2021

Alexander the Great is often considered the best leader in his times because he introduced a new order in the world by uniting the east with the west. He had ambitious projects that ended up restructuring the relationships of various regions in the world. However, those who lived during his reign considered his leadership mind-boggling, but an in-depth analysis reveals that he was successful in uniting the Asian region (Worthington, 2004).

For purposes of clarity, this section of the paper will evaluate the effects of Alexander’s leadership in two major ways. The first set of consequences would look at the effects in the west while another set would explore the effects of his leadership in the east. Historians confirm that the two societies that are, western and eastern societies, had a similar culture, which was influenced by the leadership of Alexander.

The two regions were united through the Hellenistic kingdoms but were separated after the death of the leader. Through Alexander’s wisdom, Greece was able to sustain the pressure from the Persians for a long period, which prevented the whole of Europe from being invaded. His leadership facilitated Roman conquest the taking over of Hellenistic civilizations.

History shows that Persians would have succeeded in ruling Europe if Alexander could have failed to facilitate leadership in the region. In this regard, Alexander played a critical role in supporting Athenians in their guest for power in Europe. Alexander was a very powerful leader who could bring peace to the world through his leadership style (Stoneman, 2008). The Greeks inherited his leadership style.

The Greeks passed it to the Romans and even other Europeans. For instance, the idea of regional integration was borrowed from the leadership of Alexander the Great. His kingdom was characterized by organization, unity, tolerance, and political integration, which were believed to bring about understanding and prosperity. To this extend, Alexander the great was a careful leader who valued the cultural ideals and principles.


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