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Apple’s Security Issue Report


Report Summary

It is evident that computer and phone technology companies are facing a continuum of security issues that impede privacy of consumers. Apple is one of the modern companies whose technologies have really attracted consumers. Nonetheless, security is a major concern among Apple users following the increased internet hackers and attackers who pose great danger to users.

Major security issues associated with using Apple iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Mac computers include internet use, lack of software updating knowledge, and installation of software and mobile apps from unsecure sites. Apple has invented System Software Personalization, safe App store, App code signing, and password and encrypted code systems to improve security. In essence, users must understand and frequently make the appropriate use of these innovations.

Background and the Main Problem

The rising demand for technology has led to integration of computerized mobile phones. Nonetheless, technology companies specializing in computer and mobile phone telecommunication devices and applications are currently facing serious security issues concerning the safety of data transfer, network security, and general user privacy. Computer and mobile phone technology has always faced security threats posed by the highly suave hackers and internet attackers, who threaten the privacy and security of consumers.

Technology firms have been losing billions of money and incurring detrimental losses because of hacked systems and lost data. Mobile phone companies dealing with Smartphones seem to face serious security issues and recently Apple is one of the innovative telecommunication companies that struggle to enhance security in their phone and computer operating systems (Wood par. 1). To counter security problems associated with phone and computer technologies, tech firms are struggling to increase their suaveness and innovation.

Notwithstanding its increased efforts towards improving consumer privacy via corporate principles, security in Apple has been an issue. The last three years have witnessed Apple and other mobile phone and computer technology companies undergoing public pressure and condemnation about their laxity in maintaining consumer privacy and security (Wood par. 2).

In 2013, Apple Company underwent a public censure and the American government agencies reprimanded the company, among other technology firms for revealing and sharing customers’ data discriminately. Within a period of six months, which is from December 2012 and May 2013, the law enforcement agencies in the United States made over 4,000 requests to compel Apple to divulge customers’ data for purposes of investigating crimes.

Such incidences have led to compromised market reputation due to loss of consumer trust on Apple phones and many of its technological devices (Wood par. 4). A continuum of legal issues concerning consumer privacy and security have affected the demand of Apple phone and computer products in the consumer market, consequently prompting Apple Company to strategize on means of protecting information of its consumers.

Purpose of the Report

As an approach to counter security concerns raised by the public and their consumers, Apple Company changed its approach towards commitment to customers’ privacy (Wood par. 1). Apple has been frequently strategizing on means of improving the operating systems of IOS 7 and IOS 6 to fix security concerns and enhance user privacy (Wood par. 1). In this view, there are two main purposes of this investigative report.

The first important purpose of this investigative report is to point out the security issues in Apple mobile phones and discuss about remedies for such lapses. In this purpose, the investigative report establishes a means of protecting consumers’ data, ways of protecting their rights by providing approaches of maintaining the security of the Apple operating system. Secondly, the investigative report seeks to assist Apple in recovering its lost market reputation and reduce the bad consumer influence that resulted from the security lapses.

Findings and Discussion

Despite having a tinted reputation following its laxity in consumer protection, Apple Company has an assortment of solutions that can help in improving the operating systems of its phones and computers to enhance user security. Major security problems arising from Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods are lapses in the operating systems (Wood par. 3). Improvising and constantly improving the operating systems of phone and computer operating systems is one of the key components of fixing security problems (Wood par. 4).

System Software Personalization is one of the most effective techniques of protecting consumer data and personal information in their phones and computers. To evade security matters resulting from operating systems, Apple constantly releases software updates that allow consumers to tackle rising security concerns (Wood par. 3).

System Software Personalization using encrypted passwords and regular updating of operating systems of Apple iPhones, iPods, iPads, and computers would assist to avoid risks associated with using older versions of software that hackers often manipulate.

Apple has changed ways of installing and upgrading software and operating systems in its phones and computers that consumers should use to enhance their privacy and security (Wood par. 4). With the IOS 7 and IOS 6, Apple has managed to integrate better means of updating operating systems using Over the Air (OTA) software update system or the iTunes to install and upgrade software, where installation authorization server enhances user security (Wood par. 2).

Millions of malicious programs that hackers develop run through the basic network systems and the Internet surfing is one of the potential sources of viruses, malwares, and spywares. Security problem protracting from the Internet use has become very complicated over the years and users of Apple iPhones and other internet-enabled devices are not exceptional.

Wood states that IOS 7 and IOS 6 iphones have a secure App Store for downloading mobile applications and they have high-level firmware and hardware features that protect users against malware and other viruses (par. 2).

The most challenge in protecting consumer privacy in the Internet use is the inability of technology firms to control the Internet traffic system for communication between the user’s browser and the server is difficult to control (Wood par. 2). Apple has invested heavily in development of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and the Transport Layer Security (TLS), which use modern technologies that help in encrypting conversation between a user’s browser and the Internet server (Wood par. 2).

To avoid internet vulnerabilities that frequently befall consumers of Apple technology devices, Apple IOS technologies improved its software bug. The changes made it complicated for hackers to manipulate by making the memory addresses and offsets changeable to avoid code exploitation (Wood par. 3).

Regular updates of the OS X Mavericks, Mac OS X and other Apple iPhones help to improve the software bug and operating systems of the Smartphones. According to Wood (par. 5), Java is a major cause of all the Apple security issues despite flash being more popular among Apple users.

Java script and adobe flash player are major software that Apple uses to enable sharing information and access certain features of the Internet (Wood par. 3). Flash and java script memories have revealed evidence of possible hacking through manipulation of their codes, which consequently allow access to the privacy and information of the Internet users (Wood par. 3).

Recently, Apple Company discovered substantial evidence that linked the use of flash software in Macintosh (Mac) computers and Apple IPhones with increased user security vulnerability. The new low-level boot loader (LLB), user passwords and control of the flash software system using encrypted codes helps users to evade security issues resulting from integration of flash software (Wood par. 5).

Downloading software and mobile Apps from the reliable App store of Apple helps consumers to avoid using insecure websites to download software and mobile applications. Using the App configuration system that Apple Company constantly supervises, users can only access and install legitimate software and mobile apps.


To further assist in enhancing the security of Apple device users, Apple Company should consider the following:

  • As the company leaked user information to government, a stringent corporate code of business conduct must prevail in Apple.
  • User guides and manuals for Apple devices currently have little information regarding proper use of its devices and mobile apps to avoid security vulnerabilities. Fixing the manuals would improve the security of device users.
  • Apple Company must develop a platform for encouraging users to detect signs of hacking practices, unsafe internet websites, and the dangers of failing to update device software.


Due to the rising number of highly suave internet hackers with high abilities in software engineering, any existing and emerging computer or phone technology company faces the challenges associated with security of consumers using their tech devices. Users of iPhones, iPods, iPads with old iPhones Operating Systems (iOS), flash players and java script mobile apps and software, and the Internet are at higher risks of experiencing security problems in their Apple tech devices.

To counter such issues, Apple has developed the Secure Socket Layer, and the Transport Layer Security systems to combat internet security issues. Apple has invented System Software Personalization, safe App store, App code signing, and password and encrypted code systems to improve security. Apple regularly reinvents and releases software updates for device users to update their apps and software to reduce security risks.

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