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American Business During the 20th Century Essay

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Updated: May 16th, 2022

During the twentieth century, technology was still not advanced to the level at which it is at present (Buder, 2009). This resulted in the slow pace of development at both the government and individual levels. However, it was necessary to be involved in economic activity to cope with the challenging situations, which drastically changed due to the world wars that left the whole world in a state of hunger. The countries and individuals who were engaged in long-distance trade feared for their lives and their businesses hence struggled by individuals to obtain a source of the meal. This project is aimed at finding out how effective it was in the twentieth century to put up a business in the United States of America before 1920.

After the First World War, I found it necessary to indulge in trading on foodstuff regardless of the seasons to follow. We formed an association that was mandated to organize for funds and available resources and ideas to make a moles tone in the business world. Lack of cooling machines for instance refrigerators hindered the business in a way that we could not purchase perishables (Blackford, 2003). Twenty members who were dedicated to taking the business to an international level started the business. After half a year, it was necessary to register the business to legalize our operations to avoid colliding with the government, i.e. being able to take governmental food tenders as well.

The business was registered to a private company named Kakaso Fast Foods (KFF). The structure of the organization entails the manager, secretary, treasurer foreman, woman, and fifteen workers. Each worker was to get the share of the interest in case of a good sale. The business size expanded abruptly due to the food shortages after World War I, with situations that showed chances of continuous world war. This led to more employment opportunities for the American citizens and residence as well (Buder, 2009).

The business thrived well at the northern side of New York City due to the closeness to the capital; the working population could pass by on their way home from the city center to at least obtain one or two items from our store. To smoothly run the company, there was a dire need for a means of transport, which was in most cases handcarts. However, this was due to a lack of funds to purchase an automotive machine to be used for transport. Due to the poor technology, only a few people were able to repair automotive machines like vehicles resulting in expensive maintenance compared to the purchase prizes of the machines (Blackford, 2003). It would have been necessary to get financial support to maintain the food stock to cater to the wide market that was available.

The resources for the business including funds, foodstuff, and equipment were obtained either directly from the few farmers who had enough food for their domestic consumption and were waiting for traders who would buy in large quantities, also from the well-wishers who found it necessary to have a food company within the city periphery. The capital required to set up the company was approximately $10,000, which would not be obtained at once. Other sources were donations and personal savings from the dedicated members who agreed business-wise (Buder, 2009).

However, transport and communication problems at that time hindered the business, the only way to communicate to the public, which included the local people, was verbal and could not reach far.

The few who got the information each day passed it on until we developed a remarkable number of customers. There was no difference in the targeted customers, being that all the consumers’ needs food and the prizes were not above the normal market price, each person could be able to afford an item from the company (Buder, 2009).

The consumers learned about our products from those who might have come to the company, and by physically visiting the company. The company had to be registered with the registrar of societies to be able to tender for governmental food supply. This relay boosted the company a great deal (Blackford, 2003).

Being focused after realizing the need for setting up a food company and or business in the USA was a great boost to our way of life. The government involvement both through grants and through tenders injected life into the business beyond our expectations. Food Company is significantly beneficial if there is dedication and proper management strategies aimed at achieving the set organizational objectives and goals.


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