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Atha Corporation’s Executive Plan Report


Atha Corporation has the best employees who are talented; hence, they have potential in diverse areas. The company intends to utilize the various talents to attain a competitive advantage and to be productive. Therefore, the frontline management and the employees are working together to ensure that they achieve the company goals and increase the company sales (Mathur, 2006). The company has developed employee retention strategies by encouraging the staff to feel free and raise any issue that may be an obstacle in achieving the company goals. In order to achieve the desired goals the management motivates all employees to plan, organize, and act as lead examples to control and manage the production process (Robbins, DeCenzo, & Coulter, 2013). The company has developed various strategies to ensure that it avoids any loopholes which may tint its image. The company’s CEO wishes to encourage all staff to follow and adhere to the company’s goals and objectives to improve its competitive advantage.

Organizational chart

Atha has established an organizational structure which follows a hierarchy system. The top management is occupied with the company owners. In addition, the company owners are the top level managers in the corporation. The company owners are followed by the vice presidents who are subject to the company owner, who is the CEO. The vice presidents are followed in the chain of command by the departmental managers. These are frontline managers who are followed by the employees, who report to the department managers (Bizmaunualz, 2008). At Atha, all the staff recognizes the hierarchical leadership structure and follows the chain of command.

All employees are responsible for their respective duties assigned. For instance, each department manager ensures that all the duties are competed under their areas of supervision. In addition, the top level managers ensure that the chain of command is followed through establishing a high level direction to the company.

The operations manager is responsible for developing a plan of action, and the supervisors are responsible for providing direction to employees to execute a high level plan.

Sales and marketing area

The overall goals of the sales and marketing area includes; to double the sales without increasing the price, increase international sales, ensure accurate on-time delivery, and to plan, organize, lead and to control and manage the sales and marketing department to meet the corporation’s goal of improving the business by 100%.

Goals and activities of the sales and marketing area

The company’s goals and activities include retaining existing employees.

In order to retain the existing employees, Atha aims at providing training, mentoring, and utilizing good communication skills at the workplace. The employees will put in place training and mentoring program, in order, improve employee and corporation’s productivity. In addition communication will be an essential component to build and maintain credibility.

Add more employees. The management plans to add seven more employees. This will be aimed at having a positive economic impact on a particular geographic region. This will make the company achieve its goal of job creation.

Create new organization chart for sales and marketing: This will be achieved through differences, interdependences, co-ordination and focus. In order to achieve the goal, the sales and the marketing department will be assigned distinctive duties but will eventually have similar focus as well as perspectives. The main objective will be to reach the customers and to promote the sales of the company’s products. Thus, the two divisions will be integrated to work together instead of becoming rivals with the marketing department’s telemarketing and public relations campaigns. The company will design an organization’s structure which will support interdependence and to provide more opportunities for the sales department to advance on the marketing efforts. Thus, managers must focus on the corporate restructuring as well as in communications.

Improve employee performance: The Company will be able to achieve this by communicating clear objectives to the employees. The main aim is to motivate employees and provide them with a clear sense that they are tied to larger organizational ambitions.

Develop new market segments: The Company will achieve this by enhancing the web presence, as well as, the social marketing. This goal will be achieved by developing customer relationships within the nearby market and targeting markets from further regions, in order, to improve sales.

Increase sales: This will be achieved by sending out Internet marketing campaigns; therefore, the company will aim at building the links, as well as, social media marketing.

Enhance inline visibility: This will be achieved by setting up a website which is rich in content. The main aim of doing this is to increase the company’s visibility as well as, the areas of sales.

Human Resource area

The overall goals of the human resource area include the following; ensure that staff requirements are met, retain existing staff, hire and retain existing employees, plan, organize, lead, and direct the human resources of the company to meet the goal of expanding the company by 100%

Retain existing employees

In order to achieve this goal, the supporting activities include having exit interviews with the employees who have decided to quit the organization. This will be beneficial since it will provide valuable information to the company which can be used as employee retention strategy. Supervisors should act in a manner which makes their employees to feel valued, this will make employees to feel that they are part of the company; hence, will enhance job satisfaction.

Allowing employees to speak their own minds freely will make them to feel valued by the company. This will allow the front line managers to critique their ideas which are better in improving employee productivity. The employees can also be retained if their skills are utilized in other areas. Therefore, the employees should identify the employees who might be having other skills is certain areas instead of looking for services outside the company. For instance, if the company needs to prepare a logo, there is no need of soliciting for assistance outside the company, but should ask if there is any employee with the experience.

Recruit additional human resources generalists

This can be done be achieved by the help derived from the human resource specialists when they assist the employees to improve and maintain their job skills. The other supporting activities can be obtained from the employee assistance plan managers who will oversee the programs to enhance employee safety as well as wellness with the main aim of improving work balance (McKeever, 2012).

Assist department managers in recruiting of new employees: the supporting activities will be to conduct an initial interview, paperwork, as well as, background checks. This will be vital to the company, since it will enable the human resource personnel to focus on other areas.

Assist the department managers with the improvement of employee performance: this will be achieved by hiring a human resource specialist who will be able to conduct training classes aimed at improving employee performance.

Create new organizational chart for the human resource area: he supporting activities will include the roles and activities of the main HR and other organizational units. This will be beneficial to the company by reflecting the immediate needs of each unit area.

Promote and enhance the company’s competitive and total reward package to recruit and retain employees with special skills and top talent: in order to achieve this, it will be important to work closely with the leaders in order to reinforce the need for competitive compensation for the employees that the HR personnel wish to attract and retain.

Support the talent development of employees through professional development, career development, as well as improved performance management which will be achieved by offering education to the employees in strategies to prevent workplace harassment and discrimination, and design strategic ways of conflict resolution (Cowper, 2006). The company’s management will be able to achieve this by promoting commitment to diversity, as well as offering an equitable workplace environment with non-discrimination through actions (Robbins, DeCenzo, Coulter, 2013). This will be necessary since it will demonstrate to the employees that their needs are taken care of and that they are to be provided with a positive work environment.

Purpose statement of the human resource area

We are Atha Corporation human resource area. Our main aim is to support the overall operation of the company for our employees and esteemed customers. Our goals will be achieved through feedback from our customers and employees. Therefore, our main aim is to support the company’s principles, values, vision and mission; it is the mission of human resources to support the total operation in meeting its goals through its most valuable resource – its customers and employees.

Performance standards

  1. To be in a position to answer the calls immediately before the third ring. The rational for doing this is to maintain the customers
  2. Return all the voice mails before the commencement of the next business days. This is done to let the customers and employees understand that their needs are taken care of.
  3. Informing new employees of what is expected of them. This is important to let them understand exactly what is expected of them, as they carry out their daily duties.
  4. Encourage and open, as well as, a trusting relationship with employees. This is important because it enhances the establishment of trust within the corporation and let employees and customers understand that there is an open door policy.
  5. Allow employees to differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable results. This is important because it the role of the employer to ensure that all employees understands what is expected of them, in order, to enhance a productive workplace.


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